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Her Tears

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Scarlett is a responsible wife who does everything she can to achieve her dream of having a family with her husband, but it all comes crashing down because of one sin. A sin in which she caught her husband and sister having an affair. How far can she go? Will she just let it go?

Chapter 1


“Hon, I’m leaving first,” I said, but he seemed too stunned. “Wait... Are you okay?” I asked.

He still could not talk. I’m worried.

“H-Hon.. You will not leave me no matter what, are you?” he asked, and he took my hand and pulled me into his lap. I frowned at him, wondering why he seemed to do something wrong.

I’ve been noticing it for two months, but I just ignore it, maybe he’s just having a problem at work.

“Hon? Is there something wrong?” I asked. “We're husband and wife, so I should know what my husband’s problem is,” I said. All he did was hug me.

“Please promise me you will not leave me.” he said. I stood up, letting go of his embrace. What he’s saying confuses me.

I don’t understand everything! What is going on with him?

“What’s wrong, Dominic?” I asked, annoyed. He continued to drink while shaking his head.

“I love you, Scarlett.” he said. I sighed and moved closer to him.

“Yeah, I love you so much. I will never leave you.”

That’s what I believed, but it would seem that the world has turned upside down. I don’t know if I can still believe in him.

“Mrs. Stone, you’re one month pregnant.”

I’m not sure what my reaction will be. Because I didn’t believe what we’d been awaiting had arrived.

I am, Scarlett Venice Knight Stone is the girl who will never give up. But sometimes you have to decide to keep everyone quiet so that no one else is harmed.

There is nothing wrong with us being together, but we kept our relationship a secret because I can’t marry or have a boyfriend yet, which is one of our family’s law because I have to fulfill my responsibilities to our clan first.

Is that what I want? To take in their footsteps? To be obedient to them? I don’t know.

Dominic, and I have been together for six years, except for my sister, no one knows about this. I didn’t even tell my parents because I’m afraid it would reach our grandfather.

Because I don’t want to choose between them because they are both important in my life, so Dominic and I kept our relationship a secret.

We had been dating for a year and had even gotten married.

Dominic was 20, and I was 18.

We ended up getting married at a young age, because others expected that’s where we’d end up. And because of the money, Dominic made us a legal couple without informing our families.

Dominic has his own house, so the two of us have lived there away from everyone, where we can be together. We’ve been together for six years, and a blessing has come our way that will strengthen our relationship even more.

We waited a long time for this because I knew it was time to inform my family that we were married and would start our own family. I will continue to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to the Knights, and of course including my own family.

I’m glad and grateful! I’m happy with my life until something unexpected happens.

Everything will be destroyed. All of my joy and happiness faded away in an instant.


When I got home from hospital, I was overjoyed to tell my husband that I was pregnant. But I frowned when I saw the familiar car and realized who owned it.

My dear sister, Sophia Vivian Knight.

Wait... Is she here?

I smiled because I was about to tell her I had good news for her as well. I’m sure she’ll be pleased to have a nephew.

I was excited about entering our home, but I came to a halt when I noticed that there was no one there. Wasn’t my sister supposed to be here? But where is she?

I frowned and looked around, noticing a few bottles on the table even though that I knew Dominic was the one who drank them.

I even looked outside the house’s garage and confirmed that my sister’s car was parked there.

Because when she and Grandpa argue, she comes here to avoid the two of them fighting; she’s close to me because she’s my sister, and I know she needs someone to sympathize with as well.

Maybe she and Grandpa got into a fight, which is why she’s here now.

I just smiled as I looked up at the upstairs. Maybe my sister and Dominic were sleeping, so I went upstairs to call them because I had something important to tell them, but my heart trembled with each step I took.

I’m not sure where my fear comes from. Nothing will happen, right?

As I approached our room, I noticed the door was half open. I took a deep breath to relieve the tension that had engulfed my entire being, then paused for a moment to notice that the door to our room was indeed open.

Scarlett, calm down! Please relax!

I kept walking, but I stopped when I heard a strange sound coming from our room. I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Don’t think about anything else, Scarlett, you have something else to say to your husband,” I said to myself as I am fixing my clothes and hair before continuing on my way.

Someone was pushing me to open the door right away, and someone was also telling me not to go any further.

I’m at a loss for what to do. Should I keep going, or should I stop? F–ck! Why am I scared? I’m going to see my husband, not someone else.

I noticed my hand shaking while holding the doorknob, but I calmed myself down before smiling and opening the door.

“Hon—” I stopped and couldn’t speak.

An unexpected incident. My husband and my sister are actually having s*x.

My mouth said nothing. I took a step back and leaned against the wall, where I could hear them both moaning.I sobbed quietly while holding my chest as it tightened.

Dominic, why? Why did you do this to me? Am I not enough for you? Are you still not satisfied with me?

“I-I’m p-pregnant, D-Dom...”

I stopped crying, when I heard what Sophia said.

Is she pregnant? H-how...?

I closed my mouth as tears streamed down my cheeks. I clenched my grip on the thing I was carrying. My good news is meaningless when they have a child.

I hurried out of our house, shaking as I opened my car door and leaned against the backseat.

“I thought you’d changed, that I was the only girl who had changed your life,” I sobbed. “But I was mistaken; I didn’t think you could cheat me for six years.”

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and wiped my tears. And just smiled bitterly as I looked around the house. This is where we will raise our own family, but it is also where we will end.

I left our home with a deep sadness.

I love Dominic, but I know that sometimes love isn't enough to make you happy. Because sometimes love will destroy the relationship you tried to build.

Chapter 2

Five years later.

The cool breeze. It’s nice to live in the province when you don’t encounter any problems. The one who is far away from everything, from pain, hatred, and sorrow, and especially from trouble.

When I felt the strong wind, I closed my eyes as if I could feel Dominic’s hug.

“For the rest of my life, I will love you.”

I opened my eyes as if I heard his voice, and the tears that had held in my five years of hiding flowed once again.

Why am I still in pain? Why am I still hoping Dominic will find me and tell me what happened? And Why do I still care about him? I’ve been gone for five years since I left. And I haven’t heard from my family in five years, but I know they’ve been looking for me.

They have plenty of connections, and it’s easy for them to find me, but because I’m a Knight, I’ve already gone through everything they could go through just to find me.

I blocked their connections thanks to my close friend, Claire Perkins. Sh


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