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Mine and her story to know

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Mía is a girl who has suffered a lot in her life and to feel good she expresses how she really feels with writing, she completely vents herself, she says how she really feels Think about how you would like people to listen to you or your family Mia was very quiet, she wanted attention from her family but she didn't have it and she felt bad. Drowned sad depressed because I didn't know how to get out of it And I find a way to vent and it was writing history and there is plasmo everything how it felt

Chapter 1

-Mia was a girl of only 1 year old, she is a very cute, very kind and helpful girl who has gone from torment to torment and here we come to tell you her story. She is the daughter of very conflicting parents who fought a lot around her. At a young age of only 1 years old, her parents separated and she was left in the middle of the chaos between her father and mother, everything changed for her since she lived in tears because her parents left her, she became depressed and there was no one to help her. she will get out of there was what she thought since her parents never listened to her or saw how their youngest daughter felt since they had another slightly older daughter she always sat at the window to wait for her father to return in a sea of tears. Since his dad said when he left I'll come to go buy someOne beautiful morning in April, in a small side street in the elegant Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, I came across the 100% perfect girl.

To tell the truth, she wasn't that pretty. She didn't stand out in any way. Her clothes were nothing special. On the nape of her neck, her hair had the marks of having just woken up. She wasn't young either, she must have been around thirty, not even close to what she commonly considers a girl. Still, at fifteen meters I know that she is the 100% perfect girl for me.

From the moment I saw her something rumbled in my chest and my mouth was dry as a desert. Maybe you have your own favorite type of girl: say, skinny ankles, or big eyes, or dainty fingers, or for no good reason you're crazy about girls who take their time finishing their snack. I have my own preferences, of course. sometimes

movies and since mine was so little I didn't know what was happening and she always waited for him at the window every day to see him arrive but it never happened when he called her mine he told her when he would return when he would be with her and mom again but he She didn't answer and hung up or filled her with lies that one day he was going to look for her to go out to eat ice cream or to buy her clothes. she spent her birthday important dates achievements in her school but he did not care but if Her mother was always with her at all times, always playing the role of father and mother at the same time until Mia grew up and suddenly it was her graduation from primary school and high school and her father arrived, she was happy but not as her father had thought. that he would wear why she was already tired of his lies that he left her without any explanation that because of him she always felt bad thinking that because of her he had left home and many other things. That day when the celebration ended, the father left again without any explanation but she already understood that it was not her fault that her father had left but mine still does not forgive him in case his heart was seriously hurt by his trust in her He was her protector who would always be there but it was not like that, he was never there for her, always hoping that he would return or remember one of her birthdays but it was not like that but she was always with her mother who took her forward without any problem and she always had her great grandfather who was her paternal part for her that everything she asked for

from her father and he never gave it to her, he gave it to her, yes, grandfather and much more was always there to support her, take care of her and give her the love that she lacked in all that time, for her he was always more than her grandfather, if not a father, a friend in whom trusting time she grew and grew and at 15 years old her father promised her heaven and earth for her very special date but as expected the special and long-awaited day arrived Her father never called her on her day she did not remember For her it was the worst day of her life because she already had the illusion of having her 15-year-old party like any girl she in her room crying and sad knocks on the door and she says she doesn't want to see anyone, let her alone that is not for anyone is that moment. what she did not imagine was that when she finally decides to leave her room since they had insisted a lot for her to come out when she comes out see the best surprise for her was her grandfather with a cake and some balloons her eyes full of tears she hugged her grandpa and said thank you, the best surprise they have given me today you are the best in the world at least you did remember my birthday and she spent her birthday happy and happy thanks to her grandfather and family who they gave him gifts cake and more.

Three days later, her father called, she answers and asks who it is, since she did not have a phone and was calling her grandparents' phone and he answers it is your dad, to which she answers but my dad is in the room that he was referring to his grandfather then he said daughter I am your father and she tells him a father does not forget his daughter's birthday a father does not forget his children's graduations a father does not move away because he has another family why your only daughters, we are my sister and I apart from the fact that you left me little, you don't care how many times I need you where you were you have no excuse many times I called you many times I waited for you and you were never there for me but for your other family who are not even your children if you had the perfect time for them I did not ask you to be born I did not ask you to make me do not come to cover the sun with a finger because it is not the same now I understand all those who were there for me were my mother and my grandparents why not even even your family loves me since according to I am the daughter of another man and I am the copy of yours so I do not look after you forgot about me to fix things overnight why isn't it like that one has a heart and you hurt mine I'm sorry. and hung up the phone mine suffered a lot and here you can see his life

Chapter 2

As Mía grew, she understood many things and since she was all mine, she grew with a very strong character, she does not show her feelings or tell anyone how she feels, she keeps everything to herself, but she does not say anything to others, only to those who tell her. She told her things it was her grandfather who was the person she trusted most why she didn't even tell her mother how she felt, everything was her grandfather who had taken it upon herself to grow up with her, to teach her the good and bad things to be in her worst and best moments There was always the best grandfather in the world, who for her was her life, her everything, always, every Wednesday, he took her along with her cousin, who were very similar, the only difference was their ages, with her cousin, every Wednesday morning they left together. to his grandfather for the market and there was never a lack of empanada plus a juice later a girl gave her bread everything was great for her two being with him fo


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