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Replacement Twin For Billionaire

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Sandy is the dishwasher at a small restaurant, but in just one night, her quiet world will change. She ends up with a man who is heartless because of a sin he says she didn't commit. With her name Sandy, it will be Stephanie; she will be the one who will pay, be tortured, and be hurt by Brix repeatedly, even if she tells the man several times that she is not the person he is referring to.  During Sandy's long stay with Brix, she will know the secrets and who Stephanie is who she thought was just like her and Brix was wrong—but in one day she will see Stephanie as if she were just facing a mirror.  A lot of chaos will happen in Sandy's life and even Brix's because of a mistake that he can't take back. Some people will try to confuse them so that they don't know the whole truth.  Stephanie's freedom, but her twin is suffering in exchange.

Chapter 1 Hard of Life

While Sandy was washing dishes, someone peeked into the dishwashing area. Lily was her work partner until now.

"Sandy, hurry up with the dishes. We have a lot of customers today," Lily said while smiling.

She smiled and answered her friend, "It looks like we will have more customers before Christmas."

"At this time, people are free, and work leave is long because it's December. There's still Christmas and New Year's, so they have a bonus."

"You think we have a day off on Christmas Day?"

Lily's face was wrinkled, and she seemed to think that they couldn't be off work that day. "The boss said there is, but we only have half a day, so we still have time to celebrate Christmas."

"But why aren't you happy even though we only have half a day?" She frowned while saying that.

Lily hugged the door jamb and started acting. "Because Eric and I have a date. It was supposed to be a whole day, but it's only going to be a half day."

She just shook her head and laughed softly. "There is still a chance at night, Lily, so you still have time to be with your boyfriend for a long time."

Lily was stunned for a moment, then suddenly looked at her. "You're right; it turns out that Eric and I go out at night. The surroundings are romantic and cool."

"Alright, go back there, and maybe our manager will know you're here; I'll start washing the dishes again." Lily left her, and she started to wash again. She is responsible for washing all of the dishes, spoons, and other items today.

Since Sandy's acceptance by the proprietor of the small restaurant where she currently works, a few years have passed. Even though the salary was low, she didn't think of leaving because of the amount of personal information she passed on to the other company. This small restaurant was the only one that accepted her, even though she had only finished elementary school. Sandy's life can't be said to be easy because her salary for one day is depleted. After all, Sandy's mother, Elizabeth, doesn't have a good job either. There is only a chance that if someone calls her mother to clean a house, only then will it make an income. Sandy's mother is also old, so she also couldn't find another job.

 Sandy wiped her wet hand on the pants she was wearing and peered at the people eating. Lily was right; they had a lot of customers today, so she was sure they would be home again at night.

By eight o'clock in the evening, the people eating at the restaurant where Sandy works had subsided. It didn't take long before she came out and was walking the road to the taxi. Their house was almost an hour away, and she still had to walk on a dark path before she could finally get home.

With the key to the house, she opened the door, and the first thing that appeared to her was her mother, who was lying down and asleep on the old sofa, and it looked like she had waited for her again. She sighed softly and approached the small table with a lighted candle in the middle that was also in the living room of their house. She opened the pot and saw that the rice had not been reduced. She just sat down and ruffled her hair while looking at her mother.

She doesn't want to see that her mother is waiting for her because there is no dish, or sometimes there is no rice at all. It's heartbreaking to see her mother not able to eat on time because she eats at the restaurant for lunch anyway, but her mother can only eat if they have leftovers every night, so when it runs out now, they have nothing to eat for tomorrow morning. Her salary for today is that she has already bought their food tonight and her fare for yesterday and tomorrow.

She bit her lip. Just don't let the pain come out of her mouth with every drop of her tears. She was very tired, but she couldn't rest because they wouldn't survive if she stopped even for a day. She noticed that her mother's hands moved, so she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks.

Sandy's mother stood up and stared at her. Her eyes are blurry because of her sudden awakening. "Sandy, is that you?"

Tears came to her eyes again, but she held them back so her mother wouldn't worry. "Yes, it's me."

Her mother stood up and came to the table. She sat in the seat next to her. "Have you eaten?"

 She shook her head and quickly took the dish for both of them from the bag. She took a plate, a bowl, and a spoon. "Not yet; I just arrived, and you know we're having dinner together, right?" She smiled a little.

"I thought you ate first because I fell asleep."

"That won't happen, as long as we eat dinner together every night."

While she was fixing the dining table, her mother spoke again: "Are you okay? I noticed that you are not okay. Is there a problem?"

She stopped putting the dish in the bowl. "There's nothing."

"But why do you look like you're crying? Your eyes are red."

She smiled and joked. "The jeep I was riding was going so fast, my eyes caught a little something; that's why my eyes are red." She also spooned rice and put it on the same plate.

Elizabeth just stared at her daughter while Sandy spooned rice. She just sighed and started eating.

After eating, Sandy just washed the plates that she and her mother used before she went to her room. She also sat and was stunned for an hour before lying down and then sleeping.

Meanwhile, a woman was going to a small house in a remote area. It's dark and full of trees, and at first glance, it's scary.

The woman knocked on the slightly broken door of the house before going inside. "Stephanie!" she called.

A beautiful woman came out. She has long waist-length hair but is blonde in color, has a pointed nose, thin lips, wide eyes, slightly thick eyebrows, and tanned skin. In its appearance, it looks rich, and her skin does not touch any dirt on her body.

The one called Stephanie frowned. "Do you know what time it is? What are you doing here?" she confusingly asked.

The woman who came was restless and anxious; her hands were slightly shaking, and she did not know where to hold them.

"What's going on with you, and you're acting like that?"

She looked at Stephanie. "He found out where you're hiding."

Stephanie's eyes widened at what her friend said. "Don't tease me like that, Madelaine! You know I don't want to hear those words."

Madelaine folded her hand and said again, "He found this place, and you need to get out of here because he may have ordered someone to take you."

"How did he know? I've been hiding here for a month."

"I don't know, but with the wealth he has, it's easy no matter where you hide."

Stephanie started to get nervous. "Where am I going?" There was a mixture of fear in her voice.

"I don't know, but for now, let's get out of here."

Stephanie took some clothes and some of her personal belongings and put them in a backpack. She first put on a jacket with a hoodie before they finally left that house with Madelaine.

The next day, Sandy woke up early, fixed herself, and just had coffee. She first checked if the leftover dish from last night was still okay, and when it was, she covered it again for her mother's breakfast. Then she left immediately.

As soon as Sandy steps in front of the restaurant, it is already open and there are already people eating, so even if she just arrived, she will immediately prepare her hands to wash the dishes.

After she washed all the dirty plates. She sat down on one side. Lily suddenly came inside. "Good morning, Sandy!" she greets.

"Good morning to you too."

"I remembered it's only two days away, it's Christmas day." Lily's face almost rips from the way she smiles.

"Are you excited about your date?"

 Lily flips her hair. "Of course, we don't have work, even if it's only for half a day; the next day it's working again, so I'll make the most of the time to be with him for a long time."

"Enjoy tomorrow."

Lily narrowed her eyes and slowly approached her. "What does that look like?"

"You, Sandy, why don't you have a boyfriend yet?"

She smiled and shook her head. "It's not my priority right now, and besides, I can't stand it because I'm busy working. You know I can't stop."

She sighed. "By the way, you're the only one who has a job that doesn't pay enough for a day. I have two siblings, so I don't have too much trouble, especially when it comes to paying the bills at home."

Lily stared at her for a long time, which surprised her. "Why?"

"You're beautiful, Sandy. Who would think that you were a dishwasher here?"

"What are you talking about? Go back to your place."

"What I'm saying is true, but you're right, I have to go back because I have a new customer." Lily quickly left, and Sandy was left behind.

Sandy has a gentle face, soft-looking eyes, long black hair, long eyelashes, a pointed nose, thick eyebrows that fit her small face, and heart-shaped lips, and when she smiles, it's like seeing an angel get off the ground. Her skin is also white, and there is no trace of a scar. Sandy's mother is also said to be beautiful even in her old age, so it is not surprising that Sandy has acquired some of her mother's characteristics.

She looked at the pots, ladles, and large cooking pots in the kitchen. She just sighed because it was also included in what she was going to clean. She stood up and started to take some pans because, in a few hours, they will be used again to cook something new in their restaurant the food is always served hot and freshly cooked, so she often washes the ones used for putting food in and where it is cooking.

Chapter 2 Got The Wrong Person

The night came again, and with another day over for Sandy, she went home very tired.

Before Sandy could leave, Lily called her. "Sandy, wait!"

She turned and waited for Lily to come closer. "Why?"

"Come with me. Let's eat. In the street vendor nearby."

"I have no money for that; I'll buy my mother and me a dish, then I'll pay for the fare."

Lily pulled Sandy's hand. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. I know you have something to do first; we'll only eat street food nearby on the side of the road. I craved to eat those; it's been a long time since the last one."

In the end, she just went with Lily and could also see if there was a dish to be bought along the way that was new to her taste.

They stopped at a side street where a tricycle was parked with various street foods. She didn't spend money beca


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