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My Future Prepossessing Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: EngMan
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13.5K
  • 7.5
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Eric is shinning guy, simple, and romantic, yet he is cordial twenty-four years-old guy who opens his life with several women few years ago. After a couple of months, he sees one's his own eyes to the prepossessing woman. To her, he makes the water into apple star to his eyes. Moving forward, some of his qualities being patient, open-minded, and charming to the heart of the women, but his social relationship will make constant to the others.

Eric finds shortly his queen’s heart

One day, Eric’s hands are bringing to his mother’s round at the Blackpool beach; to take their adventure. His major intention; to give a perfect happiness for her.

At the Blackpool beach, Mezlan is over the moon with her beloved son; to see the splendid objects. There are plenty of women who take their hat off at Eric’s macho body. What they could feel; his image will make them feel how splendid to live in the heaven.

Once they’ll move forward to the right place where Eric’s image is currently staying. Unintentionally, her golden heart is not allowing them; to look her son. To make it short, she is getting green envy on them.

At the Blackpool beach, Jehlan is closely staying to the other cottage where Eric and his cute as button mother are gladly staying. Her plan; to transfer to the cottage where Eric and his mother are now taking to their conversation. However, she is shaking like a leaf to Eric’s bad reaction. Meanwhile, Eric’s eyes are transparently looking to this woman. However, he does not really keep his eyes peeled with her.

The twilight is obviously emerging at the plain sky. And then, the rain starts to fall on the ground.

“Best friend, let us move our feet to the house. You know, I am not having a barrel of laugh. I’m still down in the earth,” Sunshine said.

“No, I don’t want to. It’s just a nightfall, even if the dark may come. We could still go back to our house. Do you know why?” Jelan asked. (Her bright eyes are under the counter to the admirer will give definite dream with us.)

To her statement, Sunshine is getting alphabet soup to her finest confidant. So, she leaves her friend behind the scenes.

On the other hand, Alvin is mildly breaking to these 20 eggs on the nest. Upon believing, he’ll win at Jelan’s heart, if he will eat directly these 20 eggs. Actually, he does not want to do it. However, he sets one’s owned heart; to prove such thing.

At this night, Jericho is going to the nest; to look at, the number of eggs on the nest. Unluckily, the eggs have gone on the nest. In a flash, he asks to his wife, yet his wife did not know that. Without any choice, he’ll be asking to his son about this matter yet, Alvin didn’t tell the reality. His warm mind thinks; he’ll not tell anymore.

Jericho’s feet are proceeding to the magic room. Besides, there is a mirror which can display the whole event inside to his house. As the result, his beloved son has been eating these 20 eggs of the hen. Thus, he’s getting hot under the collar to his son.

“Hey Alvin! Why are you lying me? You know, it shows in the mirror; you had got the eggs on the nest. What do you want? To stay inside the cage within 10 years or to kill you right now,” Jericho said.

(While Jericho’s wife is crying like a cat, as her husband tells these statements to their son.)

“I am preferable to stay inside the cage father,” Alvin said.

To his choice, Jericho’s hands are bringing his son immediately to the cage. He can’t longer go out, except his father will open the cage.

Inside the cage, Alvin has not ceased to break his heart and cry. His has eaten his heart out why he had broken these eggs yesterday.

On the other hand, Jehlan is laying down on her bed. Her eyes keep on looking to the guy’s picture. Her ears hear smoothly to guy’s voice outside the house. In just a minute, she appears out in the window. However, she did not find the guy. On the other way, she opens he right the door, yet the door is closely attaching to the key.

Eric’s heart is still capturing to the lightbulb of the woman. Indeed, he is always looking to the shadow of the object. To this, he puts to his mind as his secret admirer.

Eric’s hands are now closing his eyes. He is unexpectedly dreaming about the woman.

“It states, Jelan is already at the Blackpool beach who is waiting for him. And then, there is another guy who is still coming to the beach; to carry this woman.”

He has alarmed to walk up even if, his head is so heavy. It’s already 3:00 o clock in the morning. His icy eyes are gladly looking; his mother is now still sleeping beside him. In a flash, he goes to the Blackpool beach.

Jelan’s eyes are still busy as beaver; to find her bronze necklace inside the room. This takes six hours to find it, yet she does not find her necklace. On the other way, she makes up her mind to go to the Blackpool beach.

As of now, Eric is already at the Blackpool beach. His skin passes by the wind which makes his feet to be totally cold. This takes 1 hour to find her. However, his eyes are turning to blind for her. What his cold mind makes up; to leave at the Blackpool beach.

When he moves his feet into 5 steps. But the sand will magnet on his feet. His mind lets him; to sit in the seashore. His head is unintentionally turning his to the right side. What he could see; there is stunning woman who is busy as beaver to find something. Immediately, he approaches actively to the shimmer woman.

“Hi girl, what are you looking here?” (The girl would like to say; you.)

“I am looking my bronze necklace,” Jelan said. (Since, the woman did not find the necklace yet. Her mind is desiring to ask as help from him.)

“It’s good if we will talk inside the cottage,” Eric said.

These two individuals are talking inside the cottage. Eric’s body is closely staying with the sparkle woman. His body is quietly getting warm, even if the temperature is perfectly cold.

“You know, my body is getting freeze by the icycold. Can I court on you?” Eric asked.

“Yes, you can but what I want you; to find the necklace on the sand. Make sure to get it before the dawn will emerge in the sky later. Once you will find it. Well, I will give the nod to live my heart,” Jelan asked.

Eric’s feet are moving to the sand; to find for it. Meanwhile, he is talking to this stunning woman. After a while, the stunning woman is going to the cottage; to wait for him.

It’s already 5:00 o clock in the morning. At this point of time, Eric couldn’t pull it down to his life to find for it. As he moves his feet to the right side. His eyes are gladly looking at the necklace which twinkles to his eyes. Immediately, he is so pleased to give it to Jelan.

So far, I’ve done to walk the whole world. Eventually, I’ve found the necklace my beside my feet.

“Oh! Really? So, let me see it, (The guy shows this necklace to her.) I love you Eric, you are now the king of my chilly heart,” Jelan said. “I love you too Jelan, you are now the queen of my heart.”

Will Jelan find another man for her heart?

Eric’s heart start to fall

Early in the morning, Mezlan is shaking up why her son is not beside her. Immediately, she goes to the outside; to find in her. However, her cute as button son does not appear to her diverting eyes.

At this time, Eric enters gladly to the house. In the room, his cherish mother is not around. So, he takes his sleep after.

This takes 3 hours to find Eric in the outside, yet Mezlan did not find her son. As the sunbeam has back to the square one to hit on the ground. So, she makes up her mind to go back in the house.

As Mezlan sets foot into the room. Out of the blue, her son is sleeping like a dog on the bed. Now, she sets her heart own to let him wake up, yet she has turned over the leaf her mind.

In the kitchen, Mezlan has prepared batten down their foods. On the other hand, Eric is going to the kitchen; to take his meal. As the mother turns her head to the left side. Luckily, her son is around.

“Oh! My son, where did you go earlier? Where have you been


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