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Erotic Billionaire Romance. A man who doesn't believe in love finds himself addicted to a woman after he has a one night stand with her. He has to decide if what he feels for her is love or just mere lust. Belle finds herself in a complicated sexual relationship with the famous Billionaire Ben Larkson, but she falls in love with him even after she told him she wouldn't. It's love, it happened, it can't just be controlled. Or is it? Could be just her need for his lustful self, she tries to know where she stands with him.

Chapter 1 Sex with a stranger 1

"Guys, what do think about a guy named Ben," Belle asked as she looked at the man's bio on her phone. She just newly downloaded an app named s*x mate, where she could meet a random person to hook up with.

She was new in City S and was staying with her cousin and her roommate, who just discovered she was a virgin and suggested the app for hookups.

It was Belle's choice to remain a virgin all this while, but now she didn't find it such a good choice anymore, especially since she knew her cousin wasn't.

They both used to live with their grandma who believed strongly in abstinence till marriage but Belle was older now, and she knew she didn't want to be a virgin anymore

In their small town, where she used to live alone with her grandma after her cousin left for the city, she knew many of the boys and men weren't keeping themselves so why did she have to?

"Ben what?" Brie, her cousin asked to apply lotion to her body even though she was about to go to sleep.

"Just Ben," Belle replied.

"But you did read his bio, is he the kinda man you would wanna have s*x with?" Cherry, Brie's roommate asked.

"I don't know, there isn't much on his profile."

"There isn't much on your profile either, just pick any of them and fix a date." Her cousin urged, getting into the big bed they all shared.

"And pick a date before Monday, you have to go to that media office, you applied for the internship, remember?" Cherry added.

"Alright alright, I'll pick Ben, he seems okay," Belle said tapping the green button which meant accept.

"I'm going to sleep," Brie announced yawning, while Cherry just sat there scrolling through her phone.

"How do I know he's online?" Belle asked again, referring the question to no one in particular.

"I don't know, I think there should be like a green dot or something," Cherry suggested.

"I'm not seeing it, I guess he isn't online," Belle said almost disappointedly. She was hoping she could fix a date now with him because tomorrow she still had to send an email to the media house concerning her internship.

Switching off her phone, she turned in bed trying to get a perfect sleeping position and before she slept she said good night to Cherry but then heard her phone's notification sound beep. Checking the phone, she saw that there was a notification from the S*x Mate app and it was a message from him.

It was just a waving hand emoji. She didn't know what to reply since she was not the best to start a conversation.

"Ben." She just typed.

"Belle Miller." He texted back."You do know that you don't have to use your full name on this app right?" He added.

"My first time here, you must be active on this app." She texted again smiling, hoping it was a good joke.

"It's my first time actually, some things aren't hard to figure out, common sense." She read and didn't know what to reply. "You do stay here in City S right?" He texted after she didn't text back.


"Good." She read his text not knowing what to reply again." You are beautiful." He let her know and was a little surprised when he didn't get a thanks from her.

"Let's fix a date." She finally typed after a short while.

"Pick a place." He replied when he noticed she wanted to go straight to the point.

"I don't know anywhere here yet to be the one to pick a place."

"So you are not from here?" He asked and didn't get a reply from her.

"Cherry?" Bell whispered when she noticed Brie was already asleep. Cherry turned to her to know why she called."He's asking me to pick a place."

"Like a hotel?" Cherry wanted to know.

"Like a hotel?" She ignored his last question and replied directly 'Pick a place.'

"Yes." She saw his reply and nodded for Cherry.

"Pun," Cherry whispered.

"Pun?" Belle had to ask.

"Yeah, it's a new hotel, should be okay."

"Pun." She texted him.

"Took quite a long time to think of a place." She didn't know what reply to give again. "Is 7 O'clock good for you?" He asked.

"7 O'clock when?"


"Tomorrow, Okay. Goodnight." She typed just because she was used to it but didn't wait for his reply.

She kept her phone in the drawer next to the bed and lay beside her cousin, trying to adjust to a comfortable position before sleeping.

"Are you done chatting with him?" Cherry asked looking up from her phone.

"Yeah, we fixed tomorrow, 7 pm."


"Okay, tomorrow you fill us in."Cherry chuckled.

"Goodnight," Belle said before finally laying her head on the pillow, thinking about what he would look like, and how it would work out.

She hoped it went well tomorrow.


"Belle, come walk me to the laundromat, please," Brie begged as it was her turn this week to do the laundry.

"Let her be, she needs to rest for tonight," Cherry said.

"It's just first-time s*x, it's not like she's going to a boxing game or something."

"I shouldn't have told you guys about any of this." Belle slapped her forehead and the two girls laughed.

"Are you coming with me?" Brie still asked.

"No, I'm sorry, it's past six already, I should be getting ready."

"Don't be sorry Belle, she had all day to take them." Brie rolled her eyes at Cherry's statement.


"Sir, I shifted the meeting you asked me to cancel yesterday to today." A woman walked into an office with a tablet in hand.

"When will it be?" The man she had just informed asked, looking up from the laptop on his neatly arranged desk.

"In the next twenty-five minutes, sir."She answered and he looked at his watch.

"7 pm?"

"Yes sir."

"Reschedule the meeting." He said looking back at his computer.

"But Sir, I already..." She stopped speaking when he looked at her, she knew how much he didn't like to repeat himself so she just walked away.



Heyy, you reading, thanks for reading this far please don't stop, support me in any way that you can. Your reviews, your comments, your criticism, all of it, I would appreciate them. I love you.

I do, I don't know you but you are reading, so I love you.

Chapter 2 Sex with a stranger 2

"Cherry!" Belle called from the room. "I'm gonna borrow your lip gloss in front of the mirror table."

"Oh it's not mine it's Brie's."

Belle put it in her purse and went to the living room, to ask Cherry how she looked but she didn't get to ask that before she got Cherry's remark about the outfit.

"What are you wearing?" Cherry asked sitting up from the couch.

"A dress?"

"And leggings?"

"It looks cold outside."

"The lip gloss, did you use it?"

"No? I put it in my bag just in case my lips get dry." Belle answered and Cherry couldn't help but sigh.

"Okay, let's start with the clothes." She said going towards the room to pick something better for Belle to wear.

Going through Belle's clothes, Cherry didn't find any of them worthy for the night. She had to take out one of her own


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