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I Like My Lecturer

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⚠️18+ Seungwan is an ordinary girl, likes Sehun who is a rich and popular lecturer on his campus. Seungwan even created an anonymous social media account to support Sehun, without the man knowing that his students had been supporting him all along. However, for some reason Sehun finally found out that the one who supported him all this time was Seungwan. And after that Sehun actually bullied Seungwan and kept dropping him. In fact, what was even worse was that Sehun had an arranged marriage with Seungwan's half sister, Jung Nana. Making Seungwan have to endure heartache and shame at the same time. • Mature 18 •

Chapter 1

Sehun looked back at his Instagram, where comment notifications, likes and messages kept coming. Making himself uncomfortable is not playing. But as a lecturer who has to promote his journal, like it or not he won't lock his account.

"How long are they going to keep texting me?" He said alone while taking off his glasses, "Just like a celebrity."


Tonight Sehun had prepared everything. He left early and chose not to attend meetings with other professors. Because, his beloved lover—Park Sooyoung is having a birthday.

So from that Sehun was very enthusiastic. He intended to surprise her, and previously told Sooyoung that he couldn't celebrate his girlfriend's birthday because he was busy.

In fact, it was just Sehun's trick to make this surprise even more enjoyable.

By bringing the tulips and the ring he had prepared. Sehun walked down the hall of Sooyoung's apartment, he was so happy and kept smiling imagining that tonight would be the most special night.

After he gave this ring, Sehun's friends would immediately come with cakes and knick-knacks typical for birthdays in general.

But—what Sehun had imagined turned out to be wrong. At this time, he even found Sooyoung making out with another man in the woman's apartment—without wearing any clothes at all.

Sehun was so disgusted, annoyed and angry. He looked at Sooyoung and the man with a sharp gaze. While Sooyoung was busy wearing makeshift clothes.

"Sehun, I can explain everything. I can explain everything," Said Sooyoung who immediately approached Sehun and touched the man's arm.

Sooyoung cried apologizing like before. Yes, this is the third time Sooyoung cheated on Sehun.

"I've had enough." Sehun said slowly without wanting to see Sooyoung's face.

"Sehunnnnn... I beg you to listen to me first. Actually, I accidentally met that guy at the club—"

"Shut up." Sehun snapped, then he looked at Sooyoung, "I'm sick of hearing about it. Really, really sick of it. We broke up. Really broke up!"

Sehun threw the tulip in the face of the man who was on the bed. Then spitting on the floor before he left feeling both emotional and hurt.

"Women don't know themselves!"


Seungwan checked the Floragrey account, his Instagram account which he used to upload covers of his songs and of course, the account which he used to give encouragement and express his love for Sehun, his own lecturer.

The girl smiled happily when Sehun liked the message she sent this afternoon.

'Hi, professor Oh. I've read your latest journal. The writing and every word that you make, and want to convey is very neat and beautiful. I even shed tears just reading your journal. Thank you for making my days happy, Professor Oh. I love you. Greetings—from Floragrey who always supports you.'

"It's unusual for him to respond so quickly." Seungwan muttered. Because usually Sehun will respond to his messages after days.

"Oh my Sehun when will you be mine. Hmm you handsome human." Seungwan said while looking at Sehun's formal photos on Instagram, "Then I'll sleep first, OK? See you tomorrow, oh my future."

Seungwan is just like a madman.


Sehun who was focused on giving material to his students was a little surprised when Seungwan entered the room in a hurry. Moreover, Seungwan's appearance was very crumpled and did not meet the criteria as a requirement to join his class.

"Jung Seung Wan?" Sehun asked to be sure.

"Y-yes, Professor Oh. S-sorry I'm late." Seungwan replied nervously and didn't dare to look at Sehun.

Sehun sighed lazily, his eyes showing that he was very uncomfortable looking at the girl at the door.

The man then looked at his students who were focused on staring at the tension. Then he spoke, "How many times have I told you that I don't like it when a student joins my class but he doesn't want to follow my rules. Wearing neat clothes is a requirement in my class, right?"

"Yes, Professor," Answer the students compactly.

Seungwan just lowered his head, crumpled his crumpled shirt and looked at his shoes which were no longer white.

Sehun took another breath, then spoke to Seungwan. "Maybe my terms are a bit old-fashioned, but I really can't see if any of my students are as dirty as you, Jung Seungwan."

"Professor, I promise—"

"I don't want to hear any more of your promises. Buy nice clothes, then you can join my class!" Sehun's orders were firm.

Forty students who saw that were very shocked—because usually Sehun still gave Seungwan a dispensation. But not this time.

Seungwan felt like he wanted to cry that very second. He didn't dare to look at Sehun who returned to giving material.

"Seungwan, what are you waiting for? Get out now. Get your ugly shirt out of my sight!"

Still appreciating Sehun, the girl bowed in greeting. Then left the room with a broken heart.

Sehun is known to be bitchy and assertive. But Seungwan didn't expect that he would be humiliated in front of everyone.


Seungwan was still disappointed with Sehun who had the heart to throw him out of class. Seungwan, who was still pensive on a park bench, saw a friend his age who looked very pretty in nice clothes.

The girl immediately saw her own clothes which were already very ugly and wrinkled. Seungwan took a deep breath. Then he called his mother who is currently living with her new husband.

"Hello, mom. How are you?" Asked seungwan after a long time he didn't talk to his mother.

"Not so good. Why the phone?"

"Mama, um-can I borrow some money first? This month there are a lot of expenses for research. Also-I want to buy new clothes. My lecturer just kicked me out because my clothes were shabby..."

"Wait, didn't I hear wrong, Kang Seungwan? You asked for money? Didn't you say you already work in a cafe? Besides, your late father's pension is still there, right? Where's the money?"

"To pay for the apartment, mom. This year the rent has doubled, I'm even planning to move out."

"That's fine. Then move on. Mama doesn't have any money!"

"Mama doesn't have any money? Isn't your husband a director?"

"Seungwan, my husband is indeed a director but the money he makes is not yours. Understand?"

Mama Seungwan's voice was getting higher at the end of the sentence. Then the middle-aged woman hung up the phone with great emotion.

Meanwhile, Seungwan, who received such treatment from his mother, could only shed tears. He has lived alone since high school because his mother remarried. And since then the mother seemed to be free from responsibility to take care of it.

Seungwan takes care of himself without anyone cheering him on and without having friends or friends just to complain about.

"Mama why are you so evil? I am also your child." Seungwan said while wiping his tears.

He then touched his stomach that felt very hungry. The girl has to save money by only eating once a day so she can pay the rent for the apartment.

Instead of buying new clothes and doing maintenance, it's hard for him to eat.

Chapter 2

Oppa, have you really broken up with Sooyoung unnie?" Asked Giselle, Sehun's only sister.

"Hmm." Sehun replied curtly while focusing on his laptop.

Giselle smiled happily because she really didn't like Sooyoung, who she thought was flirtatious and spoiled. The girl then sat beside her brother.

"Oppa, do you want it or not if I set you up with my Professor. She is new, young and very beautiful. You will like her, because she is also smart and authoritative."

Sehun looked at his younger brother. Then sighed, "My sister, you better study. Don't try to set me up."

"Hufffttt. You will regret it." Giselle said then immediately left there, leaving Sehun.

Sehun just shook his head slightly at the behavior of his younger brother, who really didn't like his ex-girlfriend, Sooyoung.

The man then checked his phone again, where Floragrey's account gave his usual encouraging words. And


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