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Married to the cold man

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Rinna
  • Chapters: 53
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 12


WARNING : R(18+) Twenty five years old Alexa Martinez was forced by her mother to marry a man who is many years older than her. Without any option, she decided to marry him. At first life was good but as soon as she gave birth, everything changed. The man started to disrespect her in front of the kids and also cheat. Humble and naive, she tried her level best to bear up with his humiliation but her life changed the moment her best friend Bella dragged her in the club. In the club she met a devilishly handsome stranger whom she had a one night stand with. However after this one night stand she instead got "Obsessed with cheating" . MARK WATSON is aggressive and rude. He abused Alexa a lot and things got worse when she gave birth . He began to cheat and disrespect her in front of the kids but then he regretted it later when he realized it that Alexa had finally got a man who is young and richer than him . EXTRACT : " I can't stay in this bar, am married with three kids " , l reprimanded myself as I tried to think of something that I could do to stay the hell away from this temptation. " Let me get out of this club right now , this isn't right " , With my mind warning me , l instantly picked up my half filled up glass and jumped off the velvet leathered stool . " Here is the money ", l countered to the bartender then I turned on my heels to leave . However as I was about to walk away , out of the sudden the stranger halted up my movements by holding up my hand . " Don't go stay , do you mind if we have a drink together " , " l'm sorry that isn't going to happen , this isn't me , l don't do this , l never do this " , l murmured quickly with my heart beating harder. This was all honestly new to me and having his grip on my hand was making me to think the worst .

Alexa and her mother


'' I need a little money Alexa , don't go with out giving it to me '', Just as l was making my way downstairs to the kitchen , a deep morning raspy voice stopped me short in mid motion . Hearing the voice , l instantly knew it that it was no one else but my mother Sarah Martinez.

'' Again money ? Mother this isn't.....'',. '' Your husband got paid last night, didn't he ? , Then the 10usd will be enough for me '', She didn't allow me to finish up the sentence. "You right he was paid last night but that doesn't mean that money has to be wasted " ,l retorted while turning to look at her .

'' I don't care with whatever you saying , l just need money to get my hair tinted so that l go look for a job but before that I have to look young and beautiful '', She replied while running her fingers through her short red brown hair. Hearing her say that , l just shook my head in disbelief. My mother was seriously unbelievable .

'' Are you going to give me the 50usd or ?'', When l didn't respond sooner, She sneered out again with anger in her eyes. '' Alright mother am going to give it to you '', l responded quickly with a sad smile on my face . I knew my mom well , she was a liar . She wanted the 10usd to go and buy marijuana or wine instead of tinting her hair. Despite knowing that , l still had nothing to do about it , she was not only my mother but she had barely had a job in the five months , she was jobless but still she always needed money to buy marijuana and expensive bottles of wine.

'' Honestly mother am gonna give you 45 usd only , go to the nearby Maggie beauty College , it the most cheapest in the all town '', l humbly tried to explain everything to her. '' What the actual hell are you talking about ? and how many times do I need to tell you to stop calling me''mother'' , my name is Sarah Martinez'', She spoke out in a raised up voice.

'' Every one in the town , bar and hotel keep telling me how am too young to have an old twenty five years woman all because of you , Ignoring the fact that you have three children , why do you keep calling me mother and yet you know that Sarah Martinez is my name '', Before l could respond to her , She continued. '' But Sarah.....'', Feeling a bit awkward, l began but then stopped in mid sentence . '' I know you find it difficult to call me by my name but l gave birth to you when l was still 15 years old, so give me all the 50usd because l would have aborted you , you owe me , don't you hun? '', She spoke out with a fake smile before she reached out and rubbed my cheek just like a loving mother.

'' You really tired me out when you were still young so hurry up and give Sarah Martinez the 50usd '', She continued while slowly pinching my cheeks. '' Am gonna give it you don't worry Ms Sarah Martinez '', l finally nodded my head in agreement. I knew my mother very well , every time she is in need of buying marijuana and expensive bottles of wine, she brings the issues of abortion and l end up helpless.

'' Alright Sarah Martinez, here is the money '', Helpless l reached out and got a fifty - dollar tip from my purse. '' Okay but l want you to show me how pretty tommorow you look after having your hair tinted '', l continued as l handed the money to her. '' Do you also Alexa think that am so young and pretty '', At that She beamed while staring at her reflection in the huge mirror.

'' Even if you don't reply to me Alexa , l know it that am more beautiful than you and you lucky , in fact thank God that you got my hair , every one says that it's unsual that's why l have to keep it looking good '', When l refused to respond , She murmured more to herself. Hearing her say that I still shook my head in disbelief. Right we both had different colored hair , some thing like brown, red , gray , it was seriously undescribable and that's why people always told us that they liked our hair the thing that made Sarah Martinez to feel like she was the most beautiful woman on the earth .

" Sarah it's ..... " , It's morning grandma and mummy " ,l stopped in mid sentence when I heard the excited voice of my little son Ivan . " Dammit ! Grandmother again " , Sarah instantly cursed out as she stared at Ivan . Ignoring her , I smiled sweetly at my little boy before lifting him up in my arms .

" Don't risk calling me grandmother , l hope you all know that am Sarah Martinez " ,Just as Jessica and Chrissy were making their way downstairs , she again blurted out . " Good morning Sarah and mummy " , Jessica my old girl greeted while making her way to me . They were my lovely daughters with a difference of three years .

Jessica was the oldest but still she was thinner than Chrissy . I wasn't like my mother Sarah , who regretted giving birth to me . I loved my three children and I didn't want to think about a life without them . " Ready to go my lovely daughters " , l smiled at them . I had brought them to Sarah their grandma for a weekend and since it was Monday , l had to take them back at school .

He isn't the same

" Is dad coming for us ? " , Chrissy asked . " Yeah he is coming " , l replied to her . " Sarah , we will come back ..... " , . " Hurry up , don't waste my time " , Just as I was talking to my mother , Mark my husband ruthlessly out of the blue arrived . " Good morning " , With a smile , l murmured but it instantly dropped from my face when I turned to look at him .

He was angry and glared at me as if l had just done something wrong . I didn't do anything wrong , l only had a night at my mother's place but then here he was looking at me with anger blazing in his eyes . He shamelessly didn't even greet my mom but still I had nothing to do . " What is wrong , has something bad happened ? " , I asked with worry all over my face . " Don't be stupid , l have already told you that don't waste my time ". He roared out angrily and at that my mouth fall open in disbelief .



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