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Presidential baby going to grow up

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: coco
  • Chapters: 150
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 177
  • 7.5
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"Woman, remember!If I want to touch you, I will only touch you!"He had a unique demonic arrogance.She broke out in a cold sweat. Why did she feel that this little boy was saying that he would eat her in this life, the next life, and the next life after that?"Woman, wait for me. I will give you a world that is priceless!"She smiled." I'm getting on in years. I can't afford to wait!""Then how about we make a bet?""Bet on what?"" Let's bet." He was cold and determined, and his eyes were playful." You will…"

Chapter 1 I'm not a criminal

This was the future Earth, which had already become a huge continent with countless countries of various sizes. The leader of each country was called the president, and their official system was largely based on the British royal family. The common languages were Chinese and English, and there was no lack of local languages. One day, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was clear.

In one of the websites, a beautiful young girl wearing a cheap spaghetti strap outfit and hot pants was playing games fervently.

Rather than saying that he was playing a game, it was more appropriate to say that he was fooling people, hehe!

Su An was eighteen years old. His family was extremely poor. They were just short of selling everything to make a living. However, he was extremely smart and had a strong self-learning ability. So what if I quit school? He could still earn while learning.

"Su An, you're amazing! I've cheated someone again. I'll get rich again if I sell it!" Xu Momo looked at Su An's skyrocketing game coins and said with admiration.

Xu Momo, her super best friend, was similarly poor!

However, was this a lie? She would never admit it!

Su An smiled and corrected him." Momo, this is called skill, skill!"

"Yes! Yes! Skill, skill, absolute skill!" Xu Momo's eyes were shining. She almost hugged Su An and kissed him." Su An, I want to eat a big meal!"

"No problem!" Su An smiled and pinched her baby face. This child was a pure glutton. She very much suspected that one day, her Momo would be kidnapped for eating!

Yes! This question was worth pondering!

Su An shook her head and laughed. She turned to look at the screen and was ready to look for her next target. This was also one of her income!

Suddenly, at this moment, a row of armed guards walked in neatly and quickly. It was an impressive sight!

The crowd turned their attention away and stopped what they were doing to watch. Su An was too engrossed in his work and had his headphones on. He turned on the music and didn't notice.

Xu Momo's eyes widened in curiosity. Commoners like her had only seen such a scene on television.

Just as he was about to pull Su An along to watch the show, the officer with the five-star military emblem on his chest suddenly glanced around and fixed his gaze on Su An.

Before Su An could react, the five-star leader reached out and lifted her up like an eagle.

He took off his earphones and threw her directly into the hands of his subordinate." Take her away!"

Xu Momo was shocked and Su An was stunned. There were only two words left in their minds. Take him away, take him away…

Su An looked at the group of people and saw the military uniform. He snapped out of his daze and shouted almost reflexively," Other than fighting and scamming game coins, I didn't do anything bad! I'm not a criminal! I'm good at silver! Good people! Don't grab me!"

Chapter 2 Brother Jun, be gentle

Fight? Swindling game coins? Liar?

The crowd's eyes fell on Su An. Su An's eyes twitched. He was also embarrassed. Was this called having a guilty conscience?

Haha! These words were too unprofessional!

Look at her military equipment and clothes. She was clearly from the royal army. Would she be arrested for such a trivial matter? Could he?

Retarded shouting!

Su An sighed in her heart. Under the strange gazes of the officers, Su An gently removed her hands and forced a sweet smile at the five-star officer." Honorable officer, what have I done wrong?"

"That's right! Su An didn't do anything bad, what are you doing!" Xu Momo reacted at this moment. She stood protectively in Su An's way and said indignantly," Even if you are the royal guards, you can't arrest people so casually without evidence. Otherwise, I'll g


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