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My charming lady

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Because I angrily attacked a perverted professor, I was forced to drop out and sell barbecue, but I unexpectedly encountered a cold and glamorous female CEO, a pure-hearted rich girl, and even my ex-girlfriend who had been waiting for me with bitterness... In the whirlpool of emotions, where should I go? Later, I encountered a fire, became an unsung hero, and in a series of events, my radiant humanity was continuously discovered by others.

Chapter 1

"I f*ck your uncle, can't you drive?" Wang Wenbin touched his leg, which was a little sore from being knocked, and cursed at the car parked not far in front of him.

He was very angry, not because he was in pain, but because his belongings, which had been painstakingly tied up and loaded onto the tricycle, were all knocked to the ground and scattered. It was now 2:00 am, and Wang Wenbin closed his stall at this time every day, then pedaled his tricycle home, which was loaded with barbecue grills, barbecue supplies, tables, chairs, and stools tied into a small mountain-like structure. Just as he passed by this place, a bright light suddenly shot out from the corner of the small road. In the pitch-black alley where the street lights had long been turned off, the light was particularly dazzling, making Wang Wenbin unable to open his eyes. Before he could react, he heard the squealing sound of tires on the ground, and then felt a force flipping him and the tricycle over, throwing them to the ground.

After Wang Wenbin finished his cursing, the car turned off its engine, but the headlights were still on, shining so brightly that Wang Wenbin couldn't open his eyes. He vaguely saw the car door open, and a figure came down.

Trying to shield his eyes, Wang Wenbin got up from the ground and cursed, "Can't you turn off the high beam? Do you even know how to drive?"

"Oh... I'm sorry, I'm sorry," a guilty female voice was heard, followed by the woman getting back into the car and turning off the headlights.

The car lights turned off, and the dim light from the nearby residential area allowed Wang Wenbin to vaguely see that it was a woman who had come. She was tall, and he couldn't see clearly in this environment, but he could feel that the woman had a good figure and probably didn't look too bad, at least her facial shape appeared to be attractive. Moreover, the woman smelled really good, with a pleasant fragrance that Wang Wenbin noticed as she approached.

"Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?" The woman hurried over to ask Wang Wenbin, showing her flustered state.

"D*mn it... a female driver, no wonder there was an accident. I ran into a road killer," Wang Wenbin complained while rubbing his butt, unable to help himself.

If there had been any light, Wang Wenbin would have been able to see the furrowed brows of the woman.

"Do you need to go to the hospital? If you do, I can call an ambulance right away," the woman asked again.

"No need for an ambulance, I'm not fragile. I just fell, no big Even if there's a problem, I can handle it. It's just my bad luck. But, I fell down and you hit me, so you should compensate me, right? Take a look, the tricycle is deformed because of you, and all these things have fallen to the ground. I don't even know which are broken. If they are, you should compensate me for that, right?" Wang Wenbin pointed at the damaged items one by one.

Before Wang Wenbin could finish, the woman directly interrupted him, saying, "Okay, I should compensate for these. I was driving too fast and couldn't brake in time, so I'll compensate for all this. Calculate the total, how much do you need to be compensated?"

Hearing this, Wang Wenbin widened his eyes and asked, "Everything?..."

"Yes, everything. Tell me the amount. How much do you think it will cost?" The woman asked anxiously.

Wang Wenbin looked the woman up and down, and although he couldn't see very clearly, he asked, "You don't have a driver's license, do you? Or maybe you've been drinking?"

"I know what you're thinking. I can assure you, I do have a driver's license, and I haven't been drinking. The reason I'm in a rush to compensate you is because I have urgent matters to attend to. If I wait for the traffic police to assign responsibility and then wait for the insurance company, I might not be able to leave tonight. I don't have time for that. So, how much is it? I can compensate you right away." The woman's voice sounded somewhat cold.

"You don't need to compensate for everything. I'm not that kind of person. If something is broken, you can compensate me for that. The tricycle has deformed on this side, which I estimate will cost around 200 yuan, this one maybe 50 yuan, this 20 yuan..." Wang Wenbin once again opened the phone light to see which items were damaged.

"Just tell me the total amount. I'm really in a hurry." The woman interrupted Wang Wenbin once again, impatiently asking.

"Why are you in such a hurry? I'm not in a hurry to ask for money, but you're really in a hurry to compensate?" Wang Wenbin spoke, annoyed.

"Please tell me the amount, I really have urgent matters. 3000 yuan, do you think 3000 yuan is enough?" The woman asked anxiously.

"Forget it, you don't need to compensate 3000 yuan. I was born in New China, raised under the flag, and taught by my teachers since childhood to be a person who..."

"Just tell me how much you want to be compensated?" Once again, the woman interrupted Wang Wenbin, asking impatiently.

"Five hundred, at least five hundred. Let me tell you, if it's a penny less, you won't be able to leave today." After re-evaluating his losses, Wang Wenbin gritted his teeth and gave a number.

"Okay, five hundred. I'll compensate you five hundred," the woman said and immediately went back to the car to search for something.

"D*mn, I'm really unlucky. Not only was I hit, but now I have to tidy up all over again," Wang Wenbin grumbled as he lowered his head to reorganize his belongings that had been knocked to the ground.

While Wang Wenbin was massaging his butt and organizing his belongings, the woman got out of the car, walked up to Wang Wenbin, hesitated for a moment, and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot to bring my wallet."

Chapter 2

"What? Big sister, are you kidding me?" Wang Wenbin was upset all at once.

"I really forgot to bring my wallet. I was in a rush." The woman explained.

"No wallet? Fine, how about WeChat, Alipay, or mobile payment? Take a look at this, here's the QR code for my stall. You can use WeChat or Alipay to pay. Look." Wang Wenbin pointed to the QR code posted on his barbecue grill and said to the woman.

"Sorry, I didn't bring my phone either." The woman shook her head.

Wang Wenbin widened his eyes and said, "Big sister, you've caused me trouble today. If you were someone else, do you think you could get away with it? You hit me, and if you change to someone else, do you think you'd get away with paying only three to five thousand yuan? At the very least, a full body check is necessary, and these things all need to be compensated for. I have fully demonstrated the spirit of being the successor of sociali


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