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Revenge with My Quadruplets

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"Five years ago, Emily was framed and became pregnant. She lost everything and became an ordinary woman. The night she went into labor, she woke up in a pit. Somebody tried to bury her alive! Five years later, she returned with her kids and she would make those people who framed her pay! What? She was pregnant with quadruplets! They were all her children! She would get all her money back! Whoever had framed her or hurt her, she would be back at them tenfold! Derick, the man in power of the Scott family, pulled her back and said, ""Emily, I'll give you everything you want!"""

Chapter 1

Night fell.

In the slums of Detroit, a faint light lit up the room.

"It's such bad weather." Emily looked at the gloomy sky outside. She was a little worried. "I hope it won't rain."

She walked to the bedside and sat down. It was the only furniture in the room.

The drainage system in the slums was not good. Once it rained, a disgusting stench would spread.

"It hurts." She was pregnant. She had a slender figure and fair skin, but her belly was disproportionally big.

The contractions were getting intense today.

Suddenly, she felt a warm flow coming out and sliding down between her legs.

It started to rain outside.

Emily was curled up on an old bed, blood streaming from between her legs.

The pain lasted for hours, and she knew that the baby was coming.

Emily gripped the bed sheets tightly, and her body twitched from the huge pain.

"Please! Somebody, save my child..." She bit her lip and felt as if she was leaving her body.

A few months ago, Emily was still a socialite. One night, she was drunk and then had a crazy night.

When she woke up the next day, she was already in the slums.

Apart from Rose, her stepmother's daughter, Emily had seen anyone else.

Every time she thought of that night, it seemed that she could still feel the man's passion. His every touch thrilled her, but since she was drunk, she didn't remember the man's face.

Another wave of pain hit her and cleared her mind. It was not the time to recall that night. She and the baby were in danger.

Emily sat up and leaned against the wall as she moved toward the window, and then she beat the glass with all her strength.

"Help! I beg you..." As the pain grew stronger, Emily's voice grew weaker.

At that moment, a car stopped outside the house.

A woman got out of the car and walked towards Emily.

"Rose, I beg you. Please save my child," Emily pleaded.

Rose opened the door and walked in. She shook her umbrella.

"Emily, you're a mess," Rose said disdainfully. "I hope your pursuers see how you look now."

Emily fell to the ground. She had lost too much blood and was powerless.

"Emily, do you know what happened eight months ago?" Rose walked over and kicked Emily in the belly. "That man is my gift to you. Do you like him?"

"Stop it." Emily clutched her stomach, trembling in pain. "Why, Rose?"

"You shouldn't have existed. Everything from the Hopkinson family belongs to me." Rose flickered her hair and continued, "You are no different than the rats in the sewers, look at you."

"Vicious woman!" Emily glared at Rose and couldn't believe what she had just said.

Emily felt that something was sliding down. It was as if her body were being torn apart. Her child finally came out.

It was a pair of twins.

She listened to the babies' cries with a smile of relief on her face.

'Babies, my babies,' she thought.

She raised her hand and touched her babies. She wanted to pick them up, but she had no strength.

At this time, Rose came over.

"Rose, what are you doing?" Emily was terrified. She could feel Rose's malice. She was worried that Rose would hurt her babies.

"Well, your babies." Rose snatched them from Emily.

Rose walked to the bedside and sat down. Then she put her hands over the babies' faces.

"No, Rose. Give them back to me," Emily shouted.

"Emily, they are just as repulsive as you are." Rose's smile was wicked.

Then, they stopped crying.

"No! they're not dead," Emily yelled in despair.

She would protect them with her life. She wouldn't give them up. Emily crawled forward.

Emily screamed in pain.

Rose stepped on Emily's hand.

"How touching! Emily, sadly, they're already dead." Rose sounded like a monster.

Emily was shocked at her words and passed out.

Rose covered her nose in disgust since the room was filled with the smell of blood.

Emily was covered in blood. Her clothes were dirty and she was still bleeding.

"Looks like Emily is dead. Easier for me," Rose said smugly.

Rose was about to leave when faint cries came from the bed.

"Are they still alive?" Rose mocked.

Rose didn't know who Emily had slept with that night. The tramp Rose hired didn't manage to see Emily that night, but fortunately, Emily didn't know who the man was either.

Looking at the twins on the bed, Rose remembered that the Scott family had been looking for a woman recently. Then, she realized that Derek Scott was also in the same hotel that night.

These two babies looked like Derek. She thought, 'If I could marry Derek, I would be able to control the Hopkinson family.'

So, she picked them up and said to Emily, who was unconscious, "Emily, your babies are mine now."

Rose put them in the car, and then she came back to drag Emily into the trunk.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you live." Rose slammed the trunk.

After a long time, Emily woke up.

She trembled. She was drenched to the skin and cold.

Where was she?

The rain was heavy, and there was no light around, so Emily couldn't tell where she was.

She could smell the soil. She reached out her hands and realized that she was in a shallow pit.

'Are they going to bury me alive?' An idea popped up in Emily's mind.

Her hair stuck to her face, and the rain dripped down her hair.

'No, I can't die here. I must save my babies.'

Emily dug up the soil with all her power. Her desire to survive gave her strength.

She pushed away the dirt on her legs and suddenly, her belly began to hurt again.

"What's happening?"

Emily moaned, touching her belly. It still looked big, though she just gave birth to two babies.

'Are there more babies inside?' Emily wondered.

Emily adjusted her position and lay on her back. Then, she opened her legs, trying to breathe through the pain.

She felt as if her body were being torn apart. She pushed hard, and one by one the babies came through.

The rain stopped, and Emily was lying exhausted in the muddy pit.

The babies' cries came through the pit. Emily turned to look at them and couldn't help crying.

She struggled to pick her babies up and wrapped her clothes around them.

After that, she felt relieved and passed out.

Though unconscious, she still clung to her baby.

Chapter 2

Five years later, at Chicago Airport.

Emily was wearing sunglasses. She was pushing two suitcases, with two children walking beside her.

"Mommy." Diane hugged Emily's leg and looked up at her.

"Stupid Diane, stop acting like a spoiled child. You're making mommy tired," Chris said coldly.

Diane stuck her tongue out at Chris.

"Mommy, are you tired? I'll give you a kiss." Diane kissed Emily on the cheek.

"Chris, you have one too." Diane also kissed Chris on the cheek.

"Diane, don't do that to me." Chris wiped his face.

He held Diane's hand to keep her from bumping into others.

Emily took Chris and Diane to the hotel. Then, she put Chris and Diane to bed.

Emily changed into a black dress. As she turned back, she saw Chris looking at her with his dark green eyes.

"Chris, what are you doing here?" Emily asked gently.

"Mommy, are you going somewhere?" Chris asked in concern.

Emily patted Chris' head. She knew tha


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