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Once Divorced, Twice Married Reviews



Review after the novel completion

It was a good book, got a bit strange with the understanding of Sandra though, would have been good to know what actually happened when he was with her to understand it... however great book and i was gripped. Even bought coins for it and dont do that often...great story. I liked how passionate she was in fighting for her baby and not giving him the satisfaction of knowing, that he went back for love and not because he had to

May 14, 2024

Anca Niculae

Review after the novel completion

It seemed to me a superficial story, without consistency. There is no good description of the characters, the temporal spatial placement does not exist, when where the action takes place, nothing, it is a story like that. Disappointed with the ending, but I think it left room for the second part as well. The author left many things unexplained. It was like a short introduction. the story is broken into too many short chapters and it gets annoying when you read and notice nothing happens.

May 11, 2024


Review after half of the novel

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May 6, 2024