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Married My Teacher

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nur
  • Chapters: 154
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


Raina, a student who is experiencing the beautiful days of adolescence, finds herself caught in the web of an unexpected match. Her parents, with a sudden decision, decided to match her with Kevin, the son of her late father's best friend. What surprised her was that Kevin, who incidentally was her future husband, was also a teacher who taught at her school.

Chapter 1

That day, the sun greeted him enthusiastically behind the window curtains in Raina's room. However, his spirit was not as cheerful as usual. His mother gently woke him up, but he was still reluctant to get up. It felt like today was too tiring, plus math lessons always made him dizzy.

"Raina, come on, get up," mom woke her up gently.

"Hmm... Later, I'm still sleepy," complained Raina as she pulled the blanket over her head.

"You'll be late, Raina. I'll take it to your father later," threatened mother.

"Oh, don't worry, mom. Then all my assets will be revoked, mom. Don't be afraid," said Raina with a sad face.

"Therefore, hurry up and get ready. If not, I will tell papa that all your assets will be revoked and you will become poor," teased mom while laughing.

"Ugh, mom is so cruel. She's talking about poor children. Yes, I'll take a shower first," said Raina as she got out of bed and went to the bathroom, while mom left her room.

After wearing her school uniform, Raina went downstairs to have breakfast with her family.

"Good morning everyone!" he greeted as he sat on the chair in front of his brother.

"Uhh, you're so noisy so early in the morning you're already noisy," sneered Dani, his 23 year old brother. Quite old, huh, made Raina laugh.

“What the hell, bro? "It's my mouth to talk," he protested.

"Oh, it's too noisy this morning," commented Dad.

"After all, he was the one who started it, it was already noisy early in the morning," said Raina.

"Your mouth is too talkative," answered Dani.

"You guys are giving papa a headache, don't you know? papa is having a headache thinking about our company going bankrupt," papa tried to tell them.

“Huh, broke? What's wrong with your company, dad?" Raina asked in surprise as she gulped the milk almost down.

"The company ran out of money to pay off its debts at the bank," explained Dad.

"Then what do we do, dad?" Dani asked.

"There is a way, but does Raina want to help papa's company?" asked papa.

"What should I do, dad?" Raina asked.

“You have to marry papa's best friend's son. "That's the only way that can help pay off debts at the office," said Dad.

"Huh, married?" Raina was shocked and almost choked again on her milk.

"Yes, that's the only way," explained papa.

"Why don't you get married, Dad?" Raina was confused.

"He only has a son, Rai. Would you like to marry your brother to him?" Dad explained.

"Just leave it be, dad. My brother has an arranged marriage with my father's best friend's son," said Raina, laughing.

"It's you, you! You don't speak clearly," growled Dani.

"Rai, papa asks for your help just this once to help papa's company," papa begged with a sad face.

"But I'm still at school, dad. What about my school?" Raina asked.

"You can still go to school. Papa doesn't feel well, they always help Papa, this is all thanks to them," explained Papa.

"Okay, I'll think about it first, Dad," said Raina.

"Hopefully your decision will agree to help papa," papa hoped.

"I've finished breakfast, I'll go first, mah, pah," Raina said goodbye.

"Okay, be careful, Rai," then he kissed the hands of his mother, father and brother.

Then, Raina went to school by bus as usual. When he arrived at school, he got off and paid. While walking in the corridor, he accidentally bumped into a man. Apparently, he was handsome, white, sharp, and taller than Raina. However, his expression looked indifferent.

"You have to be more careful," Raina scolded as she got up from the fall.

"You should have eyes, you know?" he said expressionlessly.

"That's fine, if you're walking, take a look around," shouted Raina.

"You dare with me?" he asked.

"Our business isn't finished yet," he whispered in Raina's ear before leaving her.

"Just be careful if you meet again!" Raina said to herself, a little anxious.

In class, there was a lively atmosphere as soon as I entered. It was as if everyone was already busy gossiping before the bell rang. Curious, I immediately approached the flower, which was said to be the number one gossip in the class.

"Eh, do you know what everyone is talking about?" I asked while pointing to the empty chair near my table, where the flowers sat.

"They said Mrs. Dirna was resigning, so there's a new teacher who will replace her," Bunga answered as she put her bag on my desk.

"Is the new teacher a girl or a guy?" I asked curiously.

"Boy, he says he's handsome. He's still young too, you know! He's just graduated from college, he's 22 years old. I want to have a husband like him!" Bunga exclaimed while daydreaming.

"I can't believe it, really!" I mocked you.

"What the heck, can't you just fantasize?" flower protested.

"I'm just daydreaming!"

"Dreaming is more beautiful than reality," he said.

Suddenly David entered the class, making a lot of noise, "Wow, come in! There's already a new teacher! He'll be coming in in a minute!"

"Calm down, don't shout! You've told me that, right," said Azri.

"Yes, just relax. No need to get angry, never mind. The teacher is about to come in too," said David as he sat down in his chair.

"You guys are already fighting! The teacher is about to come in!" added Gilang.

Finally, the new teacher entered the class carrying a book. He immediately put his book on the table, then stood in front of the class.

"Good morning, children," said the teacher as he put his book on the table. Then, he stood in front of the student table.

"Good morning sir!" answer all students simultaneously.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin Alvaro Adinata. I am Mrs. Dirna's substitute teacher and am now your homeroom teacher. Is there anything you want to ask?" Kevin asked.

"I am, sir!" Adila pointed out.

"Does anyone want to ask?" Kevin asked.

"How old are you?" Adila asked, earning cheers from the children.

"Okay, okay, don't be loud. I'm 22 years old. I just graduated from college yesterday," explained Kevin.

"Sir, I want to ask," pointed out Keisha.

"Does anyone want to ask?" Kevin asked.

"Do you have a wife yet, sir?" Keisha asked.

The children's cheers were heard again.

Chapter 2

In the midst of a noisy classroom atmosphere, Kevin, who had just become Mrs. Dirna's substitute teacher, started to take student absences. After several names were called, it was Raina's turn to be absent. Apparently, Kevin immediately remembered her as the girl who hit him before.

"Oh, aren't you the girl who hit me earlier?" Kevin asked while standing in the middle of the student tables.

"Y-y-yes, sir," answered Raina nervously.

Kevin then gave a subtle sarcasm to the students, reminding them to always apologize even if there were mistakes on both sides.

"What the hell, people are just teasing me," Raina muttered irritably.

Then, the lesson begins by writing ten questions from the textbook. When the break bell rang, Kevin asked for the completed assignments to be collected in his room.

"Those who have finished their assignments, collect them from the cla


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