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Possessive Mr. Leonard

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Leonard Alvaro is a man who is a b*st*rd; he always passes his nights by sleeping with different women every day. but there is not a single woman who can touch the heart of Leonard besides one woman who is in his past: Audrey Hepburn, the woman who became his bet when he was a teenager, even though he was the first person to f*ck Audrey. But because of that mistake, Audrey left him. Leonard tried to find Audrey for six years, and finally he was reunited with her after six years. Audrey is different from Audrey, who is now Audrey and came to avenge her. Audrey uses her body as an opportunity to bring Leonard into her life. Will the revenge keep going? What if they love each other again?

Chapter 1


Leonard Alvaro is an *ssh*l* who spends his nights sleeping with different women every day. But no one woman can touch the heart of Leonard other than Audrey Hepburn, the woman who became his betting woman as a teenager. Even unlucky, he was the first person to f*ck Audrey. But because of that mistake, Audrey left him.

Leonard tried to find Audrey for six years, and finally, he was reunited with her after six years. Audrey is a different Audrey now. Audrey came to avenge her.

Audrey uses her body as an opportunity to bring Leonard into her life. Will the revenge still work if they love each other again?


''Ahhhh... Leonard.'' The woman sighed as Leonard f*ck*d her very roughly.

Leonard took both of her hands and placed them on top of her head. Leonard hated it the most when a woman touched his body.

Leonard s*ck*d on one of the twin mounds that now seemed to be challenging him. The woman could only bite her lips because she couldn't stand what Leonard was doing.

After playing for a while. Finally, it comes to his release, and he pulls out his own and releases it on the surface of her stomach. Leonard is no fool! Even if he asks her to take a pill to prevent pregnancy, Leonard still won't believe it. He wouldn't want his son to be born to a cheap wh*r*.

Leonard got out of bed and put all his clothes back on. He opened his wallet, withdrew some money, and placed it on the nightstand.

Meanwhile, the prostitute he hired was still asleep in a disorderly manner. That was the life of Leonard Alvaro, a cold man who was often talked about by businessmen. With a handsome face, it's no wonder he was often nicknamed the ladykiller.

With brownish eyes, jet-black hair, and a professional body, he always makes women kneel to sleep with him. But Leonard is not that *ssh*l*; he won't use his good looks just to get all the satisfaction.

Leonard's prostitutes can be said to be from the upper class. Like models and artists, Leonard is always neat in everything. So, not the slightest scandal was smelled by the media. Leonard just didn't want to give his mother and father a heart attack.

As you know, Leonard is the twin son of a former mafia boss, Alaric Alvaro. From childhood, Leonard was educated very hard. However, he was always loved by the woman his father loved, his mother, Anastasia.

Leonard also has a pretty beautiful twin, Mikayla Alvaro. a beautiful but hard-hearted woman. From childhood, Leonard never liked it when his life was arranged by other people. Once Leonard saw Mikayla almost kill a man, he did not know why.

Leonard only saw that the man's face was battered, but Mikayla was still smiling like an angel. Leonard, who witnessed it firsthand, said it gave him goosebumps. Seeing Mikayla's behavior like a psychopath without realizing it. But Leonard knows that Mikayla will be nice if that person also does the same for him.

Leonard's nature is far different from his brother Ziever's, who looks calm when dealing with any situation. Leonard wouldn't even let that person approach him from more than five meters away if that person had a problem with him.


''Did you find him? Leonard asked one of the spies he hired.

''Not yet, sir...until now she hasn't been traced, not to mention the photo you provided is quite old.'' The spy almost gave up looking for the girl in the photo Leonard had provided.

''Alright, you can go; I'm sick of the information you give. Don't ever show up if you don't get information about her.''

Leonard's dimly lit study. Leonard stared at the photo of the innocent woman taken by him six years ago, the woman who had always been the center of his attention. Audrey Hepburn is a woman who attracts Leonard's attention. I don't know why there was no attractive woman in Leonard's eyes when he was still in school. Audrey, a smart woman, was always used by others, and Leonard didn't like it. However, after he got close to Audrey, Leonard also realized that he was enveloped in his lust because of the mistakes he made that made Audrey leave, even when Leonard hadn't had time to say that he loved her.

''I will find you, Audrey.'' Leonard's mind vowed to make up for his mistake by bringing Audrey back.

On the other side was a woman in a leather jacket and black hat that hid her long golden hair in a knot.

''Team 1, are you ready?" the woman said. Giving instructions through the communication device attached to her right ear.

''Team 2, please monitor the elevator. I will enter from the back. "Audrey put on her sunglasses.

She looked left and right and found two guards on the right.

"Sh*t! Should I expend my energy?" Audrey stretched her arms before taking a step that would probably be difficult.

Audrey slowly approached one of the guards and hit him in the neck, knocking him unconscious.

"Who are you?" The other man approached Audrey and wanted to hit her, but Audrey immediately dodged and kicked the man right on the shin.

Making the man kneel with one punch right in his face, the man fainted in front of Audrey.

"Audrey, quickly enter the elevator in front of you; many guards will come from the left." Hearing the instructions from Team 2, Audrey immediately ran to the midnight number; right in front of her was an elevator. Audrey turned her head and saw some guards chasing her.

The elevator opened, and Audrey immediately entered the elevator, which was almost closed before she had time to wave her hand to the guards, who looked annoyed.

The CCTV had been turned off by Team 2. Audrey walked past the receptionist, who was also the one who handed Team 1 a paper bag for Audrey to wear. Audrey went straight to the toilet to take off her leather jacket and the jogger pants she was wearing. Immediately, Audrey changed all her clothes and transformed her appearance. She looked beautiful in a maroon dress. And not forgetting, she put on similar-colored lipstick, untied her hair, let her hair fall lose, and wore black high heels.

After that, Audrey handed her paper bag to one of the cleaners, who was also on her team.

"Si H has entered." Team 1, disguised as a guard, passed Audrey by pretending to make a phone call.

With a graceful and elegant style, Audrey opened the door to her 50-year-old prey.

"Ahh, so disgusting," Audrey said to herself as the old man looked at her lasciviously.

"Have you been waiting for Mr. Garland for long?" Audrey sat in front of the man and placed the bag on his lap. The bag had been fitted with a listening device.

"No, baby, I know the roads must be jammed." Garland's hand touched Audrey's.

Audrey hurriedly withdrew her hand and poured wine into Garland's and her glasses. But when it was poured into Audrey's glass, it accidentally spilled on Garland's shirt.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Garland." Audrey took a handkerchief and wiped Garland's expensive suit.

"Ah, it's okay, baby, I'll excuse myself to go to the restroom for a minute; don't feel guilty." Garland kissed the top of Audrey's hand, making Audrey disgusted.

After Garland's departure, Audrey immediately launched an action to take Garland's cell phone, which he stupidly left behind. Her hand opened her bag, and she immediately plugged in the flash disk, copying all of Garland's data.

After all the data is complete, Audrey returns to put Garland's cell phone back in its original place.

"Sorry, it took me a while to change my suit." Garland smiled without feeling suspicious of Audrey.

"Ah, it's okay; I feel bad for you." Audrey had an uncomfortable facial expression. Even though in her heart she was very happy because soon her assignment was finished,

Audrey's cell phone rang, making Garland, who had just cut his steak, pause.

"Hello, don't you know what I'm doing right now? What's wrong." Audrey was still acting in front of Garland.

"Why is this so important? Ah, well." Audrey turned off her phone.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Garland; I'm presumptuous, but there is a problem with my company. Can our dinner be postponed? "Audrey looked down.

"It's okay, Monica; I understand if you need help, I will be available anytime." Garland stroked Audrey's hand on the table.

Audrey stood up and walked away with a grin on her face. It was that easy to turn Mr. Garland off.

Audrey handed over the flash disk to team 1, and she immediately walked to the car that was parked in front of the hotel.

Inside the car, Audrey immediately cleaned her hands, removing the makeup that bothered her earlier. And not to forget, she removed the card from the cell phone so that the old man could no longer contact her.

Chapter 2

"Good job, Audrey." The head boss smiled sweetly as he got the data from Audrey's work.

"Hm...can I go now?" Audrey took her leather jacket and the car keys thrown by Diandra.

Without listening to her boss's words, Audrey left the headquarters first. She wanted to come to a place where she could release all her anger and fatigue.


By driving at high speed, Audrey defended the London streets that were starting to get crowded, even though it was 1 a.m.

Audrey arrived at a place that looked scary because it was only lit by dim yellow lights.

With leisurely steps, Audrey entered, even though there were two burly and large guards in front. But they did not dare to intercept Audrey, the queen of breaking bones. Once Audrey was known, she did not even hesitate to take people's lives in one night.

"Who is the strongest opponent tonight? "Audrey thre


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