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His Scent Of Blood

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A brooding werewolf Ferguson, cursed by a dark past, finds himself irresistibly drawn to a fierce and mysterious woman with a dangerous secret. Her aura was one he has never seen and her kind was rare to find. As they navigate a treacherous web of deception and desire, lust, vengeance and betrayal, the line between hunter and hunted blurs, and their burning passion threatens to consume them both. Their haunting past and the powerful witch wasn’t going to give up yet. She wasn’t ready to let them be until Ferguson’s last blood is drawn. She had her ultimate weapon and this weapon was his greatest weakness. How well will this two lovers resist the urge of temptation and face the serious issues at hand?

Chapter 1

*Ferguson Point Of View*

"Woooooo!" Fergus let out a feeble howl one exquisite evening. His white, fluffy fur fluttered in the breeze as he ventured deeper into the forest, craving solitude. Birds serenaded him with their sweet songs, following his path. Oh, how he despised them! The memories they triggered... best to forget them!

He was 7.3ft tall with endearing whiskers, his eyes were a fiery red, which occasionally startled the birds. Yet, that wasn't their natural color. It was simply his anger. All he needed was some space, and they would return to their usual blue hue.

Ferguson walked through the forest under the chilly gusts, deliberately ignoring the birds that annoyed him. If hatred could take form, it would be him. He hated himself, his fur, and his very existence. He resented the fact that, was he 24 years old that day, in his human form.

"Go away!" His irritation burst forth uncontrollably.

"You are a crowned prince! Why would we?“ they sang, their persistence infuriating. They danced on the branches, adding to his annoyance.

"Whatever," he sighed with exasperation.

He approached his cherished cliff where he could survey the entire Ameb forest. He wasn’t the leader but he knew he was one of the strongest. After a sigh, he sprawled lazily on his stomach.

"This is a boring forest,” he muttered to himself. “There is no life here.”

As he continued gazing, his tail swaying slowly, the beauty of the night settled upon him. The sky slowly grew dark and the full moon rose it beautiful silver rays. His eyes reverted to their natural blue hue as he gazed at it. The moon brought back memories he loved. He recalled the good old days he was still human. His mum often complimented his long silky hair, which she never skipped to brush. He remembered his few friends and the loud festivals that never ends until late. He couldn’t forget the heart laughter of his father or the annoying bell of his favorite person. Tears filled his eyes as he remembered a horrible he wished he could forget.

"She killed them..." he said with a soft, haunted voice. The birds drew away from him, frightened.

"SHE KILLED MY PARENTS!" His voice echoed with terror. The birds had no clue how to console him or fathom his pain.

"You'll be fine. You just—" Suzy, a bird, began, attempting to comfort him.

"I don't want to hear anything!"

Silence hung in the air.

No matter how enraged he was, he couldn't deny the moon's breathtaking radiance. As long as the moon was high in the sky and he had his face focused on it, his anger couldn’t last forever.

"There he goes again, moon-gazing as usual," Flappy remarked with disappointment.

“I will kill that lady that caused me pain!” he threatened. “My hands seek for blood. Vengeance is all I seek!”

Chapter 2


Kerina Pomper noticed the birds as they pecked at the corn ears. She ignored them and picked up the last one.

“Well, that should do,” she thought.

The silence in the cornfield was monotonous, and she anticipated that the boredom might worsen when she returned to her uneventful home. She should stop assuming! It would definitely be boring for sure! Born into a family of powerful witches, her lineage was known for chanting unique spells and predicting future events. However, Kerina was different, and she had no explanation for it. Her tongue couldn't weave incantations, nor could her fingers unleash powerful spells. Everything about her was just... odd.

Perhaps life would have been simpler if she were born into an ordinary family. In that case, no one would label her as different.

Kerina sighed and continued walking. The day was radiant and beautiful; the sun illuminated the surroundings and the plants were blossoming. She refused


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