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My Hottie Dad; Can't Help Falling For Him

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All she yearns for was her father's d*ck buried deep inside her wet vagina, she would always get mad each time she caught a glimpse of any lady chatting with her dad. This feeling had to stop; she was lusting after her dad. There are many guys out there, trying their logical best to seize her attention for she was a beauty to behold, but all she wanted was her dad, her dad only. She always wished for her mom to always be on business trips, so she would have all the time with her hottie Dad. It started as a mere attraction, a mere attraction from a daughter to her dad, but what started as a mere attraction became lust, pure lust. Daniella is the only child of her parents, her mom was always on business trips, so she hardly took care of her only child. This made her grow fond of her young and super hot Dad. While growing up, both father and daughter fell in love with each other, but each of them tried to conceal their feelings for one another. But such feelings of lust couldn't be hidden for long, such feelings of cravings couldn't be held back. Would Daniella and her dad get to stop the taboo they were about to engage in? Would the lust between them turn to love? Read! To get all the answers.

Chapter One (DADDY’S GIRL)

Important Notice: This book isn't incest.

The glint of the sun penetrated her spacious and luxurious room.

That seemed to rouse her from her sleep, she fluttered her eyes then opened them to the bright morning sun illuminated inside her room.

She uncovered the quilt from her body then realized her panties were drenched with her orgasm, she made a facepalm while tugging the strands of her hair that were dangling at her forehead.

Ahe was wet again, her only dream was to have his Dad's dick buried inside her wet pussy. And whenever she had this dream, she would virtually become wet, she naturally got wet just by imagining her Dad savoring her taste.

She slowly rose her head to face with her Dad's large portrait in the room. Mere staring at her Dad's ordinary image, her lips contorted to a wide grin while her heart throbbed wildly.

“Morning Dad, I hope you slept well? And I want to believe you saw me in your dream as well because you raided my dream all through the night," She said with a beam, and after she completed her words, she jumped off her queen-sized bed.

She rapidly wore her red pajamas, slipped her feet into her flip-flops, then race out of her room gleefully.

She practically ran through the passageway, the great joy that was steaming in her heart knew no bounds.

Furthermore, she jiggled the doorknob, pushed it open, and peered her head inside her parent's room,

“Okay if I come in, Dad?”

A few seconds flew by, but she got no response.

She blinked her eyes twice before letting go of the doorknob and took a pace into the tremendous and exquisite room.

That was odd, normally she would have heard her Dad's enlivened voice. “Dad, are you in the bathroom?” She didn't hear any voice or sound again.

Later, she ascertained that her Dad wasn't in the room.

At the magnificent living room, there she stood, peeking her eyes at every opening, searching for her Dad.


A lukewarm and sweet voice suddenly called out from a distance, she was stunned as she swiftly turned to the kitchen direction, that wasn't her Dad's voice, but the voice sure sounded familiar.

She got closer to the kitchen, stood at the doorway, and faced with a robust figure backing her, her long legs stepped on a pair of black heeled boots, her dark brown curled hair swayed down her buttocks, intensifying the navy blue two-piece skirt with suit pant that she was wearing. That was Jessica, her mother.

“Good morning, Daddy's girl” Jessica greeted her only child, jovially. However, she was stirring the content in the pot on the cooker.

“Morning mum, when did you arrive? You didn't even notify me that you would arrive today” Daniella denounced, not willing to hide how discontented she was at that moment, her mom was the last person she expected.

Jessica smiled wryly, of course, she was cognizant of the fact that her daughter didn't give a damn about her, she knew her daughter only loves her Dad.

The wry smile on her lips emitted as she put down the ladle in her hand, pulled out the cooking hand gloves in her both hands, and swiveled around to face her daughter.

She moved closer, “You're disappointed to see me, isn't it?” Jessica asked, sadly.

“Well, yeah because I wasn't expecting to see you anytime soon,” Daniella admitted blandly, with a profound expression.

Jessica pulled a long face after she listened to her daughter's blatant response.

“Have you seen Dad?” Daniella asked, obviously avoiding any further talk with her mum.

She singled out her arms that were interlaced beneath her breast.

“Funny me, I was asking if you've seen Dad, whereas you should be the one asking me” She tuts and turned away from the kitchen, heading into the dining room.

She couldn't help but wonder where her Dad could have gone to, she could clearly recall her Dad's schedule for today, which affirmed that there was no lesson today or had he had gone to the gymnastic center?

“Liam had gone to the college, he has a fixed class to lecture this morning”

Daniella twirled, facing Jessica. “Really?Then how come I didn't know about it” Her eyes and mouth widened in surprise.

“Come seat, I'll serve breakfast soon”

Jessica scooted one of the chairs for Daniella to sit, but she didn't budge, her chest was already heaving up and down at the slightest thought of a random girl droolingg over her Dad in the lecture room.

“I'm going to school, mum” She announced and moved forward towards the staircase.

“Your Dad had told me you have no lecture today, Ella!” Jessica shrieked, visibly upset.

She was pleased to hear from her husband that her daughter had no lecture today, and she had promised to prepare her breakfast, at least to make up for those times she had been away for work.

In what feels like seconds, Daniella was seen climbing down the stairs, gleefully.

It was winter, so she was clad in a warm dress. A blue fleece jacket with a black coat, fitting with her black jean and a pair of pink beanies which was precisely conforming with her boots.

Jessica grimaced negligibly as to she was damn astounded her daughter was done dressing up within that few moments.

“Where are you going to?” Jessica queried with a glint of scowl glimmering on her face.

Daniella got down from the last staircase, a frown had trickled on her face as she stared at Jessica,

“I already told you, mum, I need to take care of things at school” She responded indifferently and raced past Jessica.

Jessica almost roll her eyeballs, she knew that was a fat lie, she was only going to college just to see her Dad,

“Daniella, I prepared breakfast, just for you!” Jessica cried out, her heart was extremely screwed up.

“I'll definitely eat it when I return from school, mum” Daniella squealed, without peeking at Jessica.

Jessica exhaled a tiring breathe then declared openly, “I'm leaving for Spain in the next two hours Ella, and I don't know how lengthy my stay will last”

As soon as Jessica completed her words, Daniella twisted the doorknob before tilting her head back, “Have a nice trip mum, take care of yourself, remember dad is always here to take good care of me”

Daniella said in a matter-of-fact tone, she then shut the door and scurried towards her red sport car parked in the garage.

Jessica had given her the car on her last birthday as a gift, she was delighted, she had always wished for a red car since she was a little kid.

It was no longer news that Jessica was a freakishly rich woman, she had attained great fortune at the early phase of her life.

Her deceased parents had left much more for their only child but with how wealthy Jessica was, she was still hardworking.

She was a business-leading icon and prominent, even overseas.

In less than twenty minutes drive, Daniella parked her car roughly in the student's parking lot, then got down from the car.

She readjusted the pink beanie on her head before scurrying off, not knowing where exactly she was heading.

Where could he be having the class? Daniella thought in her head as she began to check the classes one after the other.


Daniella scratched her nape in frustration, then a thought lingered through her mind.

Daniella knew if she had called her dad, he wouldn't pick up. She retrieved her silky smartphone from her jacket, then placed a call through Mandy.

Mandy's phone rang out on the nightstand, disrupting her beauty sleep. She cursed inwardly, not willing to open her eyes, she was really liking her sleep.

The phone stopped ringing but continued almost immediately.

“Argh!” Mandy moaned as she grabbed her cellphone from the nightstand.

She answered the call without opening her eyes to even glance at the caller ID, “What is your problem, huh?” Mandy nearly screams into her phone.

“Just shut it, will you? Answer me, do you have any idea of which course that has a fixed class this morning?” Daniella challenged in a low voice, not liking to make a noise in the silent hall.

Mandy then realized that it was her best friend calling, she breathes out softly, then slowly sat up on her enormous bed. “What's the problem, Ella? We have no classes today” Mandy recollected, provoking Daniella.

“Answer my question, Mandy” Daniella shrieked silently this time.

“Well, I don't know” Mandy answered honestly with a shrug, Daniella seethed from the other end of the phone before cursing out.

“Fuck you, Mandy!” She soon hung up the call on Mandy, still cursing at her friend inwardly for consuming some of her time.

Daniella peered from her right-hand side to her left-hand side.

Shortly, she decided to follow the right-hand side direction, then if she didn't find her dad in the lecture theater hall, she would go to the auditorium.

Daniella was soon in her pace when a familiar voice suddenly spoke up, she retreated her steps and moved closer to the window of the lecture room to verify her guess.


“In my heart, I believe that biology is the beginning and the end of everything. It's the biggest source of ideas, the biggest source of invention”

Liam Brandon says, while the few audiences listened attentively.

He was wandering at the podium, clad in a creamy turtleneck with a coffee brown coat, together with a blue slip-on encased in his feet.

His biceps was slightly reflected, some strands of his black hair could be seen hanging to his forehead.

He's a handsome god, a rakishly handsome god. He adjusted the pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose then continues,

“Nobody can invent better than nature and so if you like nature is my biggest source of inspiration.” He concluded, then everyone clapped their hands, having their best smiles on their faces.

It was obvious they all enjoyed his lecture.

Liam Brandon had a warm smile on his face in return as he caught a feminine figure outside the hall, not just a figure but his one and only daug


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