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I love you both

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: SMW
  • Chapters: 27
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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She is in love with 2 brothers, one sweet and one a bad boy. One if her fated mate. She is taught how to be sexual after being deprived. Betrayal could lead to a life of unhappiness. Lust is so thick that she could choke on it. Her needs become so overpowering, she gives into them.

Chapter 1

Jagger POV

I have been away for a year now, travelling the world, and one month of beta training, my dad's dream. Although it's not a bad life and it will keep me close to my friend and soon to be Alpha Kirk.

God I am exhausted, but why do I have this weird feeling in my chest, god I feel hot, going to go outside for a bit. Standing on my balcony. Garden still as beautiful as ever. There's Jackson still as lazy as ever, geek reading a book whilst some fit bird is swimming in the pool, who is that?

She's getting out, ah shit she has her back to be, loving the way her bikini bottoms have gone into her succulent ass, whoa she's got a tasty ass. who is that? ok she turning around "No fucking way! Lainey" when the fuck did she become that hot. I swear my dick is hard as rock looking at her, where did those breast come from.

Jackson you lucky bastard, fuck me he is punching. Ok I need to stop she's his girlfriend, why can't I look away. omg the things I would do to her. No stop it you dickhead.

"Hey bro! your awake" oh fuck Jackson, hope he hasn't noticed me eye fucking his girlfriend, "Hey kid, you ok?"... "Hey Jagger", oh crap shes talking to me "Hey Lainey, you ok?" Both her and Jackson say yes.

"Come down and sit with us, mums made iced tea" Oh fuck I need to get rid of this erection, "Yeh sure give me 5, gonna brush my teeth" omg this is just say gonna brush my teeth what the fuck is wrong with me.

Writer POV

Jagger comes out to the pool, wearing shorts and he's topless, straight away Lainey notices how fit he looks, she has always had a crush of Jagger like every other girl in school. He walks out all tanned, sun glistening of his abs, Jackson is fit but not as sexy as Jagger.

Cassie Jagger's best friend comes in, his mum brings her to the pool, "Jagger looks who's here"

Cassie smiles "hey stud muffin, come give your fave lesbo a hug" and Jagger jumps up gives her a big hug swinging her around.

"Awwww Cass I have missed you man, catch me up"

Cassie POV

Awww its so nice to see him, missed my bestie.

"Well we can't all go back packing for a year, some of us don't have the bank of mum and dad to live off" both of us laughing.

"Nothing too new, had a few loves, broke a few hearts, been face deep in puss for a few months, nothing new"

Jagger laughing cos he knows he's been the exact same, bet he's been balls deep in anything that moves. "So you going to fill me in about your travels?" and I notice he's not looking at me, oh fuck he's staring at Lainey. She sun bathing with Jackson, I have to say she is making me wet just looking at her.

"Bro look down, you dickhead" and there it is, this fucker has a boner checking our his brothers gf's rack. "Oh shit" and he grabs a cushion.

"Shall we go into your bedroom and catch up?" and he just shakes his head.

Jagger POV

"OMG Cass I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel this need to be near her" and Cassie just looks at me. "Dude you have been back 5 min, your probably just lusting after her, I mean even I want to violate her pussy, she is fit as fuck now!"

"Yeh your probably right, just a shock to the system"

So after a long catch up, I said to Cass I would see her later, and my mum knocked on the door saying come down for dinner, as we always eat as a family, Lainey has always eaten here, her mum passed away when she was little and her dad remarried, the women's a bitch and my mum always took pity on Lainey, especially since my mum and Lainey birth mum were close friends.

I go downstairs, mum's made my favourite, Enchiladas, so I go in the dining room, Lainey's in a purple shirt, skater skirt and trainers, she looks sexy and she isn't even trying, What the fuck is wrong with me I have dry mouth talking to her.

Chapter 2

Lainey's POV

It's so nice to see Jagger back, his family really missed him, he seems different with me now though. Like he's avoiding eye contact, I hope I haven't done anything to annoy him.

He's just as handsome as ever. I have secretly always had a crush on him. But I love Jackson so much. You can secretly fancy someone but love someone else I hope you can.

I lean over the table to give Jagger a glass and I catch him looking down my shirt. But no he wouldn't be would he? Jagger wouldn't fancy me, he looks at me as his brothers annoying little girlfriend.

For some reason I feel him looking at me and it's giving me a feeling in my stomach, is this all in my head? Probably is, he's hardly going to come back after a year of exotic women to little old me, and think I am special.

Why do I even care? I have Jackson.

After dinner Jackson tells his mum, Lainey's and I are going to bed ok. I am allowed to stay the night, I struggl


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