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Once Divorced, Twice Married

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"Sign the divorce paper," "You... want a divorce?" "Sandra’s back. You know the drill," "Johann, I..." "You don't love me. I don't love you. Our marriage is nothing but a filial duty," "Would it make any difference if... I say I'm pregnant?" "That's b*llsh*t, and you know it, Kendra. I always take precautions." A request from a dying mother and a filial duty of a sole heir brought two innocent hearts together. Johann Petersen had no choice but to break up with the love of his life, Sandra Fell. One cold winter night turned his life around when his grandfather demanded he married someone else, in the name of courtesy, friendship, and paying a life debt. Kendra Summers knew from the start that Johann married her not for love, but she was hopeful that he would fall in love with her one day. Yet, on the night of their second wedding anniversary, before she could announce her pregnancy, he handed her the divorce paper. Will their marriage end shortly and leave them broken? Or will their child salvage the slightest chance of hope to blossom a love that is hidden?


Anca Niculae

Review after the novel completion

It seemed to me a superficial story, without consistency. There is no good description of the characters, the temporal spatial placement does not exist, when where the action takes place, nothing, it is a story like that. Disappointed with the ending, but I think it left room for the second part as well. The author left many things unexplained. It was like a short introduction. the story is broken into too many short chapters and it gets annoying when you read and notice nothing happens.

May 11, 2024

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