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Lustful Nights

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Lewis Montefalco's fate seems to be playing with her. She felt that nothing was right happening to her, especially when she found out that the rest of her property from her late parents was being confiscated. And because she would not allow that to be lost, she did everything to find a lawyer to help her. But fate is really happy to play with her because she found out that her ex-boyfriend will handle her case and offer to be free. "Be mine again and fulfill my lustful nights. I want your body. I want your service in exchange for my service. That's what I want!" And that's when Lewis' life will be messed up again. Will she agree to her ex-boyfriend's offer? Will she be able to uncover the secrets she has buried for a long time to love Attorney Flynn Veneracion?

Chapter 1

At Flynn's office, his secretary, Jane, is now perched on his lap. Her white blouse's first three buttons had come undone, exposing her cleavage and some skin.

"Ohhh. Attorney Flynn, f*ck me even harder! Ugh! F*ck me!" she almost pleaded as she pressed her hips against his long, firm crotch. Flynn is biting his lip and holding her breast in his hands. "This is so good. Can I kiss you? Please let me kiss you!"

"You can't. Just f*ck me, or I'll f*ck*ng stop this." He grabbed her neck with his right hand and dug his crotch deeper, causing her secretary to scream more ferociously.

"F*CK! That's so long and deep. More, please. More!" Jane moaned, pleading.

"Sweetie, please lower your voice so no one can hear us."

"Okay. Okay! I'll do everything; don't stop, attorney."

After a moment of their hot time, Flynn's phone alarmed—it was time for his court hearing.

"We have to make this faster; I have a hearing to attend," he said.

"Yes, attorney."

Flynn thrusts as quickly as he can, causing Jane to scream silently.

"Ahh! Ahh!" Jane moaned in pleasure.

"F*ck! I'm c*mm*ng! Get down on your knees," he commanded.

Jane bowed down in front of Flynn's enormous erect. He moved his shaft closer to Jane's lips and rubbed it more before a white liquid burst out. They both gasp in the air.

"Good girl. Better fix yourself; I have to go now." He even gave Jane, who is currently savoring his release juice, two taps on the cheek.

After the hearing, in the main hallway. An older woman in business clothes repeatedly shakes the lawyer's hand.

"We appreciate you very much, Attorney Veneracion, and we have no regrets about selecting you to handle my son's case. It would be best if we paid a higher, better price than we agreed," she said with a full smile on her lips and shook Flynn's hand repeatedly.

The lawyer grinned that he could offer that time. The lawsuit involving the bribing of Mrs. Winston's son, who was running for vice mayor in their region, was handled by attorney Flynn Veneracion.

"You don't have to thank me, Mrs. Winston; I just did my job," I replied with no emotion. "For now, I have to go; my secretary will just call you about bills and payments," he added, and they just shook hands again for the last time; then he at once turned his head back and started to walk.

I am Flynn Veneracion, one of the country's best lawyers. It's not about bragging because I'm just telling the truth. Truth is my second name! My name is very well-known in this field, that's not surprising. They called me 'Lawyer of No-Failed-Cases'... I don't need to explain to you about that, right? Because ever since I started defending my clients inside the court, I haven't lost any of my cases. They trust me enough reason I have already built my firm, the Fly Law Firm.

Ever since that's what I have dreamed of. I want to be the boss when it comes to the firm; I also don't want other Law Firms who force their lawyers to handle a case that is against their will. I don't want to defend someone guilty of their doings because I still have principles in life. I am not a lawyer to protect the wrong people. I'm here because aside from being good at this, I want to help those people be free from false accusations. You'll never expect how smart I am when I'm inside of the court— and in bed. I'm very much single, but I still choose the women I have s*x with because I don't want to lose my license instantly when an issue occurs.

I entered my office and fell into my swiveling chair. I immediately take hold of the table-top white folder. Shortly after, the door unexpectedly opened, and even though I didn't hear any knocking, Flynn heard several rounds of applause.

"Well done! Bravo! Bravo!" Adan walked over to my desk. He's Attorney Adan Ong; he's field of being a company lawyer. If I'm correct, he's in the Legal Department at El Zey Group,  a company of my friend, Zeid. I didn't specialize in company law before, but it's okay because I'm too busy being a trial lawyer.

"Congratulations, Veneracion—you've just won another serious case for the nth time." I smiled before turning my attention back to what I was reading when he sat in front of the table. "I'm impressed with you," he said more.

"Tsk. It's not as difficult as I thought,"  I answered.

"Don't be overly humble. So? Later, let's have a party. What do you think?"

"I'll pass. I need to review my next case," I replied without even looking at Adan because my attention was on the folder I held.

"What? Do you have the following case right away? Dumb*ss, you genuinely are a workaholic. What is your next case, then?"

I was about to answer him when we were interrupted by a series of knocks on the door from outside.

"Come in!" I replied, and we both stared at the door slowly opening.

I saw Yella, the intern working as Adan's secretary, carrying a black folder. She dressed professionally, wearing a white top and a tight skirt.

"Good afternoon, Attorney Veneracion; good afternoon, Attorney Ong," she greeted us.

I just nodded in response. Yella was used to the fact that Adan was just here in mine when she didn't see him in his own office, so that could be why she was here. Yella carefully made her way to our seat.

"Someone is waiting for you at the lounge, Attorney Ong—"

"I knew it! She's here again? Right?"

I just looked back at my reading because I have nothing to do with their topic.

"Yes, Attorney Ong."

Yella gave Adan the folder she was holding, and I caught a glimpse of it in my vision.

Adan accepted it, looked at it momentarily, and then sighed. "I repeatedly informed her I'm not yet available for Pro Bono."

"She said she's willing to pay half, sir."

Adan sighed again. I understand him because sometimes nasty clients don't know when the pro-bono isn't available yet.

"She already has my word that I'll return to her case as soon as I'm free to take pro bono cases, but I still have to prioritize the fully compensated cases. I find her to be quite irritating," he ranted. “Stay away from her and return to your desk," Adan added and closed his folder.

"But, sir, she's in the waiting area right now."

"Let her, just let her wait for nothing." I don't have a comment on how he takes care of his clients because we have different methods.

Yella nodded before turning around to leave the room. We can hear the footsteps and the closing door.

"It's stressful; I'll need to drink alcohol later." I just shook my head while laughing. "That Lewis Montefalco is annoying." I even heard Adan whisper those words, which caused me to throw him a gaze quickly and frown.

Chapter 2

"What did you just say? Lewis Montefalco?" I at once asked, and he quickly glared at me. I need to clarify if what I heard is correct; it has been ages since I heard to that name.

"You knew her?" he astonishingly asked me.

So, I heard him right. I quickly closed the folder I was holding to pay attention to him.

"What's her case?" I asked directly. He handed me the folder Yella had given him earlier, which I quickly accepted.

"It's just about a land case," he answered as I looked at what was inside. "Why? Are you interested? That is just a small case, Flynn; and her defense isn't quite strong." I didn't look at him because I was busy looking at what was written on the paper.

Her file says she is the complainant.

"Her late father owed a lot of money to an elderly woman named Ms. Delantar. If I recall correctly, Ms. Montefalco objected and launched a lawsuit against Ms. Delant


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