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I didn't want to love you

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Melissa is fully aware that she was abandoned by her mother and her family, who raised her, hated her. Eager to turn 18 and get rid of that family she felt she never belonged to, Melissa has her gratitude exacted. Her remaining sanity finishes decaying when she accepts the price: one night with a stranger, but ends up with the coldest, most arrogant businessman she has ever heard of, Otavio Village. It would only be one night with a stranger and everything would be settled, she would no longer have any debts to that family and she could move on with her life in peace, away from them. Everything would be settled for Melissa, if this price was not part of a plan by her "family".

Chapter 1

As she put on her waitress apron to start waiting tables at the coffee shop where she worked, Melissa remembered when she was little and only 7 years old, when her mother dropped her off at the home of her godmother who was very ill at the time and told her:

— "Oh my dear, mommy is going to have to travel for a few days and will be back soon, behave yourself and obey your godmother." Melissa questioned her sadly:

— "But why don't you take me along mommy, I want to go with you, please take me with you."

With a sad look and watery eyes, she caressed her little daughter's cheeks and looking into the girl's sad eyes, her mother replied:

— "My love, mommy can't take you, but I promise I'll be back soon and everything will be back to normal, we can even have ice cream together if you want."

Melissa remembers that she was happy at the time and obediently agreed, after all it was only a few days, but that was not true, her mother did not return. She was too young at the time to wonder why her mother was so sad and her eyes watered, back then she thought it was because she had to stay away from her.

But now she thinks it was because she knew she wasn't coming back, what if she really had abandoned her like her uncle said all those years ago? It was better not to think about it, she refused to believe that her mother had abandoned her, even though it seemed obvious.

Her godmother who was now deceased, at the time was very ill, she called and called trying to get in touch with her godmother, but was unsuccessful, she knew she had little time to live and could not take care of the girl forever, and feared what would be the future of her goddaughter, without father or mother.

However, at that same time, a man appeared, claiming to be Melissa's uncle, and even showed her pictures of her mother, without questioning it.

Thinking about it all, Melissa wondered if it wouldn't have been better if she had been sent to an orphanage. Her life in her uncle's house was not good at all; besides hearing curses and receiving heavy punishment, she still had to put up with her cousin, Italo, who was a sadist and felt pleasure in torturing her, but first humiliated her in several ways.

Even though she was young, Melissa felt that she had lived enough and learned how hard life could be on her. Every time she thought about everything she had been through during all those years, she always wondered why she had to go through all that, what she had done to deserve it, and she always ended up getting depressed, so it was better not to think or resist, because it would only be worse.

Her uncle, as he called himself the man who had come to get her at that time, along with his wife always demanded gratitude for having given her a roof and food, however this was all they gave her, even though they had a good financial condition to live comfortably for the rest of their lives, they didn't give her a penny or even a beryl.

So from an early age Melissa had to make her own way to get her own things, and lucky for her, she got a job in a coffee shop, it didn't pay much, but it was enough for her personal expenses, and she even had some money left over to save for when she went away, far away from those people who did her so much harm.

For everything she had been through in that family, she couldn't wait to turn 18 and go away from them, go to college and have a peaceful and good life, without having to go through what happened in that house. There was only one month left before her 18th birthday, the long awaited 18th, she thought, would be when her life would improve.

Coming out of her thoughts, Melissa went to the freezer of the refrigerator in the staff room, grabbed some ice and put it on her burning back to see if it would improve the bruises on her back caused by her cousin.

Her friend, Luana, saw what she was doing and asked worriedly:

— "Mel, are you going to tell me you hurt yourself again on the door frame?"

The girl smiled awkwardly and nodded her head in confirmation before saying:

— "I'm a bit clumsy, so these things always happen." She couldn't tell anyone, her cousin was always threatening her and she didn't want to get her friend in trouble. Luana gave her a reproachful look and said:

— "Mel, I've known you long enough to know you're hiding something from me, if anyone in that house is mistreating you, you can tell me, we can work something out, we can go to the police." Melissa widened her eyes nervously and replied:

— "No, no police, my uncle is secretary to the minister of security and saying this even if it's a joke and he finds out, he could end up with both of us. Girlfriend, I really hurt myself on the door frame, I didn't think too seriously."

Melissa was already resigned that she couldn't do anything against her "family" but soon she could go far away and pretend this part of her life never happened. Wiping her hand across her forehead and shaking her head in denial, Luana spoke up:

—But tell me, next month you'll be 18, what do you intend to do? We can go out to celebrate, you know.

Mel agreed and said:

— "Yes we can, I hadn't planned anything, I never celebrate." Luana pouted and replied:

— "But this year we will celebrate, you will become an adult and you can be free, you will be responsible for yourself, we have to celebrate."

Chapter 2

Melissa replied without much enthusiasm:— "All right, we can do that."The conversation of the two was interrupted by the manager of the cafe, who entered the room where the two were and said:— "You're supposed to be at work, not chatting away."Luana rolled her eyes and hugged him saying:— "Oh Fernando, don't be boring, we're already going, we were just about honey's 18th birthday, which will be next month." Fernando looked even more reproachful at the two and commented as a whisper for only the three of them to hear:—Another reason why you shouldn't be here making small talk. Have you thought if the boss listens and finds out that Melissa is underage? She doesn't care if you don't make a point of having a fixed wallet, it's even better for her. But if she finds out that I helped her trick her into working here because I felt sorry for her, she'll throw all of us out on our asses,


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