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Wilder Salvatore is a man you don't want to encounter in your life. He is the type of person that as long as you are of use to him, you are safe, but once you are of no use to him-- he can end your life instantly. Wilder is stupidly rich, handsome, and hot; he is rough outside and inside, especially in bed. He gets everything he wants. His life is full of darkness. But until-- the lady from nowhere, Kara, entered his life. Wilder didn't expect the woman to change his dark world even though, at first, he just considered her as one of his toys. Can Wilder give up everything he has just for the woman he loves? Or will it come to the point that he will regret drowning in that love when it comes to an end where they are aiming guns at each other?

Chapter 1

"AHH! L-let me go!" It can hear the pleading voice of the poor woman, almost begging for her life. The man quickly grabbed the woman's cheek, where her jaw almost crashed, and his nails seemed to dig into the girl's bruised face.

"You can't escape from me. You have to remember that," said the man as if he was going crazy. The woman just stared straight at the young man's scary face. "But before I kill you, let's play first. Do you want to play hide-and-seek? You seem to be good at it, don't you?" The man let go of her violently; he almost broke the lady's neck because of that.

The young man stood up properly. "Let's start, okay?" He pulled out the gun, which is why the woman automatically swallowed. She was catching her breath as fast as her heart was beating. "I will count to ten, and you can run or hide wherever you want. One!" Even though the woman struggled because her thigh ached from the beating and kicking she received, she insisted on standing up and running. It was not just her foot that hurt but her whole body, but she tried to ignore it all.

"Two. Three. Four." The man counted fast, so she hurried to run.

"Five. Six."

She still heard the count until she quickly covered her ears and bowed a little when the man fired a gun into the sky.

Her fear didn't last long either because she continued running again. She didn't have time to stop and give in to the fear she felt at that moment. She sped up from running, and even though her leg hurt, she ignored it because the only important thing for her was to get out of that hellish place.

"This will not be the end of me. I will not die here," Kara said boldly to herself.

She has to be strong and have the courage to escape because if she doesn't do that, she might give up.

"Yu hoo. Where are you?" She heard the man's voice behind her and quickly bent down in the tall grass. What she's thankful for now is that the surroundings are dark, and it seems like it will rain any moment. Because for sure, the man chasing her would see her easily if it was bright in the area.


The young woman quickly covered her ears again from that gunshot. She knew the man was close to her because the sound he made was loud.

"Where are you?" "Just hide well, baby girl, or else that was the last time you could hide from me," the man said.

The girl seemed to catch her breath when she saw the man standing in front of the tall grasses where she was hiding. But thankfully, he didn't catch her.

She automatically covered her mouth again, this time tightly so that she wouldn't make any noise. The only thing she could hear was the pounding on her chest.

It took about twenty minutes for her to hide in those grasses until the rain started to fall from the sky; that is what she was waiting for so that she could come out. She first made sure the man was far away before standing up.

The woman quickly ran in the opposite direction. She made a careful and silent escape until she saw the road not so far from where she was standing. She gathered all her strength to run towards that road until she heard a loud bang again, so she quickly bent down.


She turned around when she heard that voice and saw the man looking at her while pointing the gun in her direction.

He fired his gun once more. BANG!

She bowed again and was thankful that the bullet didn't hit her, and she started walking faster to get down the road. She was running carefully, fearing that she would slip because of the mud made by the rain. The girl knows that if she falls, the man chasing her will catch her, ending her life.

She even turned behind her to see if the man was still following her. Still, then she noticed that the man had disappeared again, so she took that opportunity to run even faster until she could get down there on the road.

She ran freely in the dark without even noticing that the man stopped chasing her because he slipped in the mud and hit his head on a stone, causing him to lose consciousness.

She ignored the fact that she was frail and that her foot hurt more, even though she was in pain. She walked on that road for a few minutes until she saw a car coming.

Her body seemed to want to give up, but she tried her best to block the middle of the road to stop that car.

Wilder was driving his car quietly; he was alone inside at that time until he immediately stamped on the brakes because of the woman who suddenly blocked his path.

Wilder would have chosen to hit that woman because he was in a hurry, but that incident forced him to stop. Wilder got that new car earlier, so he can't afford to damage it.

He repeatedly honked at the woman before noticing her staring at him.

He had no idea what kind of look she was giving him, but he did not like it. Wilder also frowned when he noticed that the woman was filthy and her face was full of bruises. She also has a crack in her mouth with blood still on it.

He was shocked when the woman approached his car window near the passenger seat.

"P-please, help me. Help me!" the woman said. "Someone wants to kill me. I'm begging you, please help me."

Wilder couldn't help but frown.

"Did you come from inside that forest?" he asked the woman, pointing to the forest.

"Yeah," the woman answered.

Wilder secretly smirked at her answer. "Okay, hop in."

The woman quickly got into Wilder's car. Wilder immediately turned his car around and sped off.

The woman doesn't know Wilder is acquainted with the man who wants to kill her. Is Wilder helping her or not? What will happen to the poor girl? What if her life had gone worse with the man she was with?

Chapter 2

Wilder's POV

I quickly stopped my car in front of the house of Akiro Fujido, one of my close friends. There is a clinic inside his house because he is a Japanese-Filipino doctor, and he owns that clinic.

This house is also the first house I pass in the village before I get to my house.

I removed the seat belt I was wearing and then quickly glanced at the woman riding in the passenger seat of my car, where she was now sleeping soundly.

I roughly slapped her face to wake her up. I'm not a gentleman; she must know it first.

She immediately opened his eyes, and our eyes met.

"Get out of the car," I said to her in a cold tone. I didn't even wait for her to say more, so I got out of my car first.

All the lights in Akiro's house are already off because it's past midnight, but I know he's still inside, so I ring the doorbell several times.

I felt from behind that the woman was approaching my side, so I g


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