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His Repudiated Luna: True Luna Series

His Repudiated Luna: True Luna Series

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BOOK 1 of the TRUE LUNA SERIES (HIS REPUDIATED LUNA) Valerie Steele is on the run from her pack and first love, Adam, when she finds out that her most trusted friend was going to be his Luna after they had a one night stand. She meets her second chance mate who rescues her from getting raped by some rogue when she roamed aimlessly after getting rejected by her mate. She left for the human world with him and they grew so close as he kept being of help to her in taking care of her pups and her career. But what happens when she couldn't ignore the lingering feelings that was still left of Adam despite his rejection? What happens when Adam wants to be part of her life again as he was before? Will she accept him? Or will she go with her second chance mate? Join me as we unlock answers to hidden secrets!

Chapter 1

I once read somewhere that it took a special kind of bravery to stay sober in a room full of drunk people.

I was sitting before the makeshift bar in Adam's party, watching my friends take shot after shots of burning liquid from nameless bottles.

I stared at their swaying, bleary-eyed form, wondering why anyone would want to subject themselves to that for an entire night and end up wasted in some random place, and wake up with severe hangovers. Stupid nineteen-year olds. I stared at the golden-colored liquid in my own glass. Apple juice was all the refreshment I needed.

Maybe it wasn't bravery though. Maybe I was just being plain stupid and I should have enjoyed the night with my friends. Alcohol would have definitely helped me to survive the events of that night.

"Bar!" Rendall, the one who was closest to me yelled and slammed an empty glass on the table, his eyes unfocused.

"I mean...drink..."

"Don't get too drunk, Rendall. You're the one driving us home." Cheryl slurred and poured another drink down her throat, then giggled almost maniacally.

Analisse, my other best friend, was the only other sober person among us. She was sitting on the other end of Rendall and Cheryl, the bluish light of her phone illuminating her face as she stared into it.

Besides Adam, Analisse was the only other person I trusted with my life. Probably the only person whom I could talk to about what had been bothering me for years now.

"Don't fall off the bar stools," I muttered to Rendall and Cheryl, then stood from my own stool and walked towards Analisse.

"Hey," I said. "We need to talk."

"What—" she started, but I had grabbed her hand and was dragging her through the dimly lit party floor full of swaying people.

Analisse followed me in silence until we reached the foot of the staircase. Once there, she folded her arms and glared at me.

"Rude, much?" She said with a hint of sarcasm.

"What did you want to talk about?"

I closed my eyes and tried to figure out my words and she shook my shoulder worriedly.

"Val, are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, I am. The whole party is just getting to me." I muttered, then opened my eyes.

"There's this thing I've been carrying around for a long while now."

"What's that?" She prompted.

"I like Adam. Heck, I think I love him. I've loved him since we were thirteen and I still do. I want to tell him tonight, but I don't know how to. Can you help me?" I blurted out in one long breath.

A shadow passed across Analisse's face, or perhaps it was the dim party lights around us. "You love him?"

"Yes, Ana." I nodded.

"What should I do?"

She thought for a moment, then said.

"Val, this is his coronation party. He just got crowned as the alpha. I think this would be the wrong time to break that kind of news to him. Besides, you're his best friend. Friends don't feel that way for each other."

I pondered on her words: Analisse was one of the most level headed, pragmatic people I'd ever met. If anyone could tell me the truth, it was her.

Perhaps she was right.

A footfall made the both of us turn to the staircase, and my heart did a tumble as I watched Adam walk downstairs. Oh, Goddess!

"Valerie," he whispered as his eyes fell on me, and I could read the anguish in his eyes, better than anyone else could. For some reason, he wasn't looking at Analisse.

"Adam!" I called. My voice sounded high and pathetic.

"What were you doing upstairs? It's your coronation party, after all."

"I just...needed to have some rest." He murmured, running a hand across his forehead. "I wasn't feeling too well."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"No, Val." He whispered again. "Can you come stay with me upstairs? I really need someone around."

My heart jumped again as I heard those words. I turned to Analisse, but she had mysteriously disappeared into the partying crowd.

I turned back to Adam, my mouth tasting like ash.

"Alright. I'll come." ~~~

Adam reached for my hand almost immediately and pulled me upstairs without another word.

We walked through the vast corridors of the pack house in silence until he reached the door of his room.

There I stopped him before we walked in. His hair fell into his eyes, shielding part of his face.

I pulled it back as I felt for his temperature: his skin was pallid and abnormally warm.

"You don't feel good," I murmured.

"We should get you to bed." I opened the door and led him inside. The room was dim, illuminated only by a standing lamp in the corner.

I led him towards the bed and helped him get into it, and as I turned to go, he reached for my hand.

"Wait!" He called, then stood to his feet again.

Adam stood before me, several inches taller, and I craned my head to stare into those beautiful green eyes that I'd fallen in love with since forever.

And suddenly, his lips were on mine.

His lips tasted metallic and sharp, the taste of undiluted whiskey.

Had he been drinking? I thought, but his sobriety was the last thing on my mind as I deepened the kiss, taking his tongue into my mouth.

His tongue played around with mine, and I almost lost it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned down and grabbed my ass, pulling me even closer.

I could feel the hardness of his erection pressing against my groin.

He was hard.

For me.

Did he feel the same way about me too?

I sucked in a breath through my nose and grabbed his shirt to balance myself, ending the kiss.

In the part of my mind that wasn't clouded by thoughts of Adam, I worried that what we were doing was wrong.

"Adam, why—" I started to ask, but he carried me in one easy swoop and placed me on the bed. He leaned over me, his dark hair brushing my face.

"You can go if you don't want this," he murmured, his voice husky with arousal, and my lower belly clenched in response. He was giving me a choice, but I'd already made my decision.

I let out a stifled moan and pulled him with his shirt, capturing his lips in another kiss. Slowly I began to relax until I melted into his arms.

Then he stopped the kiss with a gasp and began to plant kisses on my neck, my chin, my chest, all the while trailing lines of pleasure on my body with his hands.

He pulled the straps of my dress down, revealing my bare breasts. I felt terribly bare, but this was Adam. Adam wouldn't hurt me: I trusted him.

I helped him slip the rest of my dress down. All I had on was a pair of black panties, which he deftly pulled down too. He stared at my naked body for several moments, then stood from the bed.

He began to undress, and my eyes widened as they took in his erect dick.

He joined me on the bed and before I could react, he leaned down and took one of my nipples in his mouth, slowly running his tongue over it.

I gasped and grabbed his silky dark hair as he worked magic on my body, then he freed my nipple and leaned up to plant another kiss on my lips. I could feel the hardness of his dick against my groin.

"Stay still." He whispered, then slowly ran his fingers from my knee, up my thigh to my crotch, then back again.

Up and down his fingers went, until I began to squirm impatiently in his grasp.

"I told you to stay still, Val." He murmured, then with a deft movement, he parted my legs and two fingers were suddenly between my legs.

I sucked in a sharp breath and gripped him tighter as his fingers expertly slid in and out of my pussy. I was wet to the touch, wet for him, and soon his fingers were slick.

His name slipped from my lips and I closed my eyes shut. Soon his finger strokes became faster and I began to move my hips to match his movements.

He seemed to be touching a core within me that almost drove me insane with pleasure.

In the dimness of the bedroom, I felt him pull his fingers out and replaced it with his dick.

He entered into me slowly, and I felt a sharp, momentary pain as he did so.

"Damn, Val." He whispered into my ears. "You feel so good.

"He began to move inside of me, pushing in and pulling out in slow thrusts. Moan after moan slipped from my lips and I held on to his shoulders, feeling the tingle of pain and pleasure wash over me.

Soon I began to feel pressure build up in my lower belly. My orgasm came like a pleasurable torrent and I screamed his name, gripping his shoulders even harder.

His own release came soon after, and he jerked into me with a force that sent us knocking into the head boards.

Then slowly, I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling a sense of relaxation wash over me.

Chapter 2

I slowly peeled my eyes open, the morning sunlight filtering through the window and warming my face.

I groaned and stretched my limbs, then turned to the side to avoid the glare of the sun, pulling the sheets with me.

It took me several blinks and head scratching to realize that I was in Adam's bedroom, not mine. Wait, where was he? I sat up and looked around.

The only indication that he had been in this room were his shirt and dress pants, which were slung over the back of a nearby chair.

I looked down and realized I was utterly naked, the memory of the night before lingering in my mind.

Then I smiled in satisfaction: for as long as I could remember, I had dreamed of waking up beside him, and now that dream had finally come true.

The sheets smelled of him: that pure, aqua scent that had driven me nuts since I was thirteen years old and I'd finally discovered I had feelings for him.

As I rose from the bed, a se


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