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In her place

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In a tale of unexpected twists and tangled relationships, follow the journey of Mabel, a loyal best friend caught in the midst of a complicated love triangle. When Ella, betrothed to the wealthy billionaire Peter, sends Mabel to break off the engagement, little did she know that fate had other plans in store. As Ella meets Peter in person, sparks ignite, but it's too late as Peter's heart has already been captivated by Mabel's charm. Jealousy consumes Ella, and she becomes determined to tear down anything that stands in her way. Will their friendships survive the turmoil of love and betrayal? Dive into this gripping story that explores the complexities of relationships, trust, and the consequences of hidden desires.

The meeting

It’s easy Mabel ,don’t be such a baby. Just tell him I’m with my love and he shouldn’t bother me”

“But you are supposed to marry him,what will your father say”.

Mabel asked, she wasn’t used to disobeying elderly people. She was skeptical about Ella’s plan. Besides, her future husband is a rich man, unlike her who doesn’t have a rich boyfriend.

“Why are you taking his side? Do you like him? If yes, then go for him my dear friend”

Ella looked at Mabel, she wondered how she ended up with a friend with good morals and principles. She wasn’t the type to follow orders and she had lots of problem as a result of that during her high school days. Mabel has been her friend since childhood and they were inseparable.

“I’ll be going now”. “Call me if you want me to back out”

“Urgh, you know I’ll never ask you to back out. Don’t expect my call and don’t call either,I’ll be out with Henry”

Mabel smiled, she was somewhat afraid. What if this man gets upset by Ella’s decision? Her family would blame her for going and assume she advices Ella to make bad decisions.

“I’m doing this for my friend anyway”

Mabel arrived at the restaurant, her eyes widening at the opulence before her. Her thoughts were consumed by the lavishness of the surroundings, momentarily lost in awe. However, her musings were abruptly interrupted by a woman who approached her with a mix of suspicion and disdain.

"What do you want here?" the woman questioned, her voice dripping with condescension. The atmosphere grew tense as Mabel found herself caught off guard by the woman's hostility.

“I ..uhm” Mabel's voice faltered as she struggled to find the right words.

The woman standing before her exuded an air of beauty and importance, captivating Mabel's attention.

“Leave this place at once…security!!!”

"Let her be," a voice resonated through the air, drawing Mabel's attention. She turned her gaze to discover the source of the soothing yet commanding voice. To her surprise, she found herself locking eyes with a strikingly handsome man. The man's looks were absolutely breathtaking, like a model gracing the cover of a fashion magazine. His perfectly sculpted features, piercing gaze, and confident demeanor made him stand out in any scene. It was as if he had stepped right out of the pages of a high-end fashion editorial, leaving everyone in awe of his striking appearance.

“Who is she?…she shouldn’t be here” the woman screamed, she was already getting annoyed that the man standing before her was taking sides with Mabel.

"She's with me, dear. Why did you run off?" the man inquired, his voice filled with concern. Mabel was taken aback by his unexpected intervention, unsure of what was happening.

Deciding to play along, she responded with a hint of apology in her voice.

"I'm sorry."

The woman's gaze hardened as she looked at Mabel, her anger grew. It was evident that the woman believed the man should be with someone more like her, unable to contain her anger, she left.

"I'm sorry about the embarrassment you had to go through," the man said sympathetically to Mabel.

"Why are you here?" he asked, noticing her silence. Without waiting for a response, he gently approached her, taking her hands in his and guiding her to walk alongside him. Mabel broke free from his grasp, her heart pounding with a mix of determination and uncertainty.

"I have to go," she exclaimed, her voice filled with a sense of urgency.

"Thank you very much for the support." With that, she swiftly turned and ran off, leaving the man standing there, his expression a mix of surprise and admiration.

"Should I go after her?" the man's bodyguard inquired.

"No, let her go,I'm sure I'd see her some other time" the man replied with a smile, his gaze fixated on Mabel's retreating figure. He couldn't help but be captivated by her beauty, his thoughts momentarily consumed by her presence.


Mabel came to a halt, her breath ragged as she ensured she was safely out of sight from the man. The thought of returning to the restaurant to meet Ella's fiancé filled her with unease and uncertainty. With trembling hands, she dialed Ella's number, her voice laden with regret as she spoke into the phone.

"I couldn't enter. I'm sorry, I just couldn't..."

Mabel gasped for breath, her chest heaving with the weight of her emotions. She ended the call with Ella, her voice trembling as she bid her farewell. With a heavy heart, she turned away and made her way towards her house, each step filled with a mix of exhaustion and determination.

We meet again

Back at home, Mabel thought of how she spoke to Ella.

“Maybe I was too harsh on her mum..I’d call her and apologize later”

“No! You shouldn’t be the one to apologize!!”

“Exactly, listen to your mother…this girl has too much control over you and it’s best you cut of every friendship you have with her”.


The door bell rang,it was Ella.

“I’m sorry about what happened…were you able to meet him”

“No ,I didn’t see him…a woman caused a scene about me entering the place..I had to go away”

“I’m really sorry Mabel …okay ..let me make it up to you …I feel like I haven’t been a good friend”

Mabel’s eyes met Ella’s,

“Take me to a party …I want to go on one”

“Okay …dress up…I’ll come pick you by 8”

“I don’t have an outing dress to wear, you know I don’t go out ella”

“Okay fine, come with me…”

As Ella and Mabel stepped into th


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