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Jane And Clark

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A love tale about Jane Sunderland and Clark Williams, coming from a piqued background of past hurting relationships and falling in love at first sight with each other. Jane and Clark soon realize that their families had been friends before they ended up being rivals and it had occurred before they were born and before their families were forced to separate. They both decide that they must settle their family disputes with their power force of love. Do they overcome the odds? Jane was completely flustered as she fluttered her eyelashes because for no reason she couldn't control her gaze. Has she finally fallen in love after all this while? "Am sorry miss I......" Clark stuttered with words when he saw Jane. His heartstrings became very active for her. Why would he stare that long at a woman he had just met?? Clark tried to control his emotions but he just stood there they both locked eyes with each other.

Chapter 1

San Jose, California, U.S.A Clark Williams closed the textbook on his desk in his teacher's office at Hillside High School and rose to cogitate about what happened one year ago. He reminisces about the pain he felt after being bubbled by Clementina. He remembered the events vividly although he remembered it wasn't that devastating because he wasn't that over heels for Clementina. One Year Ago Clark waggled and hobbled into the noisy bustling hotel booming with shrill cries of hip-hop music as there was a hotel party that night. He pondered about why Clementina would invite him that day to that place that night. They were going to see each other at the hotel she chose and he was filled with euphoria even though he knew he made sure that he wasn't cursory in dealings with her and wasn't giving her all his heart. Clark halted in the middle of the dancers as a tall fair drunk beautiful lady grabbed his hands and started dancing with him in a friendly way. "Hey am sorry I came for someone else am not single," He scowled at her. "Ooh, alright whoever she is she is lucky to have you," The young lady said contritely. As Clark moved forward in his search, he pondered about the fact that Clementina might not be expecting him any sooner, but still, he couldn't wait that long and was impatient since he knew she would come early to the hotel. He reminisce about the number of the hotel room she told him. "Room 206," Clark announced facing the hotel assistant. "Alright just get into this elevator, then when you get up search for the room, we have from room 200 to 300 right up," The young average-sized man said amicably as he headed towards the elevator. Clark waggled into the elevator and clicked the close button then it closed. He then clicked the up-floor button as it took him up. As the elevator was opened, he entered the floor. He confirmed from the first room and saw it was indeed starting from room 200. He was elated as he was glad he was going to see Clementina since he had a lot to discuss with her. Clark kept on tracking the rooms with his eyes until he reached room 206 to discover something shocking. The door was a little bit open and he heard the sound of a man talking. "So when will you visit me again," The man said as he was dressed up. Clark peeped inside the room to see Clementina fully dressed wearing her heels. "Probably next week or so," Clementina clinked her heels vigorously to ponder before she spoke "Clementina!, How could you?" Clark tutted as he waltzed into the room with his tanned face turned a rudy red. "Ooh Clark, I wasn't expecting you yet, this wasn't the time I asked you to come," Clementina feigned. Clementina was stunned to see Clark but acted otherwise to cover up. The man remained on the bed bewildered. "Baby, what's going on" He shot heated stares at Clementina. "Who is he?" The man retorted as he was delivering a caveat. "He is my driver who was supposed to pick me up when I was done with you," Clementina lied flinching backwards in fear of what the man was capable of doing if it was otherwise. "Talking about me!? your driver, Clementina!" Clark growled and gurgled as he catcalled generally. "Would you get the hell out of here, you jobless man," Clementina blurted out feigning indifference to his threat. "And make sure you always come at the right time I say you should or you will be fired," Clementina continued her unscrupulous acts as she forced him outside of the room and slammed the door. Clark exited the hotel flustered. He thought about the fact that he didn't have much as he lost his job recently and was on the brink of finding a job. He knew that was the reason why someone like Clementina would bubble him. Clark feigned a burst of laughter to mock himself in solitude as he boarded a taxi back to his home. Present Day Clark pondered about that day, he felt deeply hurt but not that hurt in the accustomed way. He reminisced that Clementina came over to his place to plead with him and profess that he was the one she loved and she was playing the man for money. "D*mn!" The thought of her words bubbled tempestuously in his heart. Clark knew his current situation of recent wasn't like before as he was paid well as a teacher in San Jose because of his quality and qualifications. Clark recalled how he struggled for the job at Hillside High School and became one of their highest-paid efficacious teachers. Fortunately for him, he was from a rich family but never showed it to Clementina since he met her. Clark and Clementina had a date outside his family's knowledge because Clark himself didn't trust Clementina from the start, she wasn't someone he loved but someone he had a fling for. Clementina from the start of their relationship, believed that Clark was poor and that her love for money made her bubble him with a man who he believed paid her to sleep with him. Clark found it subtle to believe that his girlfriend was a sl*t. Although he felt pained and demoralized not really because he was cheated upon, but because the person he dated was a sl*t and red-bellied Sapsucker! Clementina wasn't always that way when they first met as she was always feigning to be kind, understanding, reliable and trustworthy not knowing she was there to try and explore him for his money or probably just saw him as very attractive as he was so handsome and tried loving him for his looks only. "Come in," Clark retorted amicably when he heard a knock on his office door. "Hey Clark, what's up? You look like you have been pondering for three days now," A young tall handsome fair man waltzed in and sat down on the chair opposite where Clark was sitting. "Nothing much George, am just cogitating about my life one year ago compared to now," Clark announced whacking off his mind. "By thinking about one year ago, hope you didn't include the thought about that sl*t Clementina," George tutted almost slightly expressing pertness. "And that of course," A deep furrow appeared on Clark's head as he massaged his temples deep in thought. "You see I told you that you don't need such painful memories anymore, she is a thing of the past You were so lucky to escape her exploring you for your wealth since it was obvious that was what she was all about," George clenched his teeth after speaking. "Since you would be coming to Jude's party, you could mingle and meet some new ladies," George added whimsically. Clark knew George had a point about meeting new ladies but still, he didn't have time to meet ladies as he was busy making enough money for himself and not depending on his parents. Clark immediately thought about his family, the Williams, he was supposed to text them when he would be returning for a visit. "Alright George, thanks for the encouragement," Clark said amicably and succinctly as they both exited the office afterwards..... Jane stood on the road in Luke Street at the entrance of her place waiting for a cab, she knew she was going to act in a brusque manner when she got to the party that her friend invited her to. Jane cogitated about her work in Rosemary Hospital as a nurse, she had to take a leave that night because her friend Jenna coerced her to. She wasn't always great at parties for several reasons. The first was that she had to be not fickle about her job while the second and most dominant was because of her pervasive experience of her past relationship. Jane reminisced about John her ex who had broken up with her to be with someone else a lady that he had feigned love for her whereas it was love for her money instead. Jane was flustered because she intentionally hid the truth about her family's wealth for security reasons then also to test the guy she going to date if he loved her for her money or for who she was. So she concluded that all men were the same. Two Months Ago "So, John would be coming here to this apartment to take you out right?" Jenna said facing Jane as if she were about to declare a caveat. "Yes, he would be coming to pick me up we are going out," Jane confirmed. "Well, I don't trust him, didn't I tell you about him in his previous life, that he dates girls only for their money but you refuse to believe me," Jenna clinked her high heels casting heated stares at Jane. "Well, I know and am not falling hard for him, I just want to test him out if he could have changed," Jane announced. "Well, wouldn't you be going to where you said you wanted to go," Jane gritted her teeth expecting a yes. "Going where? So that you would finally get laid. As you haven't gotten laid before I would like it to remain that way because I wouldn't let anyhow person certainly not a person like John, so I would be here," Jenna retorted and huffed immediately. "Alright, he will be here soon," Jane announced as she went towards the kitchen. John waggled into Jane and Jenna's apartment for Jane. "Hold on John, am almost done dressing up, just need to get my shoes," Jane announced coming out while completely wearing her black high heels on top of her red overall gown. Jenna refused to treat John like a guest and John wasn't ready to stay any longer in her presence so he wanted to leave early. "Bye Jenna," Jane waved at Jenna who scowled at her amicably as she went out with John. John's small Ford was parked outside, so he led Jane into the car and they drove out to a restaurant to eat. The restaurant was a beautiful one and was filled with customers. John ordered apple pie for them both when he confirmed that was what both of them wanted. "Here is your apple pie you ordered," an average-sized fair female staff announced handing over their food to them. "Thank you," Jane's lips curved out an amicable smile as she attempted to eat her meal. "Well, so Jane enjoy your meal," John observed her as a sly grin exposed on his face. "Thanks, John," Jane said ensuring that she wasn't too cursory to fall deeply for John. "You are welcome," John remarked as he started eating. As they ate, Jane kept noticing John staring at her in between eating his meals and while she ate hers. John was staring at her as if he wanted to discuss something with her. "If you want to ask to discuss something why don't you now," Jane whispered hoarsely. "Well, the truth is I really tried to make friends with your few friends and I couldn't, especially Jenna, but she seems unfriendly despite everything have done I don't know or understand why she hates me," John retorted. "It's alright, you see everything is already sorted out like the reason why she hates you," Jane assured. "I don't understand what that means?" John retorted. "I meant that the reason she hates you is because of the rumours about you going around from woman to woman dating them just for their money then after squandering it all, ditching them when they don't have money or when you find out that they weren't rich enough for you," Jane clinked her high heels where she sat as she allowed those heated words sink in for some seconds before she continued. "Rumours will always remain rumours, but not all rumours are true right," John said. "I know that's why I need evidence to ignore such rumours which can't be granted in time," Jane said. "So would you be following me to my apartment we haven't had s*x since we started this relationship and I can't come to your apartment to do it because of your best friend Jenna," John said haltingly effusive. "Yes that's because it's the test we are talking about that's the only evidence I can get to know if you can hold yourself for long till we get married I would agree you are a decent young man and not believe any rumours," Jane smirked. "I really can't believe this, so you won't have s*x with me because of some stupid rumours you heard your friend heard," John tutted. "If you love me you would wait besides, the truth would be known about what you wanted from me whether it's true love, just sec or just money which you know I have less of," Jane gurgled. John thought about what Jane said which was inerrant because he knew Jane didn't have much and he had confirmed several times as to whether she was rich or not and knew she was average and based on everything she was a little bit lower than him financially so he only wanted to exploit something else in her, her body by sleeping her being the first man to take her virginity that would make him hold a remote control over her life as he did for other girls. "Alright, if that's what it would take for me to prove to you that am not the kind of person that the people are saying in the rumours and that I do love you," John shrugged. Jane was satisfied now that she might be able to finally prove that John wasn't the kind of guy that Jenna thought him to be. "I need to get home," Jane said as they both rose and John drove her back home. When Jane entered her apartment, Jenna wasn't present and she sat on her bed pondering about what happened that day. "Dear," Jenna said entering the apartment with her black bags. "We are going out," Jenna said. "Where?" Jane said. "Since you want me to give you evidence about John, why don't we spy on him in his house and see what he does when he is at home," Jenna said. "Okay, you have a point, but I can't wait to tell you, I told you so," Jane boasted as they both rose and she entered Jenna's small Tesla car. They reached a secured out-of-sight distance near John's home to find a very beautiful Lexus car outside the house and saw a pretty lady almost half naked walking in. They both saw John coming out kissing the lady and leading her into his apartment. "What!" Jane croaked out as she opened her car door and walked towards the apartment. "Jane!" Jenna curbed, trying to stop her both followed her instead when she saw she couldn't. Jane slammed John's door and entered the parlour meeting John and the lady kissing. "What the hell, so it's true the rumours," Jane blurted out seething through clenched teeth. "It's not what you think Jane," John pleaded as he rose to explain contritely. "It's not what?" the lady interrupted. "After all, I have given you, so you are actually in another relationship, despite we have been dating for three years and I have been spoiling you, but no you always wanted more from other ladies," The lady boiled in anger. "No Hannah please let me explain," John said, but Hannah went outside and entered her car to exit the building. "So it's true? Am annoyed right now not only because you are a fraud but to think you would date someone for that long and pretend to be single to date me also, so technically we weren't in any relationship because it's over between us," Jane said reacting to what she had experienced as being grotesque or Viscerally revolting. "No baby, am sorry let me explain," John pleaded trying to nudge Jane to his side pleadingly but Jane slapped him fortuitously as she cast heated stares at him. "Goodbye, and I don't want to see you near my apartment ever again," Jane announced as she and Jenna left his house that day. Present Day Jane entered a taxi that finally halted for her. As she was in the taxi she pondered about her family, the Sunderland, and how her parents had forced her to marry a family friend since she refused to be in any relationship and get married ever since her first fake relationship. She knew that was one of the reasons she decided to settle in San Jose currently to avoid being forced against her will. The party music was loud and Jane felt angry at Jenna for inviting her to this party. It was a birthday party of someone Jenna knew and wanted to introduce to her that day. While Jane waited for Jenna to sit down on a seat she threatened any guy who made advances to her until almost all guys were afraid except those who entered newly and hadn't been blown over by her. Jane decided to use the restroom and passed through a corridor to do so. Clark who also was having fun with George at the same party left for the restroom He passed through a corridor and finished easing himself. Upon returning to the party he jostled into a young lady who also ran through him. "Am so Sorry," he said contritely as he picked her up with a gentle grasp when she fell. Jane was annoyed that she would run into a guy and burst out in anger before seeing the guy. "How dare you? can't you see where you were going," Jane blurted out seething through clenched teeth. But her breath seized away when she saw him completely with her heart beating fast. Jane was completely flustered as she fluttered her eyelashes because for no reason she couldn't control her gaze. Has she finally fallen in love after all this while? "Am sorry miss I......" Clark stuttered with words when he saw Jane. His heartstrings became very active for her. Why would he stare that long at a woman he had just met?? Clark tried to control his emotions but he just stood there they both locked eyes with each other.

Chapter 2

"Am sorry Miss, I didn't mean to bump into you," Clark retorted contritely almost stuttering as he briskly recovered from an exhilarating emotional scenario "Well, you better be," Jane snapped with her voice laced with coldness. "I can see all men around here are the same," Jane reacted, feigning an effusive annoyance that seemed somewhat ridiculous. "Hey, you also barged into me yet I was the only one who apologized and that's not enough for you," Clark retorted bewildered and feeling weird that the lady he was falling deeply in love with at first sight was being harsh and belligerent towards him. "Hey! Jane where have you been?" Jenna stumbled in their midst in a long green overall gown. "Have been looking for you everywhere," Jenna announced. "I see you came to use the restroom," Jenna said facing Jane who was staring at Clark. "Hey, Clark let's head forward back to t


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