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My Disguised Lover

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this story is about a man called Mike who lost his beloved wife and is trying to find true love. He live with a female house keeper Olivia and a gate keeper / driver called Amos. in his search for love, after several years of mourning his wife, he came in contact with a girl who planned on duping everything he had and run away but luckily he was save by his house keeper through advice and strategy. He decided to disguised himself in other for the lady he'll want to marry to accept him because she loves him and not because of the money, but still didn't work out. He ended up marrying his house keeper who was secretly in love with him, without him noticing. She really loved him from the depth of her heart but familiarity never allowed him notice.

Chapter 1

Living a single life as a grown up man is never an easy task but the worst form of it is to live as a widower.

My name is chief Mike Lawrence. I am 40 years old and was happily married to miss Loveth Lawrence until the cold hands of death snatched her away.

loveth was a very strong and vibrant woman with courage and full of life. she was jovial and full of fun, she made me happy and brought out the real duty of manhood in me.

All my life as always been a prayer to God to bless the day i met her and the womb that carried her.

she brought joy and happiness to me and I loved her very much.

Our wedding brought joy and happiness to the family and relation at large as I was the only child of Hon. I.J Lawrence.

How I got to meet Loveth is still a mystery many won't believe.

All my life in the university as be full of fun. I never had time to go to lectures or to study as my dad was an influential figure in the society and will always buy my grade through his influence.

this really made me a flirt in school. my main aim in the school was to make sure I trap down university girls in their numbers.

and I was actualizing it smoothly as I was a renowned big boy on campus.

girls were fighting their way to come to my bed, and I was always ready to use them and send them away.

the 3 bed room flat my dad bought for me around school, was turned into a brothel as I occasionally invite my friends over to come and have fun.

it was bad to the extend I invited 12 girls and sponsored their coming, so each room was occupied by a girl including the toilet, bathroom and kitchen, and all my friends were also invited to come have fun. we turned the whole building into s3x orgy building.

I wanted to move round so I ordered all doors to be kept opened.

the sound of smooching, kissing, fingering and knacking filled the whole room. I decided not to have any girl in my room as my intention was to move from one room to the other for a pleasurable threesome experience, which I did.

everybody in the school knew me as a notorious boy on campus, but the fear of what my parents can do made everybody lay low on my case, including the lecturers and school management.

this made me never had feeling for any girl as they were all my s*x toys and would not hesitate at my call because of the money involved.

my parents got to know about my life style and tried all there possible best to make sure I turned a new live but couldn't do any thing about it as all there effort in changing me failed.

getting to my second year in school, I was now the most popular boy in school as senior colleagues both from my department and others who I don't know would just voluntarily come to my house to be laid. my body count grew to an uncountable rate because I succeeded in sleeping with all the girls in my department safe only the three catholic sisters which i later screwed one of them in the school toilet on the day of our last paper for first year examination.

I never for once thought about contacting HIV as I was always confident of the packets of condom I ordered from the US.

At the beginning of my second year, new set of students who came through direct entry joined us, and I was very happy to continue "my duty" as I used to call it.

I was making progress because they were hearing how all the girls in school were running at my beck and call including senior colleagues, so getting them wasn't hard as some of them were already showing green light of interest in me and my money.

I didn't waste time to utilize my opportunity on them as usual but something stricken happened.

There is this girl that joined us in the third week of resumption, she was the most beautiful of the girls and everybody was trying to get at her including lecturers.

I wasn't bothered because from my past experiences, they have always been the ones coming but it shocked me that hers was different.

when I noticed that she was shunning everyone that tried to talk her in including the lecturers, I took it as an opportunity because I knew no girl can reject me cause I was too far more handsome, coupled with the excess money.

the first time I met her was after our Friday lectures

me: Hi.... good evening

Loveth: evening dear what can I do for you

my head was puffed up on hearing her Calling me dear. I was just looking at her physique cause all the girls I've met, non have had such a wonderful body. I was still lusting after her body until she called me back from my paradise..

Loveth: what can I do for you

Me: please pardon my manners, my name is Mike Lawrence, am a student of this school in Engineering department 200L... before I could finish she came in

Loveth: is ok.. my name is loveth I think we're in same department and level I guess, I did direct entry.

I was happy that I was able to start up a conversation with her

me: I've been observing you from a distance and I must confess, you're indeed a beautiful girl created by God.

Loveth: blushing.. awwwnnn. thank you, but how come I've not seen you in class

who in this school would be proud to say he or she as not heard about me or seen me or is it that she's pretending or maybe forming hard to get

Chapter 2

As a smart guy I changed the introduction thing and tried shooting my shot immediately as am not cut out for any emotional game.

Me: would you want if I walk you down and at least get you a glass of water, my house is just along the road.

Loveth: thank you, am ok

for the first time a woman is rejecting my offer. I persisted

me: I insist please..

Loveth: Ok if you insist you can get it from any of the shops around here, that's the height I can go

upon hearing that, I knew emotions was beginning to play games me I quickly slipped 5 thousand naira into her hand for the water and ran home without waiting to hear anything from her.

I was thinking throughout my ride "what as happened to me" I kept asking but there was no one to answer.

upon getting home, two girls were already waiting at my door, but for the first time I gave them money and asked them to go that I wasn't ready.

Loveth's action kept ringing in


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