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I love you, my soldier

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Jeslin became a victim of sexual harassment by an acquaintance. She then began to be afraid of the approaching man, until finally Ben appeared as medicine for her pain. But that trauma made Jeslin always reject Ben. Until finally Ben had to go to do military education. Several years passed, Adrian came as a man who eventually became her lover. But it turns out that Adrian actually betrayed her, and had an affair with his best friend, Astrid. Jeslin slumped, and decided to go far away. Apparently fate had other plans, because at that place, she actually met Ben again. It's just that Ben is not alone now, because he has Alika, the fiancé he will marry soon. Will Ben continue to marry Alika, or will he turn his back on his old love, Jeslin?

Chapter 1 a tragedy

"Let's discuss this matter elsewhere, okay, Jes? I don't like the eyes of other people, especially those who know Susan and you," said Ian as soon as the two of them met to discuss the problem of Susan, Jeslin's cousin who ran away from home.  Ian is Susan's lover, more precisely his brother's dark lover.

Susan is 3 years older than Jeslin and already has the status of a wife from a man named Fachri.  They also have a son who is only 3 years old.  But because of the complicated household problems of Susan and Fachri, Susan decided to run away from home, which she has been doing for a month.  The funny thing is that Fachri didn't seem to care about his wife leaving.

Susan, who was helter-skelter alone outside, ended up staying at Jeslin's apartment for a while.  It turned out that only a matter of days since Susan ran away from home, she already had a boyfriend who was still relatively young.  The affair started with an event at a mall, where Susan was the performer, and her lover was one of the guests.  They were getting closer, exchanging cell phone numbers, and finally, Susan often confided in Ian.  At that moment, their closeness became more intense, and they finally made love to each other.  Jeslin didn't approve of what Susan was doing, but she couldn't do anything, until finally, Susan left Jeslin's apartment, then lived at Ian's house.

But just a few days ago, Susan fought with Ian, and again ran away from Ian's house, causing the young man to worry.  That was the reason Ian came to Jeslin now.

"Where are you going? Why not just here?"  asked Jeslin, a little uncomfortable.

They were already at a cafe that was deliberately booked for their second appointment.  Previously, Ian contacted Jeslin about Susan's escape from his residence and asked Jeslin to help find Susan.  Ian was worried something had happened to Susan.

"Just to my house, okay?"

"To your house? Um, how about it..." Jeslin kept looking at the watch on his wrist and was a little uncomfortable with Ian's request.  Jeslin doesn't like being late for work, because she goes to Ian's house first.

"Just a moment, Jes, please," Ian continued to beg.

Finally, Jeslin complied, because she wanted to know what happened between Ian and Susan.  Moreover, Susan's parents repeatedly contacted Jeslin, because they asked about Susan's whereabouts.  Fachri wants to sue Susan for a divorce because he left home.  Of course, this is news that must be conveyed to Susan immediately.

Jeslin starts riding Ian's motorbike.  They sped through the streets of the capital towards Ian's house.  Jeslin was too innocent and kind, he didn't know that he was being used because of this incident.

It didn't take long, Ian and Jeslin arrived.  Ian let Jeslin in.  Ian's house is quite magnificent and big.  He was lucky because he was born to rich parents, even though he did not have the desire and effort to work hard.  Ian is just a spoiled brat who prefers to enjoy his parent's wealth to have fun with any woman he wants.

"What would you like to drink, Jess?"  asked Ian as he took off his jacket.

Jeslin, who had just visited Ian's house, seemed to be paying attention to the contents of Susan's lover's house.  He didn't notice what Ian was doing now.

"Whatever, Ian."

"Okay. I'll make you a drink first, OK?"

The door to Ian's house was locked, he even pocketed the key to his house.  There is an unfavorable attitude that Ian is planning now.  Ian immediately went into his kitchen and took a cold glass of orange juice from the refrigerator.  But not only that but unbeknownst to Jeslin, Ian added a few drops of sleeping pills to the drink.  Ian grinned as he brought the drink forward.

Jeslin was still standing looking at the photos belonging to Ian's family.  Ian has an older brother who has grown up.  Ian's parents are one of the famous restaurant owners in Jakarta.  Not only one branch but already has several branches which are all selling well every day.

"Drink first, Jes," Ian said as he placed the cup of cold yellow drink on the table.  Jeslin then sat down and immediately grabbed the drink which did look refreshing from the outside.  Ian showed a smirk on his face when Jeslin started to gulp down the drink.  It's just a matter of waiting for the medicine to work.

"So how did it start, why did you guys fight?"  Jeslin is a little annoyed with Ian and Susan's behavior because this is not their first fight, but the result is always Jeslin who has to bear it.

"It's normal, Jes. Susan is jealous of Lili. Even though I and Lili don't have any relationship."

"Are you sure? It's not like you and Lili often go out together, so Susan should be jealous. How are you?"  Jeslin scolded annoyed.  But slowly he felt his head starting to get dizzy, his eyes began to blur, and he started to have difficulty breathing.  "Ian..."

"Jes, Jeslin, what are you doing?"

Jeslin was completely unconscious, but that didn't mean he fainted and didn't know anything.  Precisely the girl still feels what Ian is doing.  Without further ado, Ian began to strip Jeslin's clothes, he who was already under the influence of lust continued to carry out his actions and f*ck Jeslin.

"Ian... Don't," sighed Jeslin who couldn't resist, even though he wanted to struggle and kick Ian who was now on top of him.  Jeslin's energy was not strong enough to fight back, and she could only cry when Ian did that heinous thing to her.

Her chastity has been taken away.  Ian casually smiled as soon as Jeslin was fully aware.  "Jes, take a shower before going home, I'll take you to the apartment later," Ian said without guilt.

Jeslin glared at the young man, he wanted him to go berserk and punch Ian's face, but he knew that it would only make things worse.  Jeslin quickly put on her clothes and left Ian's house.  He even left his shoes and went barefoot.

It was already evening when Jeslin left Ian's house.  He was crying with his body unsteady.  Want to go home soon, but also does not want to go back to his house.  Even though he lived there alone.  It's also impossible for Jeslin to come to Daniel's apartment because the younger sister must know something is wrong with her older sister.  Whether out of fear or shame, Jeslin didn't want other people to know what had happened to him.

She decided to just walk aimlessly, looking for a place that could offer serenity and peace.  Finally, his footsteps arrived at the taekwondo martial arts arena which was in a sports arena.  Even though it was already evening, the place still seemed crowded with a few people still practicing.  Jeslin sat on a wooden chair not far from that place.  Watching people compete with each other's physical abilities made him a little interested.  Especially after the incident that Ian had done earlier, made Jeslin want to be able to practice taekwondo as well to be able to defend himself if someone had bad intentions towards him.

"Sorry, who are you waiting for?" asked one of the young men wearing white clothes with a black belt.  Even though Jeslin had never studied taekwondo, he knew that the person in front of him was one of the trainers, it was clear from the belt he was wearing.  Especially with the addition of a proportional body posture, making the man look perfect as a coach here.

"Hm Sorry, I'm just sitting there. Can't I?" asked Jeslin with an innocent face.

"I see. But you better not sit here, it's going to rain soon, it's better to just sit there," said the man again, pointing to the hall where the small children were practicing.  The place was indeed wide, several groups were practicing according to their age.

"Hm... No need, I'm only here for a while, thank you for the offer," Jeslin refused, looking up into the air.  He didn't realize that it had been drizzling since earlier, and even his clothes were getting wet.

The young man was silent for a while then took a deep breath while continuing to stare at Jeslin who looked confused.  "All right, then I'll excuse you first. If you want, just sit there. It won't matter if you're caught in the rain here," he said again.

"Yes thank you."  Jeslin just stared at the young man in the middle of the heavy drizzle that started to wet his body.

Ben.  Was one of the trainers in that place.  Together with his cousins as well as his Uncle and his father, Ben opened a martial arts school specializing in taekwondo.  It's been five years since he and his family opened the place, and it's their first time practicing there because they already have their practice site near their house.  But tonight is different.  His father decided to move temporarily there to attract the interest of the people who frequented the sport there.  They want to enlarge their club so they can compete with other martial arts clubs apart from taekwondo, of course.

It seems that Jeslin's presence managed to distract Ben.  Several times Ben watched Jeslin who was still silent in his seat.  Never mind the drizzling rain that wet his body.  Jeslin's face looked unwell, but it was the look in the girl's eyes that made Ben uneasy after looking at him earlier.  There is pain that Jeslin is feeling and Ben knows it.  It's just that Ben is self-aware that if he is a foreigner, of course, Jeslin will refuse all his help, or it's also impossible if the girl will tell him about what happened to him.  Ben just stared at Jeslin from a distance while coaching the excited kids that night.




When falling in love with you is the heartbreak that I do the most on purpose,

Then leaving you is the best way I have.

Indy Rutliana P

Chapter 2 pregnancy

It's been a week, and Jeslin hasn't left the apartment.  She took time off for health reasons.  Jeslin just spent time at the apartment lazing around.  She didn't want to do anything now.  Her body condition, which was unhealthy, made him just want to spend time in bed.  Armed with a collection of films on his laptop, Jeslin seems comfortable enough now.

 [Jes, are you sick?] A message entered his phone.  She, who was watching Korean dramas, only glanced at the message from Daniel.

 [Have you been to the doctor?] The second message was unable to make Jeslin move, only his eyeballs glanced at the notification on his cell phone.

 [I'm there!] Finally, the last message made Jeslin grunt in annoyance as he reached for his cell phone.  She then typed a reply message to his sister.

 [No need, Dan.  I just caught a cold.  I just need some rest.]

 [But my sister has been sick for a week!  Are you sure you j


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