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Obsessed Talliah

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Alliah Eryn Castillego became an independent woman since her father died and her mother lost her sanity due to her father's death. She's s struggling because he lost two parents at a young age. She's the queen of the Castillego Empire all the people around her know that she's a bitch, a spoiled brat, and an evil woman. She believes that she can get everything she wants. So when she met the only man who was five years younger than her, she immediately fell in love with him. She fell in love with his innocent smile. She fell in love with the innocent man. She became an obsessed woman, wanting to be loved by him. Love is truly crazy because Talliah wants Rainer to meet her. She kidnapped him. Will the man she loves choose to hate her because of what she did to him? Or will he fall in love with her as he will know her deeply?


In this cruel world, we have wants and needs for us to be contented. If we want a thing so bad, we keep on dreaming about it until it becomes ours. If the thing we want is already in our hands, the happiness is overwhelmingly good and we simply feel at peace.

But what if what you want to get is not something you can just buy whenever you want? What if what you want to have is difficult to possess?

They say that in this world, we can’t get everything we want. But, I chose not to believe in this saying. Hell! If I want a thing, I will surely get it with my own cruel way and no one can stop me.

I believe that at the end of the day, everything I desire will be mine. I’ll get what I want, by hook or by crook. . . because I am Talliah Eryn Castillego, the Queen of Castillego Empire. All the people around me know me so well: a bitch, a spoiled brat, and an evil woman.

Some people are scared of my existence. I’m superior to them, that’s why. If they see me walking along their way, they immediately bow down their heads as a sign of respect. . . and fear.

I have all the good things in the world that everyone could wish to have. They said I’m so lucky ‘cause God loves me so much that’s why I have everything I need.

But, they’re all wrong. . .

I don’t have everything, yet. There’s a missing piece that I badly want. . . to own.

It feels frustrating because all the things I wanted before were so easy to get with only a snap of my finger, except this. What I want so much, is so hard to reach. It was as if he was so far away from me and he was so hard to get.

I want him to be mine right away, but I can’t. . . this is not the right time yet, for him to know me.

A smile plastered on my lips while my fingers slowly traced his face inside the picture frame.

My goodness, how can he be so perfect in my eyes?

I clicked my tongue and slowly look up to see another picture of him on the ceiling. Yes, I have pictures of my man in a frame and on the ceiling of my room. I even have a lot more plastered on my walls. It may come off as weird for others, but I don’t care. I’m obsessed with his beautiful face.

I love to see his smiles and eyes after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep. Even in the photo, he is very handsome. What if more his gorgeous face I’ll every day? Thinking about that makes me feel like I’m in heaven!

Damn, Talliah, you’re crazy.

I just have to wait for another week to make you officially mine. My god, I can’t fucking wait for that day.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing phone on my bedside table and an evil smile crept on my lips as I read the name of the caller.

“What?” I asked acting annoyed while smiling like an idiot.

I heard her take a long deep sigh as if she had a big problem. She’s so serious about life that even the slightest thing causes her problems.

“I’ll be in the veranda, Queen,” she lazily said.

I smiled sweetly and combed my wavy hair. I took the cigarette and lighter from the table, then licked my lower lip to wet it before opening my door. I did everything quite easily because Jazzy was still too impatient.


We’ve known each other since high school. I helped her back from her abusive uncle, that’s the reason why I met her. Since then, she has always been attached to me. She even said, she owes me her life.

I don’t know what got into me at that time. I’m the type of person who doesn’t care about other people as long as I’m having fun with myself. I don’t have any friends since I was a child, but that didn’t make me any less happy. As long as I have all the riches in the world, I’m okay with being alone.

But, when I saw her being beaten up by her abusive uncle, my blood immediately boiled. She’s too pretty and innocent to be abused. She’s too precious to be treated like that. After that, we just clicked.

Plus, being friends with Jazzy is a nice feeling too, I won’t deny that. Only Jazzy can stand my bitchy attitude. Even if she knows the real side of me, she didn’t left me. She stayed.

She said, she will serve me as her queen as long as she’s living in this world, so from then on she calls me ‘Queen’.

As I stepped out from my room, I immediately walked towards the veranda. The cold wind immediately brushed my soft skin after I opened the veranda’s sliding door.

My lips rose up for a smirk when I saw Jazzy’s grumpy face while comfortably sitting on a chair. When will I see her smile? She’s serious as hell. She became like this after being abused. She became cold to others, and for that, I cannot judge her.

I’m not in her shoes to experience all of the trauma she had. If I could experience what she experienced, maybe I would be just serious as her. I’m still lucky though, that I haven’t experienced what Jazzy did.

“Jazzy. . .” I called.

“Yes, Queen?” She immediately answered.

“Try to smile, it won’t kill you,” I smirked at her and then sat on a chair across from her.

She scoffed and crunched her nose.

“Why did the wind blow you here? Is your mission done?” I asked while lighting a cigarette.

Yes, I smoke. Smoking is part of my life. Without cigarettes, I don’t think I could’ve lived this long in this world. How ironic, right? I always get a check-up though, for a healthy living.

She smirked at me, causing me to frown. I feel like I know what will happen. The way she smiled at me, as if she’s mocking the hell out of me.

“What’s your news? I hope it won’t ruin my day, Jaz,” I said while glaring at her.

She laughed, making my blood boil. Fuck! Jazzy, don’t get me mad.

“Guess it? I have a very beautiful news for you, my obsessed Queen. Are you ready to know what it is? Hmmm?” She smiled creepily.

I puffed my cigarette while staring darkly at her. I don’t want to play a guessing game early in the morning, Jazzy. Make sure that the news you got is really beautiful. . . if it’s not, I will surely cut your damn neck.

“Make sure that’s it’s beautiful like my face, Jazz.”

She again smiled creepily while handling me a folder, but my face brightened at the sight of it.

Surely this will make my day. I know what’s inside that brown envelope.

It contains the pictures of the person I love. I ordered Jazzy to watch Rainer’s every move. If you’re asking me who’s he, he’s the boy I’m obsessed with. . . Rainer, my obsession.

I know that some people would find me creepy, but the hell do I care? I know his every move and every detail. Because I ordered Jazzy to take pictures of the important occasions to the small movements of his life.

Even if he doesn’t know my fucking existence in this fucked up world, I’ll always be proud of him. In every achievement he’ll get, I’ll always be his number one fan.

The picture on my ceiling is his picture when he graduated as a valedictorian in their class, during his graduation from Senior High. I was there at the back of the crowd, clapping like I’m his damn mommy. I’m so proud of him at that time.

Through every milestone he steps into, I’m just watching him. The way he got matured as the time passed by, I was watching him. I was so close, yet so far, always thinking that maybe someday. . . he’ll know that there’s one person who is madly deeply in love with him.

I even do creepy things just to assure that he will end up with me because I don’t want him to end up with someone else.

My man is so beautiful and handsome that’s why I had a hard time because there are many women who like him, but I will not allow one of them to get his attention. Hell! His attention should be all on me and not with just any other bitch out there.

Every damn time they plan to confess their feelings to him, I’d order my girls to scare them. I will never allow them to get closer to my man, even in their wildest dreams.

But there is still one person that I envy because he still gets close to what I own. They said Talliah Eryn should not envy anyone ‘cause I already have it all. A sad smile crept on my lips. Oh no, people, I don’t have it all. . . not yet, at least.

Something is still missing. It’s not enough because he doesn’t know me yet.

Smiling widely, I opened the brown envelope, thinking that it will make my day beautiful. But, I was wrong. . . it made my day ugly and worse.

I laughed sarcastically while staring darkly at the pictures. Fuck! What the hell is this?

I looked up at Jazzy while my blue eyes still had no emotion.

“What the fuck is happening, Jazzy?!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

She only shrugged her shoulder as if it was nothing, that this anger I was feeling was not there. I didn’t realize that I had crumpled the pictures while staring intently at Jazzy.

“Your baby is planning to court that girl.”

It was as if I became deaf to what she said and my brain could barely process it.

“Fuck! What? Why did I just find out now?! Why the hell I didn’t know this?!” I asked while gritting my teeth.

“I just found out. I went to the market earlier to give money there to your staff that you ordered to buy vegetables sold by his family. I heard them talking about your man and that girl, that your man is going to date that girl.”

I gasped as the information slowly processed itself inside my head. I clenched my fist as I seethed in anger.

Really? Rainer? I laughed out loud knowing that he knew how to flirt. I should be the one you’re courting, baby, not her. I should be your first and last girlfriend. I should be your wife and the mother of your children. I should be the one you will love forever.

“Queen, what’s your plan now? The rumor said that once he turns twenty-one, he will court that girl,” Jazzy said softly, bringing me back to my senses.

I laughed sarcastically while smirking at her.

“Do you think I will let that happen? Hell, no! Before he could do that, I made sure he was mine.” I smiled sweetly at her.

“Don’t smile like that. You look like a witch,” she said in a scoff, but I only chuckled.

“Burn these pictures. I hate seeing that girl’s face. By the way, prepare yourself and the girls next week. The plan should be done on his birthday.”

Jazzy quickly obeyed my order and immediately left.

Smiling like a crazy woman who lost her mind, I walked towards my room. Now sitting on my bed, I roamed my eyes around my room with his face plastered around it. This scenery will always make me smile.

You only belong to me, Rainer. The only bitch you should only love is me, whether you like it or not. This evil woman owns you. It’s your fault though, for making my heart go crazy with your smile and innocent face.

Owning you is my greatest obsession and will be my greatest possession.


Caelan Rainer Vassamonte POV

I slowly opened my eyes when I felt someone staring at me. And I wasn’t wrong, because when I opened my eyes a scream greeted me.

“Mama! Papa! Kuya is awake. Come in now,”

I laughed because of my sister’s scream. He was jumping while holding a balloon in her right hand and adjusting the party hat that almost fell off her head. I just shook my head while staring into her shining eyes.

I heard footsteps entering my small room. I’m sure it’s Mom and Dad. And I wasn’t wrong when I saw them enter my small room, Mom was carrying the small cake and while Dad was holding the three ballons.

I just shook my head at what they were doing. I’m like a child.

Mom walked towards my direction with a big smile on her lips. I couldn’t help but look at my very beautiful mother.

“Happy birthday, son…” Mom said with tears while she’s staring at my eyes.

I smiled sweetly when I saw that her tears suddenly fell. Mom is actually ve


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