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His kingdom His Rules

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In a world of betrayal and cruelty, Allison is cast adrift from the cold embrace of her family, her fate destined for the merciless hands of the Mafia. As a slave in the household of the ruthless Ndrangheta clan, Allison is at the mercy of Ramiro, a heartless Mafia boss who sees her as nothing more than a plaything for his insatiable desires. Amidst the suffocating brutality, a shocking revelation awaits. The fickle hand of Cupid strikes, binding the hearts of Allison and Ramiro in an unlikely romance, their passions colliding in a tempestuous embrace.As the embers of their forbidden love burn white-hot, will Allison be able to break free from the chains of enslavement that bind her to the Ndrangheta? Or will the allure of forbidden love entice her to stay, as the dark shadows of danger draw ever closer?

Chapter 1

The fire crackled and hissed in the hearth as Mr wither paced his study, seething with rage. His wife, Mrs Wither, sat opposite him, her face pale and drawn. "She is a disgrace to our family," hissed Mr wither his voice laced with venom. "She is ugly and disgusting,she has always been a jinx, she has done nothing but bring misfortune to us."

His wife nodded silently, her own heart heavy hatred."I think it's time to get rid of her, I am tired of looking at her demon eyes?" she said quietly. “We can't kick her out of the house, people would see us as irresponsible parents. I promise you we will get rid of her soon” Mr Wither answered his wife.

The Wither family concluded on getting rid of their younger daughter Allison wither. Allison sat in her room, drowning in her own self pity, her life was a mess, she was constantly bullied because of her Heterochromia. She was pale with long blond hair, her left eye was ocean Blue while her right eye was amber green, it got her the name “demon eyes”. All her life she has never felt any love from her family. She was interrupted in her thoughts by her elder sister Kate. “ Hey demon girl, are u still in the room, go and do the dishes now” Kate screamed at her. “ I am sorry, I am going to do it now,” Allison replied.

“ Get out, you're an eyesore “ Kate hissed harshly at Allison as she went back to her room. Allison quickly went to do the kitchen to do the dishes where she ran into her parents. “Oh it's the pest again, why are you here?” Her mother asked her harshly. “I just….” Allison was cut off by her father “Oh please save us the drama and get to work “ her father said as he left with her mom.

Allison whimpered in tears as she gathered her dishes into the sink and washed, She cried till her eyes got swollen and red. Mr and Mrs wither walked into their bedroom in anger, just an encounter with their youngest daughter always got them in such a mood. “ I have had it to my neck, you have to do something really fast” Mrs wither screamed out in anger. “ I have an idea” Her husband smiled as he looked at her. “ What could possibly be the plan to get rid of Allison ?Even her name left a salty taste in my mouth, ” Mrs Wither replied.

“A slave master will arrive tomorrow in Europe, I will love to deceive her into thinking she is going to learn trade but we would sell her off ” Mr wither smiled while looking at his wife. “ ohh my, I love this plan, we will get rid of her and receive money also. I love this plan” she replied laughing hysterically. After doing the dishes, Allison went to the garden, this was her calm place.

Whenever she felt low of energy, the smell of the grasses and beautiful blooming flowers always helped to calm her down. She felt at peace, she fell asleep outside on the grass. Allison felt someone shaking her, she opened her eyes and saw her mom. “ Hey honey, it's a beautiful day today and guess whose birthday it is?” her mom said in a sweet angel voice. Allison was confused in all your eighteen years of life, her mother has never talked to her sweetly.

“Honey, why are you staring at me like that, it's your 18th birthday, my baby is so grown" .Her mom said as she walked out. Allison ran to her room and took a hot bath. The water on her skin felt magical. She wore a beautiful pink dress with petals because today was her birthday. “ Hey Allison, there are pancakes with syrup on the table and happy birthday sis” Kate told her with a smile.

“Oh thanks K” Allison replied. Allison wondered what's wrong with her family, everybody is so sweet and loving today, yes today is her birthday but on her birthdays she was never treated like this, not that she was complaining, it was just weird. Her thought was interrupted by the sound of the door. As it opened her father stepped in with an unknown man. “ This is Tristan Gale, his guest, treat him nicely”.

Mr Wither told his family. “ Good morning Mr Tristian” Mrs Wither smiled as she offered Tristian a handshake. “ Thank you for the warm welcome” Tristian smiled at the family as he took a seat. “These are my kids, the eldest is Kate and the youngest is Allison” Mr wither smiled as he introduced his kids. “ Good morning sir” Allison and Kate said in unison. “ lovingly kids you have I must say” Tristian told Mr wither.

“Oh thank you, please join us for breakfast” Mr wither said as he instructed his wife to take dishing the meals.They chatted as the ate, Mr Tristian told the family about all his adventures, Allison was captivated she always wanted to go on adventures. “ Oh my goodness, you must really enjoy traveling a lot, my youngest daughter Allison loves adventures too.” Mr Wither told Tristian, Allison never knew her father noticed she wanted to be an explorer.

“ That's really lovely, you're just lucky I am about to live in South Italy on another one of my adventures. Would you love to follow me?” Tristan smiled as he looked at Allison. Before she could respond, her dad cut her off. “ of course she would, thank you so much Tristian for this opportunity she has always dreamt of leaving England”. He said sweetly, smiling at Allison. “Ally dear wouldn't you love to finally cross the border out of Europe”. Her mom told her with smiles. The last time her mom called her Ally was on her 5th birthday.

“Mom I would love to go but..” Allison was cut off by her dad “ no but, you can always come back home when you feel homesick” “ Okay dad I would really love to go with Mr Tristian” Allison replied. “ Oh dear don’t worry I will take care of you, go get your things, we leave immediately after breakfast. I have a flight to catch” Mr Tristian said with a pleasant smile.

“ Why are we leaving in such a hurry?” Allison asked “Oh darling, Mr Tristian here is a very busy man, so don't worry about anything, okay.”

“Okay mom,” Allison answered happily as she dashed to her bedroom. She packed all her pretty outfits, she personally loved fluffy dresses. She wondered which country they would head to first, she has always dreamt of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Kate laughter, “ Ally are you done” Kate asked her, “Yes I am, let me just zip the bag” Allison said as she smiled at her sister. She quickly zipped her bag as they took themselves downstairs.

“Oh my darling I will miss you so much, remember to call us okay” her mom said with sad eyes. “ Of course I will mom, it's only for a week I will be back before you notice” Allison smiled as she looked at her parents. Her mom said nothing as she hurriedly walked them outside to the door.

“I will miss you Ally, I mean who would be washing the dishes?” Kate asked with a harsh mocking laughter but Allison ignored it.

“Stay safe and listen Mr Tristian okay” her dad pleaded as he hugged her. “Thank you Mr and Mrs wither for your hospitality, I will do well to take care of her.

Allison get in the car let's go” Mr Tristian said as he walked to his car. Allison hugged all her family members promising to call as she ran to the car. “Put your seatbelt on” Mr Tristian said to Allison harshly.She nodded as she fixed her seatbelt properly. The mood in the car was tense and awkward, so Allison tried to make small talk.

“So today is my birthday, I am turning eighteen” she said with a smile. “Nobody cares” Mr Tristian hissed at her. She felt scared as she turned her eyes to the streets, from the little she knew,they weren't taking the route to the Airport. Allison felt scared but tried to be positive because Tristian is her father's friend, maybe he wants to take something from his hostel.

“ Where are we going please?” Allison asked, looking frightened. “Let's get the rules straight, don't f*ck*ng ask me any questions, don't talk to me again” Tristian replied with a full blown rage in his eyes as he glared at her. Allison stared out the window, her heart was beating like a drum, she knew hatred when she saw one, she knew that Mr Tristian didn't like her. Then why did he ask her to follow him on an adventure.

Tristan glared at the streets as he drove with full speed, this is the part he hated more in his job,when the girls being sold out ask stupid questions. Jeez get a grip, your family obviously sold you out,he thought as he glared at the whim of a girl he bought. She had pale skin, men loved that kind of woman so he knew she would fetch lots of money, he smiled as he drove to his warehouse; where he kept some other girls he bought.

“This place looks deserted, please why are we here” Allison asked as Tristian practically ignored her. She felt anxiety rush over her. “Please Mr Tristian tell me …” her speech was cut off by a slap struck straight to her face. “It's not even 30 minutes and you're already breaking my rules” Tristian said as he dragged Allison by the hair into the warehouse. “Ouch please it hurts stop it” Allison screamed out in pain.

Tristan dragged her hair harder so that her scalp turned red. Allison saw huge men dragged in black with tattoos all over their skin, they held guns. “ Good morning boss, is that the last package ? ”. One of the mean looking men asked Tristian. “ Yes, tie her up together with the rest of the girls we are leaving tonight” Tristian asked as he threw her on the floor. Allison stared at them confused, what package, what girls,why is Mr Tristian being mean.

The mean looking man dragged her off her feet as he dragged her by the arm into the warehouse, Allison was struggling. “ Mr Tristian what's going on ?, please let me go, let me go” Allison screamed at the mean looking man as she kicked and struggled.They buff looking men all laughed at Allison.

“ Okay let me enlighten you about your new status “ Mr Tristian said looking at Allison dead in the eyes. Allison noticed she needed to know what was going on.

“Your family sold you to me for 2 million dollars, so technically you belong to me. I am your master, you obey my rules and your name will no longer be Allison because you have lost that privilege. Your name is number 15, that's your new identity”. Tristian said amusement. “ It's a lie, you're a liar, my parents will never sell me out ” Allison said with tears full in her eyes.

Everyone laughed at her oblivion, they found it amusing anytime a new slave was betrayed by their families. “As I said before nobody f*ck*ng cares about you. Take number 15 inside” Tristian said as he entered his car and drove off. The revelation that she was now a slave, sold into captivity on her own birthday, was too much for Allison to bear.

The crushing reality of her situation engulfed her, a wave of despair washing over her. Her breath came in shallow gasps as her mind reeled, unable to process the enormity of her fate. Her body began to tremble, a cold sweat beading her forehead. And then, the world seemed to spin and sway, her vision darkening at the edges.

With a final, shuddering breath, Allison succumbed to the overwhelming emotions, collapsing into a sea of unconsciousness

Chapter 2

She opened her eyes, confused and disoriented, the grim realization of her situation flooding back to her. Her hands were bound tightly behind her back, and she struggled against her restraints. The air felt stifling and heavy, the light dim and shadowy. As the details of the room swam into focus, she remembered the fateful words of her captors: her own parents had sold her into slavery. A wave of anguish and despair washed over her, and she let out a choked sob as the full weight of her predicament bore down upon her. She tried to make sense of the situation but couldn't, how could her parents do that to her? She knew they never loved her but to sell her out on her birthday after acting all nice and sweet was absolute cruelty. “Don't waste anymore of your tears, you will need the strength tonight when they start moving us” someone said in the dark. Allison searches for the voice, but all she can see is darkness. “Don't be frightened, I am like you too, my name is number 10” th


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