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Once Divorced, Twice Married

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"Sign the divorce paper," "You... want a divorce?" "Sandra’s back. You know the drill," "Johann, I..." "You don't love me. I don't love you. Our marriage is nothing but a filial duty," "Would it make any difference if... I say I'm pregnant?" "That's b*llsh*t, and you know it, Kendra. I always take precautions." A request from a dying mother and a filial duty of a sole heir brought two innocent hearts together. Johann Petersen had no choice but to break up with the love of his life, Sandra Fell. One cold winter night turned his life around when his grandfather demanded he married someone else, in the name of courtesy, friendship, and paying a life debt. Kendra Summers knew from the start that Johann married her not for love, but she was hopeful that he would fall in love with her one day. Yet, on the night of their second wedding anniversary, before she could announce her pregnancy, he handed her the divorce paper. Will their marriage end shortly and leave them broken? Or will their child salvage the slightest chance of hope to blossom a love that is hidden?

CHAPTER 1 Divorced Me When I was Pregnant

"Three years. Make me forget Sandra and fall in love with you. If you don't succeed, you have to divorce me."

Kendra's POV

"T-turn off the lights, h-husband," my quivering voice rode the series of panting from too much excitement and exhaustion. This masculine man was all over me, while I was naked beneath him.

The highlight of tonight's event hasn't even started, yet he already made my stomach feel the tension deep down my pelvic region. I moaned as he once again dove in between my legs, "Oh, J-Johann, that fe..els great."

Even though I couldn't see his face, I felt his mouth widen at what he heard while his tongue was circling inside me. He even let out a chuckle as he responded to my arousal.

"We've been married for two years, yet you still want to hide your perfect body from me? I've seen it, touched it, licked it, and eaten every inch of you, so you–"

"S-stop, please," I looked away while he was watching my innocent face. "I'm still not used to any dirty talk a-and you know how I feel about t-the lights. Please?" I am pretty sure I look like an idiot in front of him.

"And I prefer ravishing your naked body with my eyes, my wife," he revolted in a flirty way.

I thought he was going to mock me, but instead, he gave me one last look and clapped twice. The light automatically went out with a hand clap, then I felt a heavy pressure over my fragile body.

He was again on top of me, but this time, his lips went after my ear. He nibbled it and licked from tip to tip. A joyous sensation contributed to my arousal. Oh god! I feel like I'm in heaven and he's just getting started, I told myself with so much satisfaction.

D*mn right! He is so good in bed, well, not that I've had a lot of experience to compare with, but all I know is, there is never a time that I didn't come whenever we have s*x.

After all, he was the first man who entered me, and by far, the one and only man, and I would like to keep it like that. I felt the blood rushing to my face, although I was not really sure if it was from the s*x rush or just a crush blush.

I tried to picture my husband's face while he continued to peck me on my neck, Johann Petersen, how did I get you to marry me? A billionaire, a hot bachelor, and most of all, someone else had your heart.

Then, a sharp pain stung my heart, "Yeah, right, it was only a filial duty to marry each other, but I… I stopped contemplating what to say next, I think I'm in love with my husband, but how can I–"

"–Uh, oh, d*mn, Johann," I was brought out of my reverie when he penetrated me down there.

Still panting with his series of thrusts, he whispered, "Thinking of other things, while we are having s*x? Not so clever, my wife!" and his voice sounded upset and offended.

His penetration went wilder and for a moment, I was worried for my little peanut inside my tummy.

D*mn right! I am pregnant with his child, a fruit of our love, or better to say, our filial marriage.

"G-gently, please?"

I could feel the tension in his body and how it all went down the drain, "Sh*t! Did I just ruin the mood? For the first time in two years, I felt I wanted and needed more from him that night."

It was obvious that he was p*ss*d. In just a few minutes after he entered me, he jerked off and went straight to the shower without looking back.

He left me hanging after c*mm*ng as if I was just a random woman he pays to bed with.

I took a deep breath and rubbed my tummy unconsciously, "Well, I guess, daddy is in a bad mood tonight, isn't he, little peanut?"

I laughed at myself inwardly thinking it isn't good to talk to my baby about s*x at this early stage of parenthood. I lay in bed and waited for him to finish. Despite being a married couple, the very first rule we made was never to shower together, and the second rule was to never have s*x with the lights on.

As soon as I heard him get out of the bedroom, I soaked myself in the bathtub and finally decided to call it a night, "My little peanut, let's tell daddy tomorrow, okay?"

I woke next morning without Johann beside me. So I hurriedly went downstairs not knowing what I'm getting myself into.

There I found him watching some news while indulging a slice of pumpkin pie.

"J-Johann, I have something to tell you," I jumped from behind and got over my head, and hugged him.

But his cold treatment and firm and unbothered sitting figure sent me a signal to back down. So I unclung his arms around his neck and distanced myself.

Then he asked me to sit beside him using his authoritative and adamant voice, "I need you to sign this, have a look," he handed me a brown envelope.

I took out the document and my hands felt numb, and so was my tongue. I froze without a word.

A divorce paper? He filed? But it has only been two years, we still have one more year, but... my brain couldn't process what he wanted. As active as my brain was, my body absorbed all the shock.

I just stood there, speechless while staring blankly straight passed him.

The only time I realized what was happening was when he called my name, "Kendra? Are you listening?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, what is it again?" I pretended I was cool with it. Little did he know that my world started to crumble. What will happen to my little peanut, then?

"I said, this is only a draft, you can check it then let me know for some needed revisions," his voice was firm, decisive, and composed as if this document was just a part of a business contract. Well, that's true anyway.

My heart raced with the sudden news. I wasn't prepared for this, nor anticipated it to happen so soon. I wanted to retaliate: I still have a year to confirm my feelings for him, and for him to fall for me.

But his next statement left me baffled, "She's back. Sandra's back,"

I only snickered at his words and reminisced the remarks he uttered before agreeing to this marriage, "Three years. Make me forget Sandra and fall in love with you. If you don't succeed, you have to divorce me."

His voice resonated in my ears.

CHAPTER 2 A Feeling of Jealousy

"A wife who doesn't love me, and an ex-girlfriend who still wanted me. How did I get into this mess?"

Johann's POV

I was sitting on the couch the all night after we finished having sex. I clicked my tongue.

Dammit, I lost my cool in the bedroom. I can't believe she was thinking about other things, or worse another man, while we are making l–

I stopped myself from saying the word 'love' and even mocked myself, "Love? Am I crazy? Y-you know very well that this marriage is everything but love. I had a girlfriend, and she…" I clenched my fist feeling frustrated and a little bit betrayed,

"...She has loved another guy."

All this time, I thought she'd wanted only me but tonight, I saw it in her eyes… I pounded the couch strong enough that my fist could even feel the impact, She didn't want me. She avoided my gaze… I could feel it in every inch of her body.

A feeling of jealousy can't be reprimanded. Could it be that I am in love with my wife? I do

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