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Romance or Die: A System's Challenge in Various Worlds

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Narwhal
  • Chapters: 69
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 8


The female protagonist, Evelyn, binds with a system and enters various worlds to complete missions. Each world initially seems to only require her to seduce male characters and win their love to complete the task. However, as she progresses, the true nature of the worlds changes abruptly, and the missions shift into challenging survival modes. Character identities may reverse, long-standing mysteries are unveiled, and impossible escapes become necessary. Different players exist within each world, both male and female, with the potential for rivalry or mutual conquest, as well as the possibility of alliances forming. As the essence of each world is exposed, Evelyn must be cautious of whether those around her are also players, considering alliances and how to counterbalance potential threats, all while concealing her own identity for as long as possible. With her exceptional intellect, Evelyn defeats her competitors in each story, successfully gaining the love of multiple men, and ultimately survives until the end, embarking on the ultimate evolution.

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Demonic Hell

"Welcome to the Demonic Hell." This voice echoed in Evelyn's head, causing her eyes to dart around the room. But no matter how she looked at it, this place didn't resemble what one would imagine as a demonic hell.

She looked out the window—

Skyscrapers, brightly lit.

Was she back in modern society?

Evelyn was a sprite, a creature evolved from a cactus plant. However, there was still one more evolution needed to become a deity. To achieve this evolution, she voluntarily bound herself with a system, traveling through various worlds, polishing her disposition, and leveling up.

In the previous world, she was invited to a higher plane. In this plane, some people had systems, while others did not. They were all called "players," and the entire plane was like a massive game.

Before Evelyn could fully understand the situation regarding the plane, she was thrown into the first round of the game along with others.

Evelyn knew nothing about the rules of the game, and her system suddenly lost contact with her, no matter how she tried to wake it up.

But did the scene in front of her look like a horror game?

Evelyn looked away from the window and started to examine the room. The room was dark, but her vision was excellent. With a bit of light filtering in from outside the window, she could see everything in the room clearly.

It was an office, fully equipped with desks, chairs, sofas, beds, computers, refrigerators, and green plants. With just a glance, Evelyn could tell that the furnishings in the room were expensive.

This was definitely a CEO's office.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open.

Without thinking, Evelyn hid.

The room was dark, which meant her presence here wasn't something to be shared openly. Instead, it should remain hidden.

After the door was kicked open, chaotic footsteps followed, and a cold male voice rang out: "Find her."

Several people responded, and they began searching the room.

Evelyn realized that hiding was no longer an option.

She calmly moved the plants in front of her and stood up.

A man dressed in a suit stood in the office. As their eyes met, a panel appeared next to his head, square and made up of white lines. It read:

"Joshua, CEO of the Jin Corporation. Do you want to interact with him?"

Evelyn memorized his name and chose to remain silent.

She was waiting for him to initiate the conversation in order to gather enough information.

"Evelyn! Have you had enough?" the man asked coldly.

With a soft click, the lights in the office were turned on. Under the light, Evelyn got a clear view of the man.

He was over six feet tall and had a decent build. His hair was combed back, and he had handsome brows and eyes. But when Evelyn looked into his eyes, all she saw was cold disdain.

More lines of text appeared next to Joshua's head.

Evelyn found this method of receiving information tiresome.

This game was not very advanced, was it? It couldn't even automatically relay information to her brain?

The words next to Joshua's head flashed, and then slowly disappeared, leaving a strong sense of reluctance.

At the same time, a flood of information surged in Evelyn's mind.

"Joshua, CEO of the Jin Corporation, 27 years old, is your husband. You two are in a political marriage, without any emotional basis. You were capricious and demanded his love. He became increasingly indifferent and disgusted with you. Over the course of your three-year marriage, you met less than twenty times. You thought you would spend the rest of your life in this hopeless marriage. At least no one could take him away. But recently, a woman has appeared by his side, accompanying him to various occasions. You panicked and decided to sneak into the Jin Corporation to find Joshua, and took the opportunity to drug him in an attempt to get pregnant and keep him by your side..."

"Your mission 1: Uncover the true identity of this woman."

"Your mission 2: Make Joshua fall in love with you."

Evelyn accepted tasks 1 and 2 in her mind.

This didn't seem much like a horror game, but Evelyn didn't take it lightly.

Perhaps this was just an appetizer.

If there were tasks 1 and 2, there would surely be tasks 3, 4, 5... She would just keep working on them.

Evelyn had never encountered a world that gave out tasks so clearly, like a game guide, and she was quite intrigued.

"Joshua, you scared me. I woke up and found that you were no longer in the car." A young girl walked briskly into the room at this moment. She was wearing flat shoes and walked gracefully. Her long hair swayed with her movement.

A large amount of information flooded into Evelyn's mind at once.

"Amber, 21, illegitimate daughter of the Feng family. She is your love rival. And your enemy. Her arrival brought disaster to you. Your friends and family will all like her and turn to please her. You will be driven out of the family because of her and die in the hospital with a massive hemorrhage, ignored by everyone."

Evelyn chuckled.

This was interesting.

She is your love rival. And your enemy. These two sentences were split up.

Didn't the term "love rival" include the meaning of "enemy"?

If they were deliberately split up, it meant that Amber was not only her love rival, but also... a competitor?

Evelyn raised an eyebrow.

Was Amber also a player who had entered this world?


According to the information given by the game, it wouldn't explicitly tell her if the opponent was a competitor.

So even if she discovered Amber's identity, Amber might not discover hers so quickly.

That would be fun.

The earlier one exposes themselves, the smaller their chances of winning. So, she would let Amber think of her as a native NPC of this world first.

The original owner of her body was capricious and unruly, wasn't she?

She could do that.

Evelyn walked over to Amber, and following the character of the original owner, she slapped Amber across the face without any hesitation. She shouted, "You sl*t, how dare you seduce my husband!"

Chapter 2 The Fiery Love Battle: Temptation and Jealousy

Amber was dazed by a slap, standing in place with tears in her eyes, gasping for breath but not immediately cursing back.

Sure enough, Joshua was infuriated. He grabbed Evelyn's wrist forcefully and gritted his teeth, "What are you doing? Barging into my office and hitting my people... Apologize to her."

Evelyn's wrist felt delicate and boneless, slippery and soft to the touch.

Joshua flung Evelyn's hand away, suppressing his racing heart. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his hand, and then gently touched Amber's cheek, asking, "Does it hurt?"

Amber shook her head lightly, "Not very painful." But when she looked up, she bit her lower lip, leaving a tooth mark.

It was evident that the pain made her bite her lip.

Joshua's anger was easily provoked, but before he could question Evelyn again, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him back, "What are you doing, touching this woman&


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