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Living with the bad boy

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His lips were bright red. I responded to him immediately when his sexy lips touched my mouth. I permitted his entrance into my mouth as I parted my lips. My body was on vibration because of his touch. He knew the right thing to wake up my sexual arousal. As our tongues clenched, I deepened the kiss as I couldn't get enough of him. My fingers combed behind his soft silky wet hair as I felt the burning steam inside me. I was on fire. His lips were so soft against mine that I couldn't get enough of him. His hands went to the back strap of my bikini bra, trying to loosing the tied knot.Bad girl Olivia Henderson is stuck with her worst nightmare, Alexander Williams. He happens to be the son of her parent's good friends and business partners. Their parents go on a one-month business trip leaving Olivia in the care of her worst nightmare.What happens when what was supposed to be one horrible month of living with her worst nightmare turns out to be a turnaround in Olivia's life as they slowly become attracted to one another?

Chapter 1


I scampered down the hall heading over to the classroom fuming angrily, my head was about to explode in anger. He had gone too far this time.

Mess with me, fine.

Mesa with my car, you're dead meat.

Alex is dead meat.

I entered the classroom to spot Alex sitting across the room with his group of friends and a brunette sitting on his lap.

I hurtled over to where he sat and yanked the brunette away from him.

"What the hell bitch!"The brunette yelled and i tossed her away with the book in my hands and she fell on the floor.

"What the fuck did you do with my car,you fucking retard!"I yelled, grabbing him by his collar.

A sly smirk curled on his face as he stared at me with his sharp piercing eyes.

"Talking about the devil." He said and I trashed him with the book in my hand.

"You mother fucker, do you know what you did?"I yelled angrily.

"Do you smell something Justin?"He asked his dumbass friend who was smirking beside him.

"No, what's smelling?"Justin asked.

"Revenge, sweet revenge" Alex smirked.

"You dimwitted asshole, so this is revenge, do you think this is funny? Mess with me fine, mess with my car and I'll use your ass for meatballs" I yelled.

"He-he-hey, stop raising your voice at me, I've done my part, it's called payback, now run along, as you can see I was busy before you came in here."He said, pulling the brunette back on his lap.

"This isn't over Alex, I call the shots here, you called this revenge right? I'll teach you what revenge tastes like"I said and scooted out of the room angrily.

This is just the beginning Alexander Williams, I promise to make you pay for every damn thing you did to my baby.


"Hey sweetheart, hurry up or else you'll be late for school"I heard my mum yelling.

"Coming mum!"I yelled back in response as i wore my perfume, grabbing my bag and then i ran downstairs to meet her.

"Hey sweetie,what took you so long?"She asked as i kissed her cheek.

"I took long at the shower"I said.

"It's alright honey,Um,a car dropped by with your car key,he said he's from the car wash"She said, handing me by car key.

"Oh yeah,he was supposed to bring my car today"I said.

"Ok dear,i made sandwiches for breakfast"She said.

"Oops sorry mum, I can't wait,i need to be in school early today"I said.

"Why honey?Do you have a project or homework to submit?"She asked.

"No but i have a movie to watch"I said.

"Movie?In school?What movie?"She asked.

"Don't worry mum,you can't understand,see you later,bye"I said hurriedly not waiting for her response as i ran out of the house racing to my car.

Today's gonna fun, I can't wait to see the look on Alex's face when he gets my little present.

It'll be epic.

I ploughed my car down to school.

I arrived at school with ny two best friends already waiting for me by the hall.

"Hey" I said.

"What's up babe, where were you?I called you like three times now and you didn't pick" Zoey said.

"Sorry i was driving,i took long at the shower today,for the first time in weeks i slept like a queen"I grinned.

"Argh, this girl!"Jane muttered.

"Chill girls, don't get worked up over nothing"I fist bumped their shoulders lightly as we strolled down the hall.

I went to my locker and placed my backpack in it, taking out my chem note and pen.

"Hey has anyone seen Alex?"I asked, shutting my locker.

"Nah,he hasn't come yet"Zoey said.

"Oh good,i wouldn't wanna miss the look on his face when he gets our little surprise package"I smirked.

"Yeah i bet his head will wanna explode"Jane said.

"Come on girls, let's go to class"I said and we left for our class.


"Olivia Henderson!"I heard Alex's voice ringing all through the hall.

"Boom"I said excitedly.

"Mission accomplished"Zoey laughed.

"You go girl!"Jane cheered.

"Come on girls, let's stroll a little"I said as we left for our secret hideout.

It was an empty classroom where we always spent our free periods in,it was like our chilling spot.

"I'm sure Alex's face must be fuming with anger right now"Jane said.

"It must be red like an overripe tomato" Zoey said.

"Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see him,just wait,in 5.......4.......3.....2....1"

"OLIVIA HENDERSON!"Alex barked as he barged into the classroom angrily with his squad behind him.

"See,my favorite loser is here"I said to my friends, smiling cheekily.

"Hey Alex,why are you barking so early in the morning?"I asked.

I just needed to push his buttons a little bit more in order to piss him off totally.

"How dare you do this to me,to my baby"He yelled, touching his hair that was already covered in red dye.

"What are you talking about Alex?What happened to your hair,oh my goodness"I faked concern.

"Cut the drama already bitch,i know you're the one that put that dye hanging in my locker"He said.

"Ouch...You just broke my heart Alex,how could you accuse me of such a thing"I pouted.

"This isn't funny Olivia!"He yelled and i laughed.

"Oh but it's funny when you ruined my car,this is just a little gift from me to you,the next time, I'll do something way worse than you can ever imagine"I smirked, standing up to face him.

He glared at me with every drop of venom possible.

"This isn't over Olivia, I'll be responding to you soon and i promise you this time it'll be something unimaginable"He said turning around, storming off angrily.

"Colour red looks hot on you by the way" I yelled after him, laughing as he went off with his minions.

"Liv 1,Alex 0" I smiled.

"That's my girl"Zoey said.

"You hit him hard this time"Jane said.

"Did you see the look on his face?it was hilarious"I laughed.

"Yeah he was swelling like meatballs on fire"Zoey laughed.

"That dye will definitely not come off from his hair until after a week, I'm the best"I smirked.

"Get ready babe, Alex will definitely not keep quiet about this, he'll definitely get his revenge"Jane said.

"I'm ready for him this time around, I'm prepared"I said smiling.

"Yeah, we're taking him down this time"Zoey said.

Oh Poor Alex, I'll so deal with him this time around.


"Sweetie you're home"Mum said as i hugged her.

"Yep,hey mum,how are you?"I asked

"I'm good sweetheart"She said.

"Ok mum, didn't you go to the office today?"I asked.

"I wasn't feeling too well so i didn't go but I'm okay now" She said.

"Oh mum,you didn't tell me,how are you feeling now?"I asked.

"I'm good honey, don't work yourself out, I'll go to the office tomorrow, I just needed some rest"She said.

"Ok mun, what about Dad?"I asked.

"He's at the office, he'll be back by evening"She said.

"Ok mum"I smiled.

"So what's the news?"She asked.

"What news?"I asked, confused.

"Usually you're always frowning and angry for ine reason or the other whenever you come home but today you seem to be in a good mood,what happened?"She asked.

"So you mean i can't smile anymore?" I asked.

"No honey, that's not what i meant, I'm just saying that it's rather unusual,you don't normally smile whenever you come home from school"She said.

"Well you're right, I'm in a really good mood today"I smiled.

"And why,if i may ask"She said.

"Nothing big,i just won a game so I'm excited"I said.

"Why does this sound like you were up to mischief again,what did you do this time?"She asked.

"Come on mum,why do you always doubt me so much,how could you think a whole me, Olivia Henderson will be up to mischief, give me one reason why you'd think such"I said.

"I can give you hundred reasons why I know and not think that you're up to mischief, I'm your mother Liv, I know you too well already, nothing gladdens your heart more than mischievousness"She said.

"Well...................... you're not totally wrong about that.......buttttttt........ you're definitely not right"I said, grabbing my backpack from the couch as i ran up the stairs hurriedly with her yelling on top of her voice, calling out to me.



"Hey babe,did you hear the latest?"Jane asked.

"About what?"I asked.

"Alex's party, he's throwing a party this friday"She said.

"Who cares, I'm definitely not going"I said.

"What's wrong my sweet poop face?scared that I'll hurt ya?"Alex's voice rang from behind us.

We turned to see Alex standing with his dumbass squad.

"Hey,my favorite loser what are you doing here?"I paused,inspecting his appearance "Oh,it seems the dye came off"I smirked.

"I spent $2000 fixing my hair back you dimwit,but anyway let bygones be bygones, I've come to apologize for everything I've ever done to you,i know I've done a lot of mischief to you and I'm sorry,i think we should forget it all and start afresh"He said.

Wait...what now?

"Huh?"Zoey asked, looking shocked.

"Alex Williams? Apologize?"Jane muttered.

"He's drunk"Zoey said.

"No it's probably Drug influence"Jane said.

"I agree with Jane"Zoey said.

"He's mad"I said.

"High"Jane said.

"I'm not drunk or High or anything of that sort, I'm normal,all i want is for us to unite and just be friends,we will gain nothing by fighting all the time, let's just forgive each other"Alex said and then Jane being the dumbest amongst us stood up and placed her hand on his head and neck checking his temperature.

"Nope, he's normal,he isn't sick"Jane said and we glared at her.

"What?"She asked.

"Look y'all should cut the drama,I only came here to apologize"Alex said.

"What do you want Alex?I know you by now and you're definitely up to your cheap stunts, what's your plan this time?"I asked.

"Yeah Alex,tell us what you're up to this time, what's your game plan,one thing I've known about you these past years is that Alexander Williams never apologize"Zoey added.

"People change dumbo......I mean'm not...em...used to being nice,but this is something i guess,we can start from somewhere"He stammered nervously.

"You can tell that to any fool you see,do i have fool written on my forehead?"I asked.

"Actually you i mean you don't....."He trailed.

"You see what i was saying....Alex Williams can never be nice, it's not in his dictionary"Zoey said.

"Spill it Alex,what do you want?"I asked.

"Nothing....i just wanted to make peace,look guys, I'm tired of all this revenge thing,we could come together and make a great team,what do you think pals?"He asked.

"Pals?"Jane asked.

"Yeah, aren't we pals?"He smirked.

"Get lost Alex, I don't have time for your nonsense,as you can see we were busy before you came"I said.

"Busy discussing about me, just admit it babe, you're totally crushing on me"He said.

"Babe?call me that one more time and I'll cut off your balls and then feed them to you,not without grilling it of course,I can never even crush on you let alone think about you,you aren't worth it and your definitely not my type,how many times do i have to say this before you'll get it into your dumb head?"I yelled.

"Hey,this is a fresh start,we can just be friends and then we'll fall in love and live happily ever after"He said.

"Happily ever after.....My foot"I said.

"Just look at him,stupid dumbass,when he came here he called us poop face and now he's sweet talking,come on Alex,grow up, we've outgrown these cheap tactics of yours,find something better to do and if you're jobless then feel free to talk to me about it,my mum has been looking for a new driver,i bet you'll be of good use to her"Zoey said.

"Ha!i bet your mum will fire him immediately after hiring him for his terrible driving"I laughed.

"You have a point Liv"Jane said.

"Hey do you know who you're referring to,I, Alexander Williams,son of the owner of the most famous Shoe industry in the whole of America,son of the....."

"We get it already, bragger"Jane yelled.

"You see Alex, it's only poor people that always brag,we rich people don't brag,but since you wanna show off them let me inform you that you don't even know my family or where i come from,so stop bragging already and keep your filthy mouth shut"I said.

"Dimwit do you know who you're talking to, you're messing with....."

"Um, dude i thought you came here to make peace"One of his friends asked.

"Peace my foot, i only came here to invite them to my party,it was just my plan"He said.

"Ha! I knew he was definitely up to something as usual"Zoey said.

"You see Alex, there's only one thing that differentiates the both of us"I started.

"And that is?"He asked.

"Brains....which you lack.... you're very dumb, immature and stupid.... you're irresponsible,jobless, mannerless and brainless,now get lost before i do something you will regret!"I yelled.

"Well,since I'm in a very good mood today, I won't be responding to those insults but mark my words,soon I'll be giving you great comebacks that will leave you speechless"He threatened.

"Great,now run along with your puppets"I said.

"Puppets?"A blonde said standing in front of me.

I rolled my eyes at her, staring at her from head to toe.

"And who's this poor excuse of a broomstick, don't you eat or what?you look like a kwashiorkor patient"I said.

"Hey that's my girlfriend you're talking to"Alex yelled.

"I must say I'm so pained Alex, couldn't you have settled for any more better?Why this?"I asked.

"Hey watch your mouth or else I'll...."

"You'll what"I stood up to face her.

"I' with you"She said, trembling.

"One more word from you and I'll make sure that's the last word that will ever come from you again,now get lost"I said.

"Alex! Look at what she's saying to me,and you're here, you're not saying anything!"She barked.

"Run along Alicia, I'll talk to you later"He said and i almost burst out laughing.

"Really?And you call him your boyfriend?This nitwit doesn't even know how to treat girls well"I laughed and she stormed out of the room crying.

Some girls are seriously too emotional for my liking.

"I wasn't talking to you Olivia,mind your bizzwack"He said.

"Oh really?"I smirked.

"Yeah,you know what I'll deal with you later,sooner than you expect"He turned to face his minions "Let's go guys"He said.

" the little Alex scared?Why are you cowardly running away"I pouted mockingly which made him to stop on his tracks.

"Oh I'll show you cowardliness"He said, flipping a paper card at me.

"What's this?"I asked.

"Be there by 9pm if you're brave enough,if you don't show up then I'll take it that you're a coward and you're scared to face me"He smirked, leaving the room, alongside his group of idiots.

"What's this?"I asked, looking at the paper card.

"It's an invite"Zoey said.

"He's invite you to his party,on friday night"Jane said.

Chapter 2

"I'm not going, Alex is stupid"I said, throwing the paper on the floor as i trampled on it.

"You have to go Liv"Zoey said.

"Never, I'm not going to some dumb childish party, especially not one that is being hosted by my archenemy"I said, folding my arms as i sat down on one of the benches in the classroom.

"But you have to,if you don't go, you'll be seen as a coward,Alex will win,he purposely gave you that invite because he knows you'll never come and if you don't go it will only mean that he has won and you've lost,do you want that?"Zoey asked.

"Say whatever you want Zoe, I'm still not going and that's final"I said.

"Come on babe,you can't loose to Alex like this,you know how boastful that dude is, he's really full of himself and i know he'll most definitely make it a big deal if you don't attend the party, he'll tell everyone that you're just some coward who's afraid of him and isn't bold enough to show up at his party"Jane said.



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