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Mummy, My Dad is Super Rich

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Minja
  • Chapters: 118
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.7K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 8


After a one night stand with a mysterious stranger. Evelyn Rosé, twenty-five years old and mother of one, came back to her City to live a new life but under the fear of her son getting snatched away from her. She had a bad history with her family and her fiance but came back strong with the love of her son occupying her heart. But then she met her new cold Billionaire Boss who looked so much like her son and whom her son kept calling 'Daddy' "Shush, don't call him that." "But he is my Daddy." Her son pouted. Raphael Theophilus the cold-hearted unbend Billionaire smiled at her son. He remembered Evelyn Rosé but she doesn't remember him.


A pair of slender legs made their way out of the airport with a cute little boy holding her hand while clinging his mouth to his lollipop as if it would disappear in the next second.

One couldn't help but be amazed by the mother and son pair who were walking hand in hand. They looked so cool and seemed to be unaffected by the stares they were receiving but mostly on the kid.

"Mum, is this the place?" The little boy asked as he looked at his mother with his cute bright green eyes that Evelyn couldn't resist smiling at.

"Yes." She replied and looked around for the cab that she had ordered online. The driver waved at her after seeing them and he went to carry the luggage that they had before ushering them into the car.

As the car drove out of the airport, Evelyn's eyes read the signboard which had the writing WELCOME BACK TO CAPITAL CITY. Yes, she was welcomed back to the land of hell that she had tried living in before escaping for her life.

The City that she did not dream of returning to but had to because of fate's plan for her.


"Evelyn, are you done yet?" Kira shouted at her from the sitting room. Her hair was packed in a ponytail style and she had a bag of chips with her. Kira was watching a movie with all seriousness and would sometimes yell when it was getting to the point of climax.

"Yeah, I am almost done. I just need to fix this and that." Evelyn said and then hummed a tune after.

She had somewhere very important to go to so she was kinda in a rush. She looked at herself in the mirror with all happiness, she was wearing a red gown with her hair packed at the side to make her look classic. Since she was trying to woo her man back then red was considered something that could attract men alongside red plumpy lips. Her makeup was minimal but she had put her effort into making her face more attractive.

If only her friend was more into make-up then she wouldn't have a problem painting her face this much. She picked up her phone to try calling her fiance but it was unreachable.

"I wonder what suddenly went wrong this time. I hope he isn't angry." She mumbled and wore her black heels before leaving the room.

When she got to the sitting room, Kira couldn't help getting amused.

"Oh oh oh. You look superb, my dear friend." She praised her.

"You think? Is there any error in my dressing? What do you think?" Evelyn asked eagerly. Kira shook her head and stood up to give her friend the encouragement that she needed.

"Evelyn, you need to be calm. He is a human and your fiance, nothing more. Moreover, this isn't the first time you are seeing him. You are always this nervous, come off it already. He was the one who invited you so impress him, don't go all scared when he isn't a monster." Kira encouraged her silly friend.

Evelyn sighed.

"You know that I haven't seen him for so long already. It's because I have been busy and he isn't saying much to me. What if he wants to break up with me or anything else?" She asked Kira.

Kira flicked her forehead for an answer and put her arm around Evelyn's shoulders.

"Don't worry. Go there and be yourself, that's all."

"Alright, no problem. I will see you later then."

"Bye." Kira waved and she left the house.

"This series is getting more boring than I thought." Kira muttered and fell flat on the chair.

Evelyn stared at the address her fiance had sent her earlier that morning. It was a hotel…not just any hotel, it was one of the biggest and recommended places in the City.

She looked out the window as she drove past the shops and people. She needed to be there quickly. He had set the time for their meeting to be around 2 in the afternoon but here she was rushing over at 7:30 pm. How cruel could she be as a girlfriend? But yet it was still nice of him to be waiting for her and even to be quite understanding of how her profession was.

After twelve minutes of a rush driving, she finally arrived at the hotel. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and did a little bit of touching up to her face. She was beautiful as a woman; at least that was what she always said to herself to boost her self-confidence but to other ladies of the higher society, she was nothing in amount to beauty then.

Evelyn got out of her car with her white purse and closed the door. The compound was filled with various cars of different brands, all just to show off wealth but not to waste too much time admiring what was less important, she made her way into the reception area.

"Hello." She greeted the lady that she met.

"Hi, Welcome. How may I help you, please?"

"My name is Evelyn. My fiance booked a room here…"

"Can I please have a picture of him?" The receptionist asked and Evelyn did as told.

"Oh, Miss Evelyn. He did the booking, this is the key to your room."

Evelyn collected the key with a smile and left the reception area. On getting to the hotel room, she saw the number 24 and entered without even thinking but one thing was unexplainable to her; why was the door open already? Maybe he already arrived before she did and the room was so dark that she thought maybe it was cut out of electricity.

She found her way to turn the light on but the switch wasn't working so she gently sat on the bed then and dialed his number again but it proved unreachable.

While waiting in the room, the door suddenly opened and someone entered. Evelyn stood up quickly, unable to see who it was but was still nervous.

"Jade, is that you?" She asked meekly.

"Hmm." She got the reply that she thought was from him.

"Oh. I have been trying to find the switch…"

She was suddenly pulled into the arms of the man that she believed was her fiance and was kissed fiercely. The phone that was on the bed was flipped over, making the torch point face the ground.

Evelyn was pushed to the bed with force but she did not say anything against it because she had it in mind to give him what he wanted and since this was the way he started it then she should go with the flow but that counted to be the biggest mistake of her life.


"Madam, we have arrived." The driver notified her.

She blinked rapidly and came back from the land of memories.

"Oh, I see. Thank you. Tommy, here, let me hold your hand." She said and carried the little boy out of the car.

The driver went to the trunk and carried out their luggage before leaving.

"Why didn't you pay him, mommy?" Tommy asked.

"That is because I have made the payment to his company directly. All I did was show him the proof." She replied and pulled him along to a very nice apartment.

It was situated amid every other apartment with a nice cool atmosphere. It was quiet and had a natural environment that could warm up one's soul and render one lazy anytime.

This was exactly what she had told Kira to find for her and she did exactly that. What a relief! On getting to the door, an obese woman appeared from what seemed to be the side of the house, it scared Evelyn a bit since she wasn't expecting any more to just show up like that


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