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Lustful Nights

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Lewis Montefalco's fate seems to be playing with her. She felt that nothing was right happening to her, especially when she found out that the rest of her property from her late parents was being confiscated. And because she would not allow that to be lost, she did everything to find a lawyer to help her. But fate is really happy to play with her because she found out that her ex-boyfriend will handle her case and offer to be free. "Be mine again and fulfill my lustful nights. I want your body. I want your service in exchange for my service. That's what I want!" And that's when Lewis' life will be messed up again. Will she agree to her ex-boyfriend's offer? Will she be able to uncover the secrets she has buried for a long time to love Attorney Flynn Veneracion?


Lourika Turvey

Review after the novel completion

If you love love stories this one is for you. Life sometimes works in mysterious ways. Lewis was forced to open her heart again. Closed for 5 years but life happens. Forced to reach out for legal help to save her mother's land. Flynn dealt with his hurt by focusing all his energy into his work and flings with no attachment....but for how long can you run! Two broken people were forced to face their fears of opening their hearts again.

May 6, 2024

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