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In love with the Billionaire play boy

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Alyson's life is a tapestry woven with heartache and betrayal, navigating a world where her father's infidelity shatters her trust, her mother's addiction burdens her shoulders, and her own struggles become intertwined with an unexpected encounter with Sky, a billionaire known for his careless treatment of women. The torment of witnessing her father's unfaithfulness leaves her shattered, forcing her to confront a reality tainted by deceit and anguish. Her refuge lies in the solace of a supportive friend, Tess, and the escape offered by a job in a five-star hotel. Sky, a man driven by fleeting encounters devoid of emotional connection, encounters Alyson, initially seeing her as yet another conquest. However, Alyson's resilience and refusal to succumb to his advances perplex and intrigue him. Sky finds himself strangely drawn to her, his fascination blurring the lines between attraction and genuine curiosity. Their lives intersect in unexpected ways, Sky attempting to unravel Alyson's reservations while she grapples with the echoes of her father's actions. A precarious balance is struck when Sky demands a debt from Alyson, leading to intimate encounters that unexpectedly stir feelings within them both. As their worlds collide, Alyson's journey takes an unexpected turn, intertwining with Sky's in a whirlwind of emotions and conflicting desires. Their evolving connection stands at odds with Sky's reputation and Alyson's apprehensions, setting the stage for a tale of struggle, unexpected affection, and the haunting shadows of their pasts. Amidst the chaos, fate entwines their paths further, culminating in a fateful event at a party where identities are revealed, hearts are laid bare, and Alyson's life takes an unforeseen turn, leaving Sky and those around them grappling with the repercussions of an unexpected tragedy.

Chapter 1

"I can't say when I'll be back sweetie, but I know the trip won't last longer than three months"

"Do you really have to go ma?"

"Yes Aly, I promise when I'm back, I'll take you to that spa you've always wanted to go to."

"Tess can always take me whenever. It's no big deal for her. You don't have to go ma, I promise I'll get a job at the end of this month and we can use the money to start up a legit business for you."

Lucy lovingly pulled her daughter into a warm embrace, her fingers caressing the delicate curls of her child's hair. With a tender touch, she cupped her little one's face, using a gentle finger to sweep away a wayward strand of hair that had drifted over her eyes.

In that intimate moment, she pressed a soft and affectionate kiss upon her daughter's forehead, her eyes filled with maternal warmth and a smile playing on her lips. With a heart full of love, Lucy continued to speak to her cherished child, her voice carrying the soothing assurance of a mother's care and affection.

"My dear Aly, I know you want to help with a bill or two around the house but as long as I'm alive and still active, I won't watch you cater for me and your father while I still have hands."

"But Ma..." Alyson tried to chip in but Lucy stopped her halfway. " buts. I know what you're going to say and the answer is No! You won't work unless you're done with college... "

As Alyson carefully untangled herself from her mother's loving embrace, she settled into an upright position on the snug couch. Despite its limited space, the couch had been the site of countless shared moments of comfort and connection between mother and daughter. Its cushions had absorbed the laughter, tears, and heartfelt conversations that had forged the strong bond they shared over the years.

"When I'm done with College Ma?, When will that ever happen?" Alyson asked in a soft yet frustrated tone, without the anticipation of a response. "I've been out of school for three years now, Tess is almost done with her senior year and I haven't even gotten in yet."

She grappled with the words, each one a battle against the lump in her throat, as if they were tangled in the web of her emotions. Tears welled up in her eyes, their presence like a storm cloud, ready to release a downpour at any moment, threatening to cascade down her cheeks.

Every attempt to speak felt like trying to push through an invisible barrier that held her voice captive, and the weight of unspoken words bore down on her, making it all the more challenging to articulate her feelings.

Lucy parted her lips, ready to utter her thoughts, but hesitated, her words left unspoken as her gaze fell upon her daughter, who had suddenly dissolved into tears. The moment hung heavy in the air, filled with unspoken emotions, as Lucy's concern for her daughter took precedence over her own intentions to speak.

She observed Alyson as she rose from the couch and casually walked towards the designated corner in the living room, which served as her bedroom.

Alyson's actions conveyed a clear message: she wanted to end the conversations as her sobbing wouldn't allow her to continue.

"Aly. Baby," Lucy called out to Alyson. "I'm sorry you haven't gotten into college like your mates have."

"It's not your fault Ma," Alyson's voice muffled through the curtain that separated her room from the remaining portion of the living room.

"I promise when I get back, I'll repay the loan and use the rest of the money to send you to school, okay?" She continued speaking, but Alyson remained silent. She then turned her attention back to packing her clothes into the box, which was almost overflowing.

Things had gone really sour for them when Alyson's father, Richard, became a victim of cybercrime. Despite never having tasted true luxury, they managed to sustain themselves and live a life that resembled that of an average family.

Lucy was the sole breadwinner in the family, juggling various small jobs to feed a family of three and also saving up enough for Alyson's college education. However, one fateful morning, Richard received a call that changed everything. The voice on the other end informed Richard that he had been offered a job paying five thousand dollars in Queensland, Australia.

The offer was tempting, and Richard couldn't resist. He didn't hesitate when he was instructed to provide a certain amount for a security fee to ensure his journey from Kentucky to Queensland, Australia.

Richard, feeling the pressure of a rapidly closing job opportunity and facing severe financial constraints, found himself running out of options for securing the necessary funds. He couldn't take a loan from the bank because he was unemployed and there was no way he could pay back. Desperate, Richard turned to Lucy for assistance, but she declined once she learned where he wanted to put the money to use.

"Don't be a fool," Lucy exclaimed. "That offer sounds too good to be true, and for heaven's sake, Richard, two thousand dollars just to secure a spot? Doesn't that sound fishy to you?"

"You're gonna give me the money or nah?" He said with his thick accent.

"I'm not giving you a penny, Richard. I worked so hard for all the money I've saved up in my bank account," she said in a near scream, "And I ain't ready to risk it to some sham you're about to fall into."

"Tis not a sham. You'll see, I'm gonna get that Money, whether you give it to me or nah. And when I get the job, don't ya come cryin' to' me t' take you with me 'cause I won't listen to you," he spat the words out angrily as he walked out the door.

Two months passed without her seeing him, and one chilly morning, she received a message from her bank stating that her repayment deadline for a five hundred thousand dollar loan had passed.

Lucy finished her work at approximately 3:43 p.m. and rushed to the bank. Unfortunately, she encountered some traffic congestion along the way, causing her to arrive at the bank at 4:15 p.m., only to find that it had already closed for the day.

The next day, Lucy rose before the sun, hurriedly taking a shower. As she made her way to the door, she unintentionally ignored Alyson's greetings, as her daughter had just woken up and was still groggy, yawning in the hallway.

She made her way across the cold streets and eventually got to a spot where she flagged down a taxi.

"Central Bank," she said when the taxi stopped for her to enter.

Inside the bustling bank, the morning sun's rays filtered through the tall windows, casting a warm glow on the marble floors. The air was filled with the hushed murmur of customers and the rustling of paperwork.

At the front, near the entrance, a line of people patiently awaited their turn at the teller windows. The tellers, dressed in crisp, professional attire, efficiently conducted transactions, counting cash, depositing checks, and providing customers with their financial needs.

Towards the center of the bank, customers gathered around the ATMs, withdrawing cash or checking their account balances.

In a corner, a financial advisor sat with a couple, offering them guidance on investment options, while a security guard, standing tall and vigilant, ensured the safety of everyone within the bank.

The sound of ringing phones echoed from the customer service desk, where representatives provided assistance over the phone and in person

Lucy quickly made her way through the bustling bank, navigating through the crowd of people who stood in her path. Her destination was the area near the entrance where a bank manager was engaged in a conversation with a visibly concerned customer, attentively addressing their questions and concerns.

"I need to know exactly what's going on with this bank?" Lucy shot at the manager, her frustration evident as she forcefully banged her fist on the table. Her brows furrowed in anger, and sweat glistened on her forehead as the cool air from the air conditioner brushed against her skin.

The manager paused in his conversation with the other customer and glanced up at Lucy, his expression tinged with annoyance. He couldn't help but feel somewhat disgusted that no security personnel were present to intervene and address the disruptive behavior of this irate customer.

The manager pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed deeply, attempting to quell his mounting frustration. In a more composed but slightly exasperated tone, he inquired, "How may I assist you, ma'am?"

"I need to know why I have been receiving messages to repay a loan I never took, and why my bank account is totally empty?" Lucy shouted in frustration. Just as the manager began to respond, her unyielding determination silenced him.

"I wanted to withdraw some money yesterday and I found out that I had nothing left. All one thousand dollars, gone." Her emotions overwhelmed her, and as her knees buckled, she collapsed to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. The bank manager rushed to her side, concern etched on his face, as he sought to understand the unfolding crisis.​

Chapter 2

Alyson found herself engrossed in her book, completely immersed in the words on the pages, as she sat comfortably in the cozy living room. The soft glow of the lamp cast a warm ambiance, creating a tranquil reading atmosphere. She was abruptly interrupted when the familiar sound of the door knob turning reached her ears.

With a creak, the door slowly swung open, and her father strolled into the room with a casual demeanor. His eyes quickly scanned the environment as if he sensed that something might be out of place.

Standing in the center of the room, he paused, gazing pensively into the open space for a brief moment, his lips moving as if murmuring something under his breath.

Finally, after a contemplative pause, his gaze fixed on Alyson. The intense scrutiny in his eyes shifted from the room to her, and it was clear that he had a question or concern he wanted to address. The silence that hung in the air was thick with unspoken words, creating a palpable ten


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