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His Brother's Wife

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Angelo "Ang" Rodriguez is a broken man. After losing the woman she loved, she suddenly changed, making the once-positive guy into a gloomy one, and it didn't help him when his younger brother Anthony got into a coma. He could take everything that life throws at him except for one. The fact that his younger brother married Miranda Sandoval, a gold digger who had already gotten married three times before his younger brother, and he cannot allow Miranda to stay married to his brother after knowing that one of those husbands died and after being a widow, Miranda inherited her ex-husband's wealth, but what Ang didn't expect is for him to fall for the woman who he considers a gold digger and a sinner.

CHAPTER 1: Broker Man

-=Ang's Point of View=-

I can't believe that it's been a month now since I bottled myself up to the loneliness I was feeling after losing the woman I love. It pains me to set her free, but I have to, I needed to let her be with the man she really loves, the man who truly owns her heart, which is not me, unfortunately.

Some people say that I was too nice for my own good and that I let important people in my life be happy and well, but that's just how it is, right?

When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it hurts you. What matters is their well-being.

Maybe I'm bordering on being a martyr, but that's just how I am, even when I was young.

My feet felt heavy as I stood up from my bed, but the darkness of my room didn't hinder me because I knew every corner of that room, I chose to go out and headed straight to the wine cellar to get some alcohol because I ran out of what I took the other day.

As I left the room, it was a good thing that no one greeted me, which suited me really well because I didn't want to talk to anyone.

I was about to return to my room when Miranda suddenly greeted me. She was dressed up and looked like she had just come home from somewhere.

"Well, isn't it my beloved sister-in-law?" I said sarcastically, and I saw her face suddenly tighten at what she heard from me, I still can't accept that my younger brother married this kind of woman.

"I'm glad that you are out of your room, Ang; you need to have a life," she said emotionlessly, which I returned with a sneer because I knew that she wasn't sincere with what she said.

"Where did you come from?" I asked, but I didn't wait for her to answer, and without saying anything, I snatched the paper she was holding.

I was shocked when I saw the invitation, and my heart suddenly felt like it had been punched when I saw what was written there.

"You are cordially invited to the wedding of Romano Santiago and Atilla Cervantes."

My mind went blank, and I just dropped the invitation, ignoring Miranda's call.

When I got inside, I immediately opened the bottle of alcohol that I got and drank it straight, but it still didn't ease the pain that I was feeling, so I violently threw the bottle somewhere that made noise in my room.

"Atilla..." I couldn't help but cry because now the woman I loved the most was really gone.

I loved her with all my heart, but it was all in vain because she only loved Ram. I tried to turn a blind eye and hoped that Atilla would forget her past relationship, but I was wrong because from then on and until now, Ram is still the one Atilla loves. Even though she's my girlfriend, I never felt that she loved me back, I was the only one who loved her, and it seemed like she only saw me as a friend.

I fell asleep with Atilla still on my mind and the truth that my love for her was fruitless.

I woke up feeling thirsty, so I immediately reached for the pitcher of water on my bedside table.

"D*mn!" I blurted it out when I noticed that the pitcher was empty. Despite feeling heavy, I stood up and walked towards my personal fridge in my room, but a new curse word escaped my lips when I saw that it was also empty.

I checked my wristwatch and saw that it was already one in the morning. I couldn't do anything else but personally go to the kitchen. I didn't want to bother our household staff just to get some water.

My head was pounding from the alcohol I drank, and as I stepped out of the room, I didn't bother turning on the lights. Only the moonlight illuminated my walk.

The pain in my head was really killing me, but I still continued to make my way to the kitchen until I finally arrived. I immediately went to the fridge, didn't bother getting a glass, and drank directly from the pitcher.

The water helped ease my dizziness, so I decided to sit on a chair. The pain returned, when I saw Atilla and Ram's wedding invitation. My thoughts were interrupted however, when I heard a noise in the kitchen.

I tried to be vigilant, thinking that someone might have broken in, but then I realized that if they were really bad people, they wouldn't go to the kitchen.

I remained quiet, waiting for whoever it was. The darkness helped me hide while I waited for the footsteps.

Since my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I immediately saw the newcomer.

I felt tense when I saw that it was Miranda, who was probably also getting some water. But I felt even more tense when I saw that she was only wearing a thin nightgown, and based on her body shape, I could say she wasn't wearing a bra.

I couldn't help but feel my body heat up while silently staring at Miranda. Even though I was angry at her because I couldn't accept that my brother married someone like her, I couldn't deny the desire I felt for her.

"You're not attracted to Miranda, Ang. Think about it. You've been without s*x for over a year, so you're feeling desire, and any woman with a body like that would turn you on," I explained to myself. But even so, I still couldn't keep my eyes off her, especially when she opened the fridge. Her appearance became clearer to me when the fridge door opened and light hit her. My desire only intensified.

During the first year of our relationship, Atilla and I did nothing except simple kissing since I didn't want her to do things for which she wasn't ready yet, so it wasn't surprising that I felt a desire for Miranda.

I couldn't deny that Miranda was extremely beautiful. Her long black hair, her big brown eyes that were surrounded by the darkness of the night, her high nose bridge, and her red lips were captivating.

"What would it feel like to kiss those lips?" I wondered, but I immediately suppressed that thought because I shouldn't be feeling that way, especially since she's married to my brother, whether I like it or not.

She hadn't closed the door yet, so when she straightened her posture to drink, her body became even more clear to me. Her breast was so firm and proud, as if enticing me, as if it were begging me to touch it. Her body was perfectly shaped; no wonder she fooled so many men, but not me.

Even before Anthony, she had already married three other men—not just anyone, but rich men. I know she's only after Anthony's money, and I won't allow it.

I faked a cough that caught her attention because she seemed to have not noticed that she wasn't alone.

"Holly...Ang, is that you?" She called my name with a hoarse voice, and for some reason, the way she said my name made my libido go wild.

I tried to fight the thoughts running through my mind now. I could already imagine her saying my name in that tone when I'm drilling my tool inside her, which is not right since again she's my f*ck*ng sister-in-law.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" I asked with no emotion.

"Hell yeah! What the hell are you doing there in the dark?" She asked while holding her chest, probably really surprised.

"Just drinking water," I said, and I didn't stay long before I stopped and left the kitchen, but before finally leaving, I managed to ask something that I really wanted to know.

"Is she happy?" I asked weakly, and I'm not sure if Miranda heard me or not.

"Very," she replied, immediately understanding my question.

Somehow, I was happy to know that Atilla was happy, but the truth that I'm hurting is still there. Yes, I'm hurting because the woman I love is happy with someone else.

I ignored Miranda's call and went straight to my room.

I don't need pity from anyone, especially not from Miranda Sandoval.

"Especially not from the gold digger Miranda Sandoval."

CHAPTER 2: Need To Clean Up My Act

-=Ang's Point of View=-

"How long will you keep yourself locked up in sadness, Ang?!" My mom angrily said this to me when she entered my room that morning.

To be honest, I don't know how long it's been since I let go of Atilla from my life, but even so, everything still hurts as if it happened just yesterday.

"Just leave me alone," I answered lifelessly. I woke up to her angry voice and was about to grab the bottle of alcohol by my bedside when she aggressively knocked it out of my hand, causing it to shatter.

"You want me to leave you alone? It's as if you're saying that I'm a useless mother," she said with pain in her voice. I couldn't stop the guilt from rising in my chest, especially since I knew I was becoming unfair.

"I'm sorry..." I said it weakly, feeling her concern for me.

"Ang, please think about it. We're here; we're your family, so we're ready to help you. Please don't push us away," my mom said as tears


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