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Magic - Industrial Revolution

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Magic - Industrial Revolution. is a fantastical novel that chronicles the journey of the protagonist, Shilu (Carian), as he traverses into a magical world. Here, he combines magic and technology, employing modern scientific concepts to create a “logical” magical array. Through this, he fabricates inventions such as refrigerators, firearms, and mechs, thus inciting an industrial revolution in the realm of magic. The novel, from Carian’s perspective, showcases a fantastical world where magic and technology harmoniously coexist, and depicts how the protagonist adapts and grows within this new environment, ultimately influencing the entire world.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: This *ssh*l* bead must have a hearing problem

    The rooftop of a three-story stone building.

    A young man with slightly curly gray hair and a hard face.

    He sat on a wooden chair on the rooftop, examining the glass beads in his hand and muttering to himself:

    "Wicked, what the hell is this thing for. "

    The young man, whose real name is Shi Lu, woke up a week ago in this so-called Enchanted Continent.

    In the beginning, he thought he could be gifted, cultivate rapidly, become a great magician, marry a rich girl, and go to the peak of his life in this world of magic!

    It was a little exciting to think about at the time.

    However, he soon realized that he had been naïve beyond belief.

    Now his name is Carrion, twenty years old, junior teacher at the Palos School of Magic.

    He said that he was a magic teacher, but he didn't know magic at all, and the main reason why he could serve as a teacher was because he had a rich knowledge of magic theory, which was suitable for teaching some introductory magic apprentices.

    A week ago, the original Kareen fell ill from the immense stress he was under.

    When he woke up again, it was Shi Lu who had taken control of this body.

    But the two consciousnesses blended with each other, and ShiLu accepted Karien as he was.

    Crossing over was such an unbelievable thing to do, but it had been a week and he was getting used to being Carrion.

    Only what depressed him was that without magical talent, he had no hope of becoming a powerful Magician.

    How is that going to make him reign supreme in this world of magic?

    It's hard to mine for industry, isn't it?

    Another point that had always concerned Carrion was this glass bead he now held in his hand.

    Before crossing over to the Enchanted Continent, he had found the bead in the warehouse of the house he had newly moved into.

    It was then that he refracted the sunlight against the window and then passed out from the dazzling white light.

    After waking up, it's Carrion.

    And the bead, it's still in his possession.

    So he suspected that it was the bead that caused him to cross over.

    Intuition told Carline that the bead was the legendary Crossing Gold Finger.

    But the problem was, he'd been mulling it over for a whole week and hadn't realized what it could actually do.

    Just as he was fretting, a dull, raspy voice came from outside the courtyard.


    Poking his head out, Karien saw an old man in black magical robes standing outside the patio doors.

    He instantly recognized that it was Alison, the teaching elder of Palos Magic School.

    Taking a quick step down the stairs, Carline straightened his somewhat disheveled gray curls as he walked down the stairs.

    Soon he reached the first floor and opened the door to the dilapidated courtyard.

    "Elder Allison, please come in, please come in." Carrion reached out to invite the way.

    Alison, who had a staff in her hand, shook her head:

    "I won't go in, how have you thought about what I told you last time?"

    At the words Karien suddenly showed a look of sadness:

    "Oh my dear Elder Allison, please forgive me for taking the liberty of answering, this whole business of closing Red Leaf Academy is so overwhelming, it's worse than Grandma Susan's pie next door."

    "Speak human!"

    The wrinkles on Allison's face squeezed out a look of disgust, thinking where did the boy learn to speak in such a pompous manner.

    And who is Grandma Susan?

    "No way!" Carrion turned as if he had changed his face and firmly said, "I won't let you guys shut down Red Leaf Academy even if it kills me."

    Red Leaf Academy belonged to the subordinate branch of Palos Magic School, but in recent years, the talent had withered and the number of students had dwindled.

    To top it all off, more than three months ago, the president of Red Leaf Academy disappeared while out on a high-risk mission.

    The school's top brass were basically sure that he was dead, and decided to close Red Leaf Academy and move the faculty and students to other academies.

    But the original Kareen didn't agree ah, he grew up in the Red Leaf Academy, once the academy was closed, he was the same as losing his home.

    It was also because of this incident that the original Karien was overwhelmed and fell ill in the past, and was eventually replaced by Ishiru, who had crossed over.

    "Stop being obsessive!" Allison glared, huffing a bit:

    "The other three teachers at Red Leaf Academy have already moved on, and now you're the only junior teacher left, what else can you teach?

    "This estate is not your private domain, it's a resource for the school.

    "There is no way the university is going to waste such a large land resource on a hopeless college."

    Although the one standing here now was no longer the original Kareen, but the Shi Lu who had crossed over, he had blended the original owner's consciousness, so he also had feelings for the Red Leaf Academy, and wouldn't allow the academy to close down just like that.

    Stiffly, Carline replied:

    "Elder Allison, this is a bit unreasonable. Our dean is only missing, you can't just destroy his heart and soul that has been in business for years so hastily!"

    "There it is again!" Elder Allison was displeased:

    "How many times do I have to tell you before you realize that Fiennes is on a highly dangerous mission, and the chances of surviving a disappearance during the course of a mission are virtually nil."

    Fiennes is the president of Red Leaf College.

    "And so what if Fiennes is still alive, Redleaf Academy was already on the verge of collapse.

    "Don't forget that the school has a rule that once the subordinate colleges are at the bottom of the comprehensive graduation assessment for five consecutive times, they will be judged as having no prospects for development and face closure and reorganization.

    "And you, Red Leaf Academy, have had dismal results for four years!"

    With that said, Carline refused to compromise, but replied instead:

    "Well, don't we have another chance to close it, and not now!"


    Allyson hated the thought of hitting Carrion hard in the head with his staff, and grew angrier by the minute:

    "What's the point of you dragging this out any longer? Do you think that with you, a junior teacher, and the remaining students of Red Leaf Academy, you'll be able to achieve any good results on the graduation test? Stop being delusional!"

    Taking a deep breath, Provost Elder Allison then added:

    "Of the remaining students in your academy right now, that child Mia is the only one who still has some talent, so take advantage of the fact that there are still three months left in the graduation test to shut down Red Leaf Academy and have Mia transferred to another academy.

    "This way she will at least be able to obtain better resources during the last three months and have a better chance of passing the graduation test."

    "This ......"

    Speaking of which, Carline faltered a bit.

    Mia was a student of Red Leaf Academy, and in terms of talent, she could be considered at the upper level in any other academy.

    But Red Leaf Academy lacked the resources to allow her to be effectively promoted. If Mia could transfer to another school, she would indeed have a greater hope of passing the examination.

    "I'm not going anywhere!" A clear gulp came from inside the courtyard.

    Only to see a blonde girl whose clothes were drenched in sweat standing not far away, her eyes with lake-blue pupils were very determined, stubbornly saying, "I'll stay at Red Leaf Academy, I won't go anywhere else!"

    This young girl in her early fifteen's was Mia, who had just gone for a morning run inside the academy and had already heard the content of Allison and Carline's conversation.

    At those words Karien fell silent, he naturally understood Mia's thoughts.

    Most of the students who are still willing to stay in Red Leaf Academy are actually orphans adopted by the old dean, and all of them consider this place as their home.

    Now that the old dean has disappeared, how can Mia possibly take it when she's asked to abandon her precarious extended family and run off to another academy on her own.

    Provost Alison, however, thought otherwise, and he poked the ground hard with the bottom of his staff and glared at Mia:

    "Do you know what you're saying? You're already 15 years old this year, if you fail the test again, you won't have a chance to become a full-fledged Magical Instructor!"

    "I'm just as capable of passing the examination at Red Leaf Academy!"

    Throwing that down, Mia stepped away to continue her morning run.

    "Stop right there!" Allison shouted angrily at Mia's back.

    Fearing that he was getting too worked up, Carline held him back and said:

    "Elder, let's take it easy, I'll do the thinking for Mia."

    Turning his head, Allison blew out his beard:

    "What's the point of doing any more thinking, Mia obviously just can't let go of Red Leaf Academy.

    "The only way to shut this place down and discourage her is for her to honestly transfer to another academy.

    "O Kareen, do not hesitate to delay Mia!"

    With a head as big as a cow, Carrion could only nod his head in understanding and said, "I know, I know, let me think about it again ......"

    However his reply only made Allison angrier, and the words of reprimand became harsher and harsher.

    It was reasonable to say that Red Leaf Academy had already existed in name only, and it wasn't difficult for the school's senior management to take it back.

    However, the various branches within the Palos Magic School were originally built by the various deans themselves dedicating their fiefdoms to build the academy.

    And it provides for the autonomy of each college.

    In the absence of the dean, the highest-ranking faculty member makes the call.

    So as long as Carline, the only teacher, hadn't abandoned Redleaf Academy, it wasn't closing down.

    After a full twenty minutes of reprimand, Allison could only leave in disappointment when he saw that Carline still hadn't given him a definitive answer.

    But before he left he took a small piece of magic crystal and gave it to Karien to give to Mia.

    Looking at Alison's departing back, Carline let out a heavy sigh.

    It's just too hard to deal with such a big mess.

    Looking down at the magic crystal in his hand, Carline knew that Elder Allison didn't have to put Red Leaf Academy to death, but rather it was for Mia's good.

    This girl obviously possessed very good magical talent, if she were in any other academy, she would probably have already obtained the official magical instructor qualification and gotten the opportunity to advance upwards.

    But here at Red Leaf Academy, there were no teachers, no drug resources, and no good equipment.

    This caused Mia to fail three consecutive tests.

    If she doesn't pass this year, she won't be eligible for the test if she's over the qualifying age.

    That's why Kareen was worried, in a dilemma, completely at a loss as to what to choose.

    Falling back and closing the door to the courtyard behind him, Karien put the mimicry crystal in his pocket.

    But just as he put it in, he suddenly felt the hot temperature radiating from the inside of his pocket.

    He hurriedly took out everything inside his pockets in a row, only to find that the glass beads that caused him to cross over were actually absorbing the magic elements inside the magic crystal.

    In a few seconds, the magic crystal turned from cyan to gray.

    Ahhhhh no way, this was given to Mia by Elder Allison, how the hell did you absorb it!

    Just as Carline was panicking, an icy voice sounded directly in his head:

    [Please set the coordinates]

    The voice was not the language of the Enchanted Continent, but the Chinese language that Carline was familiar with.


    Somewhat grasping at straws, Carline subconsciously inquired, "What coordinates?"

    No response was received.

    "Oddly enough, what coordinates are you making clear, it's a mess."

    The voice in his head sounded again just as Carline's voice trailed off.

    [Coordinates entered: 67, 89]

    [Transmission begins]

    This straight up confused Carline, where did you get 67 and 89?

    Good lord, you don't hear 'messed up' as 67,89 directly, do you?

    This recognition ......

    I don't have a f*ck*ng accent!

    You *ssh*l* beads must have a hearing problem !!!!

    Before Carline could finish spitting, he suddenly felt a ripping sensation in his body, and in the next second, he disappeared from the courtyard.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Panicked

    Magic Mist Forest.

    Two figures weaved between the tall trees.

    One fleeing, one chasing.

    "Horus, you won't get away with this!"

    As a fiery ball of fire exploded, one of the figures crashed to the ground like a kite with broken strings.

    It was a skinny youth wearing a dark gray bundled battle robe with multiple injuries on his body.

    At the moment he was leaning against a tall tree, a scroll of parchment in his hand, staring dead at the enemy floating in mid-air.

    It was a short middle-aged man in a black robe with eyes as thin as slits.

    He stretched out his hands, suffusing them with a complex string of incantations, and mist surged around his body, followed by a complex magic formation structured directly in front of him.

    The skinny young man named Horus lo


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