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How To Trap A Capo

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Aurora Bradley, an associate Editor and news reporter at Crystal Publishers, virgin daughter of a wildly acclaimed bank manager. Jayden Walter, the heartless Capo who is wanted by the US embassy for the murder of Sir Bradley Ed. He migrates to Australia in an attempt to escape from the cops and there, he falls madly in love with the late manager's beautiful daughter unknowingly. Though his dreams and expectations may shatter before his eyes, Aurora will uncover the truth about her father's death. Can love heal a broken heart? If yes, will she forgive him so easily? If not, does that call for an act of revenge? Or could there be an undisclosed story as regards the murder of Sir Bradley Ed?


Louisiana, USA.

"By tomorrow, a certain region in Paris will be offering us a loan of 10 billion dollars. We need it to install a new cash machine at the point where we have the security cameras and remember also, our debts with two regions in Atlanta."

The eyes of the manager roam the faces of the men seated around the table, waiting for their opinions. For a couple of minutes, silence overtakes the meeting.

Worried about the silence, the director asks. "At what time should we expect the money, we could seek help from the special corps for security reasons."

"Thank you, Mr. Cromwell, that's a good suggestion. 10 am promt."


On a video call, the members of a notorious robbery gang are communicating with a masked man in the cool evening.

"Why shouldn't we shoot that b*st*rd?" The Capo bellowed in his husky voice with anger. He tugged his long hair behind his ears.

"You don't need to kill him but you are free to threaten him." The masked man responded from the other end.

"What do we stand to gain from this task?" The Capo asks.

You can go away with a fifty percent share of the money after a successful operation."

"You can always count on me, consider it done." The Capo hangs up the call and turns to his men; about five active and vibrant men.

"You all are good people but the society you belong to won't accept that and they don't care about what you do to restore your reputation. Compulsorily by tomorrow, before 10 am, we will be in Louisiana."


A smoked glass Lambo pulls to a stop about less than fifty meters away from the bank.

At the steering is a guy with a covering over his right eye, at the back seat, are four men.

"You." The Capo points at the one-eyed man. "I'll be your crippled grand-mother for a few minutes, you are going to fix up the wheel chair at the back of the car, and you are going to take me into the bank on it."

Yes Sir! But we'll be asked to present a permit."

"That's settled, Hockey is in there, he will receive us."

The one-eyed smiled mischievously and cracks his fingers.

They all have AirPods in their ears as directed by the masked man, with this feature, he will be communicating with them as they navigate their way through the bank to the manager's office.

The Capo begins to load his gun silently.

"I thought we do not need guns for the job." One of his men asks with confusion printed on his face.

"I need my gun for self-defense man, how do I walk in the midst of my enemies without a weapon?"

The one eyed guy snaps his finger as he pushes the wheelchair beside the car door.

Their Capo is dressed like an aged woman, with grey whiskers on his brow and a big handbag. He jumps into the chair feigning difficulty.

The one-eyed guy begins to push, they get to stand in a queue, and when they get to the corp at the main entrance of the bank.

The one-eyed greeted with a fake grin. "Good day, Sir."

"Good day, Sir," looking down at the person in the wheelchair, he greets. "Good day ma'am, may I have your permit please?"

"Sir?" The one eyed guy ask sillily..

The disguised man in the chair quickly flashes a card at the corp.

"Hey, the picture on this card is older than a decade and, I can't make sense of the person in the picture and the one seated here."

"That's me in the photo Sir, I was involved in a motto accident when I took this photo." The guy on the chair tries to convince the corp.

Hockey steps out immediately just in time and shake hands with the one-eyed guy. He turns to the corp. "I'm sorry for any inconvenience, here's my mother and my brother." He lies pointing at them.

Hockey is among the gang members, dressed in suits, looking decent, and pretending to be a member of the staff.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I'm just doing my job." The corp apologizes to The Capo seated on the wheelchair.

"Of course, I understand." The disguised guy says with a fake smile.

The corp presses a button, the door is ajar and the disguised guy is wheeled into the bank.

A lot of people are trooping in and out of the bank. The other four are roaming around the premises waiting for a signal from their leader before they begin to strike.

Their leader is pushed in through a corridor, they are heading to the restroom.

They quickly change into black coveralls and pull a mask over their faces. They wait for the other four after sending them a signal to get right into the bank.

They equally change over in split second and lay hold on their weapons.

First, their leader shoots at two corps who attempt to raise an alarm on seeing a gun on them at the entrance to the VIP section of the bank.

The Capo guy hides his gun in his suitcase before stepping into the secretary's office.

"Welcome Sir, how may I help you?" The secretary ask mindlessly with her eyes still focusing on the monitor.

"Thanks ma'am." Pretending to be polite. "You can help by taking me to your manager."

She raises her face immediately with a high tone. "I beg your pardon?"

On seeing him with a mask and coveralls she lowers her voice. "You can only meet the manager for a special purpose and that's when you have an appointment with him or you work under him. I'm sorry, I can't take you to the manager."

He takes out his gun and aims it at her occiput, the four others steps in behind him and lock the door behind them.

"So you see, if you scream I'll blow your brains out. The manager's office or your funeral, you choose." The Capo said in a coarse voice frightening the lady.

"Alright, alright. Over here." She raises her hands to her head while proceeding to the manager's office in tears.

They meet the manager on his feet as he already heard noises from the secretary's office.

"Who are these people, get out of my office!" He yells at them but they don't seem to be moved.

"Where are my corps you bloody mother f*ck*r!" The manager seems to be more bitter with The long-haired guy, his appearance already portrays him as the masterminder and The Capo of the gang.

"Tie her hands behind her back and stuff papers in her mouth." He commanded his men and one of them move toward the secretary.

"I took your corps down Mr. manager." He says moving closer to him with a broad smile. "All of them who tried to hinder me have gone to meet their creator and if you are going to be like them, you'll have to join them too. And when you get there, plead for my sins."

He stretches out his hand to play with his beard.

"What can I do for all of you?" The manager asks readjusting the chair in front of him.

"Now you talk as a sensible man, we need all the money, all of it. Share the codes with us Mr. manager."

"If it's about the codes, shoot me already." The manager leans close to The Capo's ears. "You will never know the codes while I'm alive."

He quickly grabs him on the neck, pressing with all his strength till the manager begins to choke but he remains adamant.

Immediately he takes a gun and aims at him, a bullet escapes and sinks into the manager's chest and he collapses into his swivel chair, and blood begins to gush out of his injured chest.

"You shot him!" One of the men shouted and begins to retreat.

"I didn't pull the trigger you son of a bicth!" Their leader bellowed in annoyance. He runs under the table for defense seeing that his men are aiming their guns at him..

There's gunfire, two of his men fall down limp.

"Stop shooting at us!" The one eyed guy shouted and before he could realize it, a bullet goes into his head from behind.

The Capo guy quickly pull the corpses incuding that of the manager to the wall.

"Die in peace my brothers," He says and plucks off the pendant necklace hanging around the managers neck, steals a good sum of money from his briefcase and jumps out through the window of the fourth floor on hearing the sirens.

"There he is!" Someone shouted from below and they begin to shoot at him but he dodges and runs back into the building through the window.

As fast as he can, he strips the manager and reappears with dark glasses, a pair of coat and a briefcase.

He walks majestically down the stairs, he sees the corps running up the stair with their guns. One of them walks to where he is, on the landing of the stairs.

"Hello Sir, we are looking for the man in this picture."

The corp flashes a picture of him pointing a gun at the manager to his face.

His eyes rambled to the ground. "F*ck*ng evidence, the stupid cameras were not taken down." He muttered to himself in regret. "Oh yeah, I'd seen that b*st*rd running into one of the restrooms, he nearly broke my arm." Feigning as though he is hurt.

"We'll get things under control soon, sorry about your broken arm." The corp says putting back the photo in his pocket.

The Capo walks out of the bank and gets into someone's car, before a little boy called his mother's attention to him, he zooms off.

After he has covered a long distance, he spots a drone flying toward him, he pulls his trigger and the drone is destroyed.

As he proceeds on the streets in an attempt to escape from the corps, he sees on the billboard, a photo of himself, and below it is tagged: WANTED by the US Embassy.

Chapter 1

Broken Hill, Australia.

(Two months later)


"Hmph..." I breathe out with difficulty on inhaling the smell of burning plantain. "I'm suffocating, Dorothy, the plantains are burning please get in the kitchen now!"

I listened and there were no sounds. "I'm in the bathroom,

Dorothy, please check the plantains on fire!"

Quickly, I jumped out from the bathtub and wrapped a towel around my foamy body. The entire house was engulfed with smoke and it smelt of burning hickory wood.

After taking down the pan, I tiptoed to my sister's room and wow what a sight to behold. She was before her window, staring with her soul at a guy with flowing hair in the next building.

"For how long will you be looking through your window?" I asked jealousy startling her in the process.

"Hey!" She turned around and winked. " Sorry dear, what can I help with?"



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