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Married to the Mad Billionaire: Cupid's mismatch

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kimzee
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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In the gripping tale of "Married to the Mad Billionaire," Nadia finds herself entangled in a tumultuous marriage to the eccentric and troubled Caspian. As she struggles with caring for her mentally ill husband amidst adversity from his cruel stepmother, Anabelle, their journey takes a dangerous turn when their lives are threatened. Separated and facing insurmountable challenges, Nadia's resilience is tested as she navigates a world of betrayal and heartbreak. With unexpected twists and untold secrets, this compelling story delves into the depths of love, sacrifice, and the enduring bond that transcends all obstacles. Dive into a riveting tale of love, loss, and resilience that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the breathtaking conclusion.

Chapter 1

As she ventured into the entrance of the house, her melodious voice resonated through the air, captivating anyone within earshot with its enchanting timbre and lyrical quality. 

It was as though her voice carried a magical allure, drawing attention and curiosity towards her every movement. With a sense of confidence and determination, she navigated her way towards the back door, displaying a remarkable level of familiarity with the layout and design of the house, as if she had memorized every nook and cranny with precision and detail. 

The radiant hue of her yellow dress shimmered under the sun's rays, emitting a dazzling and almost ethereal glow that illuminated her presence and captured the gaze of any onlooker who happened to catch a glimpse of her passing by.

The woman, exuding an aura of agility and grace that is noticeable even from a distance, may give off the impression of being a mature fifty-year-old individual, yet in reality, she falls within the age range of thirty-eight to forty years. 

Despite the somewhat unkempt appearance that adds a certain charm to her overall demeanor, she continues to be regarded as a paragon of elegance among the inhabitants of the quaint little town.

At the entrance, where the walls echoed with silence, devoid of any presence of a living being, she found herself standing alone, her voice reverberating in the emptiness.

"Is there no one at home?" she pondered aloud, a tinge of concern coloring her words as she searched for any signs of life. 

Not content with the stillness surrounding her, she decided to raise her voice, calling out once more with a sense of urgency, each syllable vibrating through the air towards the kitchen entrance. 

With a forceful push, she banged on the door, the sound resonating through the hallway, announcing her presence in a dramatic fashion, as if aiming to capture the attention of the entire world outside. 

As the echoes of her actions faded away, a response finally reached her ears: a soft and gentle voice uttering the words, "Welcome, ma'am," a stark contrast to the loud noises that had just filled the space. 

Startled by the unexpected greeting, she turned around to face the source of the sound, her curiosity piqued by the mysterious figure standing behind her, their slim frame barely visible in the dim light.

The melodious yet eerie sound emanating from the depths of the darkness immediately triggered a strong physical reaction in her, causing her entire being to jolt with sudden intensity as she swiftly pivoted on her heels, her heart pounding with a mixture of fear and curiosity. 

However, upon laying eyes on the enigmatic figure from whom the captivating voice originated, a myriad of conflicting emotions washed over her delicate features, contorting her expression into a subtle display of disapproval and unease, almost as if she were concealing a deeper layer of apprehension beneath the facade of her furrowed brow.

"Natasha, the benevolent mistress of this abode, has generously bestowed upon you an abundance of freedom within these walls, where you have luxuriated in the liberty granted to you. Despite such gracious allowance, upon my entrance into the premises, instead of acknowledging my presence, you opt to remain silent, displaying a remarkable level of audacity and insolence that is truly astounding." The woman, with a tone of reprimand in her voice, could not fathom the sheer nerve and gall you possess in demonstrating such disregard for common courtesy and respect. 

The young lady, feeling overwhelmed by the scolding, found herself rendered speechless, unable to offer any explanation or response, and thus meekly lowered her head in a gesture of submission and contrition.

"Actually, what the hell were you doing that made you ignore me, or was it on purpose? I know you could do that." The woman inquired, filled with curiosity, pondering deeply about the activities that may have captured the attention of the person addressed, leading to their unintentional neglect towards her, or perhaps it was a deliberate act, a choice made consciously with the knowledge that such actions could cause a sense of abandonment. 

The woman expressed her thoughts and sought clarification, acknowledging the capabilities of the individual in question and recognizing the potential to exhibit such behavior. 

"I'm really sorry, Aunt Julianna. I was suffering from a splitting headache, and I was taking a nap."

With a sincere tone and apologetic demeanor, the poor individual extended her regrets, explaining the reason behind her lack of response and interaction. 

She delved into detail, describing the physical discomfort she experienced in the form of a severe splitting headache, a condition that incapacitated her and necessitated rest in the form of a brief slumber. 

"Say what now? So you even take naps in bright daylight time, gosh! Natasha has really been lenient lately." 

Upon hearing the explanation provided, the woman reacted with surprise and disbelief, questioning the choice to indulge in a nap during the daytime, particularly when the sun was shining brightly, illuminating the surroundings with its golden rays. 

She expressed astonishment at the notion of embracing sleep during such radiant hours, juxtaposing the act with societal norms and expectations. 

In her exclamation, the woman referenced Natasha once again, indicating a comparison in behavior and highlighting perceived differences in leniency, hinting at varying levels of tolerance and understanding.

The way in which she fervently expressed herself led observers to believe that she wielded the authority and grace of a true matriarch, presiding over the household with an air of dominance and control, exuding an aura of unquestionable power and influence. 

As the cacophony of clattering pots and pans reverberated through the walls, disrupting the tranquility of the afternoon, Natasha was gently nudged awake from her peaceful slumber, emerging from the confines of her chambers with a languid and somewhat disheveled appearance, letting out a deep, drawn-out yawn reminiscent of someone who lacked proper upbringing and refinement.

"What in the world is unfolding in this peculiar environment? What is the reason behind all this uproar?" She exclaimed loudly, her voice echoing through the room with a sense of urgency and confusion. 

It appeared quite evident that the individuals residing in this residence lack the skill or awareness to engage in hushed conversations or maintain a peaceful atmosphere. 

Prior to the second woman having the opportunity to provide a reply or explanation, Natasha's sharp senses and keen observation had already detected her presence, causing her lips to part with a growing sense of excitement and curiosity, eagerly awaiting the forthcoming interaction.

Chapter 2

"Oh, my beloved friend, how delightful it is to see your familiar face once again after such an extended period of separation," she expressed with genuine joy as she parted her lips widely, revealing the effect of significant smoking on her now discolored and worn teeth. 

With a gentle yet firm grasp, he ushered her companions into the cozy living space, while the delicate and apprehensive young lady was left standing alone, consumed by a wave of fear. 

"The passage of time has been considerable since we last crossed paths, my dear friend. Pray, do tell me about your recent sojourn to the bustling city," she inquired with a tone of genuine curiosity and interest. 

"My urban adventure was indeed a pleasant one, filled with captivating experiences that brought me immense delight and contentment," responded Julianna as she elegantly settled herself onto the slightly worn-out cushions of one of the sofas in the room.

Upon close inspection, it appeared that all of


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