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Lust And Revenge

Lust And Revenge

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The Book “LUST AND REVENGE” is a story of a young billionaire who goes through hell because of his past. He faces series of blackmail and is forced to do terrible things to protect his reputations, along the line he falls in love with a lady, who was an ex-accomplice to his blackmailer. A story of revenge, betrayal, love and the ultimate desire to be free. It is a story of two people struggling to find themselves and love each other. Lust and Revenge is Bill and Jessica’s story of a brave yet bittersweet love affair. After everything love will always conquer!

Chapter 1


The pandemonium that had stirred up at the restaurant brought the attention of lots of people, even the passerby. But no one could ascertain what the problem was, as the arguers in question stopped speaking and looked fiercely into each other’s eyes.

“Mr. Bill, I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding.” The manager tried to appease Bill, his most loyal client but he was adamant to listen.

“How can you let some girl disrespect me that much?”

“I’m sorry sir, It will never happen again.”

“Oh please stop with the begging, like he’s some god.” The lady replied with her eyes shot.

“You see that’s the problem with you, you’re insensitive.”

“Insensitive? You’re the insensitive one here, you’re fighting over a mere seat.”

“A mere seat? well if you were really sensitive why didn't you get up? You’re just a leech.” He retorted.

"What did you just call me?” She raised her eyes but her personal guard had to take her out. She wasn’t supposed to have such a public rant with anyone. Just after she left, the crowd dispersed slowly and then Bill and his bodyguards joined.

“He called me a leech! Jessica Addison? I will deal with him.” She ordered the driver to take her home immediately.

The phone rang for a bit before someone picked up, It was Derrick.

“Hey man! You’re back already from lunch?”

“No! Some leech of a girl ruined it.”

“What! What did she do?”

“She sat at my favorite spot, you know that spot is meant for me alone, she took it. She probably knew it was Bill Luggard’s spot, that's why she sat there to get unnecessary attention.”

“Chill, you’re freaking out. We should go out later in the evening, what do you think?”

“That’s cool.”

“Calm down, don’t let some girl ruin your day.”

Jessica kept tossing around the sitting room in such a restless mood, how could she be disrespected by some guy over a mere seat, she was enraged.

She picked up her phone and dial an ‘unknown number’. The speaker picked up and they started to converse.

“You know someone tried to ruin my day today.”


“Some guy, he even called me a leech.”


“I was really upset, I couldn’t take his insults so I left.”

“You know his name? I could deal with him for you.”

“I don’t know, but I heard something like ‘Bill’.”

“Bill? I’ll send you a picture right now.” The phone beeped and she glared at the picture, it was the same guy that insulted her.

“That’s the same guy.”

“He is Bill Luggard, he has the biggest advertising firm in Los Angeles, he’s a Billionaire.

“Oh! So he’s a billionaire? He had no right to demean me like that.”

“He’ll hear from us, do you want to go out?”


“I’ll text you the location.”

The sounds from the music were loud, enough to make one go deaf, but no one was bothered. Everyone took turns in dancing with Bill, the handsome guy who wouldn’t stop spraying money on them. Two ladies were seated adjacent looking at him while he danced with the other women. Suddenly one of the beautiful women who was dressed in a sleeveless dress walked towards him, whispered something in his ears and he followed her as though he was charmed. And the other went in with Derrick.

He woke up with a throbbing headache, his eyes were blurry. He grabbed the duvet up only to find out that he was totally unclad, he only recalled partying all night so how was he unclad? His mind kept racing as he lifted his phone to check the time.

“Hell no!! It’s 8 am.” He rushed up and dialed a number, but there was no response. He took up his clothes and ran down the stairs and then he realized his car was parked outside, he hopped into the car immediately and dialed a number. He remembered he warned his bodyguards to stay at home. The phone kept on ringing, and finally, someone picked up the call.

“And what took you so long to pick?”

“I’m sorry Sir, I—”

“Enough, make breakfast right now and put it in a lunch pack.”

“Yes sir.” The call line dropped.

“Antonia! Antonia! Antonia! Put the lunch pack in the car.”

“Yes Sir.”

He stepped into the boardroom and looked closely at everyone seated at the boardroom, everyone had their faces down with so much seriousness that could only connotes an official feeling.

“Hand over your file.” He gestured his hand to the lady that shivered next to him.

“Here you go, sir.”

“What is going on here? I don’t understand what I’m seeing.”

“Sir I’ll like to explain what—”

“You better start explaining.”

“Sir, our competitors have increased by two percent, and with this, we can see that’s a big threat to us. So I came up with a brilliant idea.”

“Okay, so what’s stopping you? Spill.”

“I believe that we should focus more on our social media page and create more content so we could attract the attention of our audience.”

“Not good enough, how do you intend to focus on social media when you can’t do your job?”

“Well, I was thinking we could hire someone, a social media guru, someone who’s good with content creation so we could boost our social media, and our client will know that we remain top-notch.” She said smiling.

“I’m not going to applaud you at all, you’ve done nothing. Get the God damn Guru before you get a little accolade from me.”

“Okay sir, I’ll do my best.”

“Your best isn’t enough Sofia!”

“It’s Sophie, sir.”

“Whatever that name of yours is, do your job diligently. I mean I pay you heavily for that.”

“Sure sir, I won’t disappoint you.” He got on his feet ready to leave the boardroom when Sophie stopped him.

“Sir, you haven’t checked the report from the accounting unit yet.”

“Send it to my office immediately!”

Chapter 2


He sat with his legs crossed in his brown office chair as he pondered on what had happened the other night, he could not place his fingers around. How did he get unclad?

He took up the telephone, dialed a number, and immediately someone spoke.

“Hey Man! Are you free? I need to see you at lunch.”

“ What’s the matter, buddy? You don’t sound alright on the phone.”

“ I’m cool man, just need to see you,”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon.

Out for lunch, this was the umpteenth time Bill called Derrick but he wasn’t picking up. Few minutes later, he walked in with a really pretty lady and walked towards Bill.

“Hey man.” He offered him a handshake which lasted with suspenseful looks.

“Hey.” The pretty lady just stood with her bag almost in between her legs, her gaze remaining on the floor.

“Well, man meets the new employee, Trisha.”

“Good day sir.” She responded.

“Now you could sit somewhere else, I'd love to ha


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