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Safeguarding the Billionaire's daughter

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Accepting the job of bodyguard to a popular billionaire's daughter, twenty-one-year-old Alan Drew has one job: protect Nathasha, Simone, Greyson; but when feelings surface, protecting the stubborn heiress becomes complicated. ***** Nathasha, Simone Greyson is a carefree, headstrong and very beautiful eighteen-year-old born into one of the most famous and wealthy households in New York City. She finds her life threatened and in great danger as a result of the many enemies of her billionaire father who are planning to take him down using her. Finding herself in a dilemma and also caught between fear and anxiety, Nathasha prepares herself for whatever measures her father would take to protect her against her will.…But nothing could have gotten her prepared for Alan Drew.

Chapter 1. Watch Your Back!

(.....9:30pm, Greysons Estate, New York City.)

It was dark already and George Greyson was seated tensed in his private home office. He had rushed in towards the office he used in his mansion immediately he got home from work.

Some moments ago, he and his driver had been delayed on the highway by an unusual traffic that same night making them reach home later than he expected.

He was now in the most favourite part of the house which was also his study and go - to - room where he usually buried himself whenever he wanted to stay away from the world to work and do his research.....or rest. Should we use the word, rest? He hardly had rest, he was always busy running around to get things done.

The large study had piles of different books arranged neatly on a long shelf which stood tall in the corner of the room. It had a door behind it which led to another room that no other person knew about. No one, not a single soul, not even his own beloved daughter knew what was in there or if such a door existed in the mansion.

Staring at the wall clock tensed, he made for the drawer and dragged a blue file out. It contained some important things about the business which he wouldn't want to be lost or get into the hands of the wrong people.

There were two of his personal bodyguards stationed outside his door and some of them spread across the huge mansion. But he didn't know why, he still felt very uneasy.

It was probably because of what had happened earlier at his office today.

His attention seemed to be buried in the books and papers scattered all across the mahogany table which his younger brother, James had gifted him to use in his ' Home Office' and it was just the perfect furniture he could have asked for.

" Brrrr..."

Just then, his phone lying on the table under a sheet of paper rang very loudly interrupting his thoughts, diverting his attention from the scattered materials he had been poring over.

" Who's calling me again now?"

He asks as he takes the device to access it in a bid to answer his burning question.

It was an unknown number, very different from the one used the last time.

The chills returned instantly. Standing up from his seat, he went pacing around the room. Calls like this could mean two things for someone like him.

'A Business Deal Closing or Death Threat'

He answered it anyway and recorded the call as he placed it to his ears.

" Hello"

he said to the stranger

" Well, Hello CEO of the Greysons' Empire"

The voice at the other end called. He could not make out the strange caller who had been threatening him for a while now. The idiot had used another number today and he always masked his voice using a voice modifying software.

He sounded more like a robot than a person so no one could tell who he was. He had tried tracing his IP address all to no avail. The jerk used a burner phone to make his empty threats. Except, they weren't empty anymore, he had seen it play out just some hours earlier in his office today.

Pictures of him that had been taken were delivered anonymously to the company and nobody knew who dropped them. Imagine, no one among the staff had an idea, even with the maximum security and surveillance cameras he had prepared all over the place.

What was more shocking about the images of him he had seen that afternoon was the fact that he was being monitored rigorously, twenty four seven and could be killed any time soon by his enemy whom he had not been able to put any face to till now.

" Who the hell are you?"

George asks the caller in the calmest way that he could. He didn't want to give out his fear lest he use it against him.

" What the hell do you want? " He yelled angrily.

The stranger only let out a mocking laugh.

" Why don't you guess?"

The deep and husky voice asked him. How the hell would he expect him to know who he was and what he wanted with him?

" Look.. "

George says to him

" I know you are the one who has been stalking and watching my every move. You sent those pictures through the courier didn't you?"

" Yeah.....and unfortunately I didn't get to see your shocked face. But not to worry, I'm still coming for you in person."

The person says to him.

" Watch your back, CEO," He added, laughing hysterically. George felt beads of sweat pouring down his pores instantly.

" No...You watch your back" he retorted to the stranger. He wasn't totally hopeless as he was sure they would get to find out who he was sooner or later. His private detective was on the case, infact, he was going to let him know about this call he had just received.

" Your foolishness and wanting to bring me down would be your undoing, you should be scared because I will find you out soon. You watch your own back" George warned him with a fierce and convincing tone.

More laughter erupts from the other line and he could only wonder whether what he just said now had any iota of humor in it.

" That is never going to happen. " the stranger said instead.

" We'll see about that," George says in return to him. He trusted his private detective, John, to deal with hard crooks like him.

" You can't hide in the shadows forever, Scaredy Pants"

He mocked his enemy instead and that didn't go so well.

" We'll see who the real Scaredy pant is once I lay my hands on your cute little princess"

The voice says now to him laughing hysterically like a mad person.

"She's so beautiful, juicy and fresh.... I want so badly to have a taste of her....."

" Shut the hell up!" George yelled at him. They could have any other talk but not the one that had to do with his girl. Nathasha was all he had got.

" You know I can have her to myself that's why you sound really scared now like you've just seen a ghost "

" And I can see her. She's having the time of her life right now "

He says to a scared George who didn't quite understand the gibberish he was saying.

" What do you mean you can see her?" George asked him, getting more confused.

" What if I take her just now and then, I could bring her over to warm my bed, she'll be so perfect for that, what do you think?"

" Till we meet again Greyson"

He said and hung up the phone.

" Wait!"

Brian yelled, he still wanted to get more explanation.

What did he just say about seeing Nathasha? He must be crazy or was their house tapped? Just last week he had ordered some men to remove any of the tapping devices. Did they not do their job even after he had paid them handsomely?

Wait! Nathasha was in her bedroom now or.......

" Max!"

He yelled at his personal bodyguard who had brought him home.

Going out of his study, he calls the maids and asks for his daughter.

" Where is Simone ?"

He yelled

" Is she not upstairs?" Simone was the name they call her at home.

" Miss Simone went out this night with her friends "

A maid who mustered courage spoke up.

" What?!!"

George yelled at the top of his lungs, looking very angry, his face red with pure shock. He had thought she was in the house all this while not knowing that she wasn't even in the premises and was probably God knows where.

" Sh*t!" He cussed as he tried her number but it wasn't reachable. He had been trying it on his way home but to no avail so he thought she was asleep already as she was an early sleeper sometimes.

" What the hell is happening? Why did no one tell me she left the house when I got home?"

" Max!" He roared

" Yes Sir!"

" The stranger just called and spoke about my girl. You guys should go out now and bring her back home.... Safe and sound!!!" George thundered the order to them instantly.

" Yes sir!" The bodyguards chorused and rushed out of the building to search for the young mistress.

'God, where in the world did this girl go?' He thought within himself, becoming extra worried. Her number was still not reachable and it made him fidget badly.

Where was she? Who was the strange caller? And had the strange caller captured her truly like he claims?

Chapter 2 First Frat Party


Just as they always say, there will always be a first time for everything and everyone, maybe this was it for her….

For an incoming freshman like herself, going to her first frat party felt somewhat like a rite of passage to Nathasha Greyson. She was excited anyways because she had that feeling of already surviving the entire syllabus week, and now considered it a high time to feel out the party scene.

It would not be so bad to enjoy herself, would it?

Just three months ago, Nathasha had celebrated her 18th birthday and was now officially an adult. She was no longer the daddy's girl she always was and she didn't even want to keep being that. It was time she called the shots in her affairs now.

If she were to be honest, the last few semesters spent in college had being completely immersed in her studies because she wanted to do exceedingly well to please her father who would never take any slight chances in seeing her fail and yes, s


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