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Infinity and Beyond (Forbidden Affair)

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Savier is like a moon, and I am a poor girl staring at it patiently. It was a beautiful sight and as far as I could see. I can't touch him and reach out! All I could do was dream about dreaming a night with him. He's like a sinful tree, and I am a wicked woman. I lured the unholy tree and bit its fruit even though I knew it was forbidden. Even though I know I can't. Just like our situation. I am his f*ck*ng niece, and he's my f*ck*ng uncle, and we f*ck*d! How can we face the world with our sinful love?

Chapter 1 (Kitten)

I tapped my fingers on the mini table in my front while placing my jaw on the other. I bore my eyes on my tutor exhaustedly.

I don't get it. I have my grades fine! Why do I even need a tutor? Alright! It was all Papa's idea! I s*ck*d in Algebra! No, I mean, Algebra hated me! I am in my last year in high school, so I should be able to pass.

It was Saturday today, and I had a tutorial until noon. On weekdays, I have classes until 3. Sunday is my only vacancy. No time to enjoy my f*ck*ng life. I tried to run away, but I lost my freedom.

I am grounded! No phone! No money! No life! I'm in hell! So I don't know if I will repeat that.

I scanned Miss Hernandez on my front. We are now in the house's library, where we always have tutorial sessions.

She writes numbers I need help understanding. I looked at her skirt. My eyes narrowed because her dress was even shorter than mine. My blood is boiling. I knew it! This girl! Was it her job that she came here for, or did she want to flirt with Uncle Sav?

Sav stayed here in our house. He can afford an expensive suit, but Papa wants him to stay here.

Sav was from New York. He was there to manage their company. He's a billionaire, yet I know he has a significant share in Papa's company in the Philippines. My dad's company is slaying the industry. Our family is now among the ten richest.

Sav from New York has only been with us for a month. And for a month, I ignored him. He's serious all the time! He's creepy! Yeah, I'll admit he's very handsome. And I heard he's just twenty-three! He brings a lot of women here, saying they're his friends. An idiot would only believe. Such women will not allow themselves to be just friends regarding Sav.

"You love your work, miss?" I asked Miss Hernandez. She immediately turned to me. She smiled sweetly.

"Of course! Why not?" Hah! I want to laugh! Love her work or love flirting with Sav?

"Then stop wearing that slumpy skirt!" I said, controlling my anger

It should be. I grew up without a mother. So my dad gave me what I wanted. I am rotten and spoiled. I can't help it! What others have, I have too!

She looked a bit stunned and puzzled.

"Why? Isn't this nice?"

I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"No. It doesn't suit you. Wear jeans instead. If you don't want to, then you're fired." I smirked. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes.

She nodded.

"O-Okay, Miss Rox."

I smiled sweetly.

"Very good." I gasped and stood up. "Wipe your frigging tears. No camera here." I said, fixing my stuff.

It's been almost four hours, and I must prepare because Simon and I are going somewhere.

But before I could leave, the library door opened immediately. Sav's wearing a long white sleeve folded to the elbow. He's holding a laptop. This may also be where he will do his job. I don't know, but Miss Hernandez's sobbing got louder.

I raised an eyebrow.

Sav immediately came near her.

"What happened?" His jaw tightened as he turned to me.

I blinked. Alright, defend the flirt!

I sighed and turned to Miss Hernandez.

"Oh? Why did you cry so much? You were quiet earlier!"

She immediately bowed and blushed. My eyes glazed over at her.

"You're doing wrong," Sav told me in a severe tone.

I raised my eyebrow.

"Why? I didn't say anything bad! I just told her to fix what she's wearing when she's here! I pointed to her skirt. Look!"

"Her skirt is shorter than mine! Whose teacher would wear that? "It's because she's flirting with you! I bit my lip so I wouldn't say that.

Sav immediately looked down at my skirt. His jaw tightened as he averted his gaze.

The f*ck!? He sided with that woman?!

"I-I'm okay. Sav, I'm going home."

She's trembling.

"I'll drive you home." Sav offered. Immediately, my eyes rolled.

Alright, have fun! I immediately left that room!


I looked at them on the veranda of my room. I exhaled the cigarette smoke. Sometimes, smoking also relieves stress. I'm used to it too. My friends also smoke. I could see him supporting Hernandez's waist to get in. Suddenly, my blood boiled. I really don't like Playboy men. I know how to play boys too. Not only are they smart, but we women are too.

But there is a limit to that game. I didn't let anyone kiss my lips. If possible, just holding will do. I don't care if they get bored with me because I'm more tired of them.

I immediately threw away the cigarette and went into my room. I have yet to come out. It's too hot.

Papa is always busy. He's busy, but Sav is not. Why is it?

An idea bulbs out in my mind.

Oh great! What if?

I'm sure they're now enjoying their hot steamy f*ck.

I stood up as annoyance poured into my system! Shameless! We're feeding him here at home, and he will sleep with my tutor. I immediately entered the library. I saw his laptop on the table. He left. I was carrying a pitcher of water. Well, he's rich! He can buy even one more truck! He probably won't know that I'm the one who did it!

I opened it, and it immediately glowed. It still needs to be refreshed. It's still on the Facebook page. I saw the profile of a girl named Rose Dela Cruz. She's pretty.

I immediately dropped the pitcher on the table. Now, his laptop was d*mn wet. It also died instantly and was a bit smoky on the back.

"You deserve it! Man-wh*r*!" I hissed as if I was angry with the laptop.

But in my horror! The door immediately opened, and Sav entered.

My eyes widened. D*mn. I am dead.

His lips parted when he saw his dead laptop. He immediately darkened his gaze when he saw the pitcher on the table, and his eye returned to me. The step towards me was heavy. He immediately grabbed my arm, almost squeezing it in his anger. He's a madman right now. I don't know that he's d*mn scary but attractive when he's mad.

"What have you done!?" His eyes were now burning with anger. It's like he is going to swallow me anytime.

Tears welled up in my eyes. But I didn't let that go.

I winced.

"Don't touch me!" I shout at him. He was shocked.

Only now did I realize that he was so handsome up close.

"What the f*ck did you do?" He mocked.

"What do you think? I poured water! Are you stupid?" I shouted with the same intensity.

But I was momentarily stuck when he violently leaned me against the library wall. Both his hands caged me.

"You're a f*ck*n insecure kitten."

Chapter 2 (Hurt)

It was like the trigger of a gun, so I immediately burst into tears. Savier remained serious.

"I am not a kitten!" I pointed to his chest. "I am turning seventeen! I am a woman! Most of all, I am not insecure! I am better than your woman!"

He looked so amused by my sudden burst out. What the hell!

He licked his lips. He tried to calm himself. He closed his eyes tight. Immediately my gaze dropped to his lips.

Oh damn.

It's not necessary, Rox.

His eyes widened.

"You broke my laptop because?" He asked calmly.

I gasped and averted my eyes. We have argued before. But here's the worse. Every time we fight, he always loses.

"Because you're a whore! Why did you drive my tutor to her house? She doesn't need a driver!" No brakes, I say.

He leaned more closely. Our noses almost touch, and my heart is mad right now.

"And now you're jealous?" he said softly


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