Miss Misunderstood

Miss Misunderstood

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Wysteriashin
  • Chapters: 28
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 7
  • 7.5
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*DEAR READERS, THIS STORY IS ABOUT CHEATING AND THE IMPACT IT HAS ON THE PERSON WHO HAS BEEN BETRAYED. SOME CHAPTERS ARE TOO HEAVY TO READ BECAUSE THEY ADDRESS DEPRESSION AND SELF-HARMING. I DIDN'T INTEND TO HARM OR TRIGGER ANYBODY'S TRAUMA WHEN I WROTE THIS BOOK.* BLURB: Elyana caught her husband cheating and used the reason she couldn't conceive to explain why he did it. She promptly filed for divorce and flew back to the Philippines, where she grew up while carrying her broken heart and shattered dreams of becoming a mother one day to her child. She came back with her intentions of healing and to start a new life away from her ex-husband's shadow, but because of what happened to her married life and the depressing events that followed, there were things inside her head that she couldn't understand and that would lead most people around her to mistook her kindness for desperation and attempt to cause harm for others. Felipe, known as Felicity, is a famous gay matchmaker who has been her best friend since she can remember. Knowing what happened and what she was trying to overcome, he stayed by her side, protecting her and caring for her, and would eventually and secretly fulfill one of her greatest dreams that her ex-husband couldn’t give.

Chapter 1

My husband, Lucas, and I had been married for five years, but we hadn't been blessed with a child. We had been to different doctors who were also Lucas's acquaintances to keep our situation private because he had a reputation to protect, and all of them told us the same thing—they couldn’t see any problem with us.

His family had been known throughout England for having one of the largest real estate companies, with branches in different parts of the globe. earning billions of euros annually that made so many politicians respect the Wilhems.

Having a baby in the family was a big deal because Lucas was an only child, just like me. There was pressure from both sides, but his father exerted most of the pressure because he wanted an heir.

Because of that reason, I thought Lucas was serious about trying some methods for us to conceive, but later on, he had so many excuses that convinced me to agree with his idea of just staying patient while doing things the natural way.

I said, “Okay, no problem.” I could do whatever he thought was best, but after that day, I noticed some changes in him that continued over the last few months.

I mostly ignored all of those because I trusted him immensely. When I asked him if there was a problem one time, he told me there wasn't, so I assumed we were fine, but it was all a lie.

I knew what kept my husband busy. His job became one of his justifications, and he spent most of his time away from home, meeting with clients and occasionally traveling out of the country using a private plane without me.

We barely speak as a result of those, but the reason he won't even sleep next to me at night when he gets home was quite unusual.

I tried to be sweet when he came home one night because I missed him so much. I miss his smell, his arms wrapped around me, his touches and kisses, but he made another excuse, saying he was exhausted.

That night, he didn't even kiss me goodnight. He made me fall asleep with a heavy heart and tears in both corners of my eyes.

He was about to leave when I woke up the next morning. He'd already taken a bath, and his perfume had spread throughout our room. He smelled like he'd used the entire bottle on his body that morning, and it wasn't pleasant at all.

Another thing I noticed that morning was that he wasn't wearing the same perfume he knew I liked because it was gentle on the nostrils.

"Where are you going so early?" I asked, but he didn't seem to hear me. "How about we have breakfast together first before you leave?" I suggested, hoping he would finally hear me.

"I'm in a rush right now because I'm leaving on a business trip; let's eat outside when I get back," he said without even looking at me.

He continued putting on his necktie by himself that mostly I was the one fixing it for him every day.

"But you just came—" I was about to object, but then I changed my mind. That could only lead to one thing, and that was an argument.

"O-Okay," I answered sluggishly, even though deep inside it felt like something was squeezing my heart.

Once again, I got rejected.

He left the room without even kissing me or saying goodbye like before. He was gone when I noticed he left other things he usually brings on business-related trips.

I couldn't stop myself from doubting it. I just peered at his moving car from the window of our room and stayed there until I could no longer see it.

I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready to go to the office that day. I work for the same company—his family's company. We're in the same field. We're both civil engineers, that's why we got along easily the first day we met. But our interests were so alike, but it seems right now his interest has already changed.

I tried to forget my suspicion, but it was bothering me, and when I couldn't bear it any longer, I immediately called his secretary, even though I was also going to the same place that day.

My question couldn't wait any longer. I just wanted to confirm something, but before that, I just had to bribe his secretary to get the information I needed.

"Hello, Lucy! Good morning! Can you please order me a coffee? Order yourself too, my treat!"

"Sure, ma'am!" she answered enthusiastically from the other line. I was hoping she wouldn't doubt that because I have my secretary to ask for the same favor.

"Thank you! By the way, can you please check my husband's schedule today? He just came back home. I'm planning to prepare an early dinner for us both, but I'm not sure if it would be possible with his hectic schedule lately," I lied.

"About that, ma'am, Sir Lucas canceled all his engagements today, so your plans could be possible," his secretary politely answered. She sounded more excited by my alibi.

"Oh my! That would be great then! Thanks, Lucy! Is he there?" A grin was already forming on my lips right after hearing what my husband did that day. something he stopped doing for me.

"Sir Lucas hasn't arrived yet, ma'am," she answered quickly, and my lips parted because the company was not far away and the traffic here in England is not like in the Philippines, so he would arrive quickly.

"Okay, Lucy. Thanks again!"

"No worries, ma'am," she said, and I ended the call.

I asked a trusted person a month ago to find me someone who could help me clear up my doubts. She gave me the number of a private investigator, and I was hesitant to call at first because I was afraid of what I would discover after, but I decided to keep the number in my phonebook just in case, and I didn’t expect I would really call it that moment for help.

I dialed the number. The owner immediately answered, giving him all the necessary information he needed.

"It seems my husband is going somewhere today. I want you to follow him. He's alone and using a black car," I informed him without hesitation, and I gave him the exact plate number of the vehicle.

"Right away, ma'am," the guy from the other line answered immediately, without leaving any questions. I was not sure how he was going to find my husband at that time with the information he got from me, but I wanted to just trust his ability.

After talking to him, I checked the time on my cellphone. It was just around seven in the morning. I planned to go to the office, but I was having second thoughts about it.

I took a seat for a while to think. Sitting there, staring blankly at the king-size bed that I fixed earlier that day. I was slowly tapping one of my fingers on the armrest while waiting for an update, and as a few minutes passed, I heard the message tone on my phone and immediately checked from whom it came.

It was from the person I hired. According to him, my husband was in a coffee shop with a woman.

I sent a reply right away. I asked him to send me some pictures because I wanted to identify the woman. Later on, I received pictures. He sent five pictures from different angles. All the pictures were vivid enough to recognize her.

I knew who he was with. His so-called friend

I didn't want to give malice to the way she was looking, giggling, and touching my husband's arm, but there was something off inside me that told me there was really something going on.

My blood was boiling, and my hands were shaking. I told the agent to follow them if they ever decided to leave. I remained sitting. The day felt frustrating already, even though nothing was already happening before my eyes, but not until a few more minutes had come to pass.

Huddled and restless, like my instinct was telling me, there was something absurd going on already—and there it was. Another message came, and it was only a single picture.

I wasn't prepared. My world was shaken in an instant as my knees trembled like jelly. Lucas and Diane were too close in that picture, not just close. They were kissing, and they were still in the parking lot of ​​the famous coffee shop where the agent caught them.

If anyone sees them, the first thing that will come to their mind is that they look like long-lost lovers who missed each other so much.

They were making out in public without fear! They seemed like hungry animals who couldn't wait to relieve the longing they were feeling for each other at that time.

Lucas and I never did that in public— it's not that I was jealous. It's just that my parents didn't raise me like that—like her.

Chapter 2

My desire to follow my husband grew stronger when the person I hired gave an update. I wanted to find out where they were going right in the instant. I wanted to be the one to startle them both. To see the fear in both of their eyes once, I suddenly appeared in front of them.

Lucas has much to lose compared to me, and I won’t let him get away with this.

"Don't lose sight of them. Follow them wherever they go," I angrily ordered the investigator and ended the call.

I will pay him threefold if he follows my husband and that woman. Money is worthless if my husband will just cheats on me like this.

After I gave the order, I left the room and went down the elegant stairs. A maid rushed to say that breakfast was ready.

"I will not eat, thank you," I told her. I couldn't hide my irritation that morning and that maid was the one who first witnessed it.

I went straight to the door and my driver quickly opened the car door for


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