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Her Life

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She was r*p*d, she got pregnant and she's rejected. Her step mother and her father threw her out of the house in the middle of the night. No matter how she begged her father, no matter how she begged her step mother, they seemed not to listen to her. How will she begin her journey? If only she knew who impregnated her. If only there's another family member. There she is in the dark street, with her bags. Crying her eyes out. How will she survive? Happily, she gave birth to a bouncing baby crazy girl. She named her Hannah.

Chapter 1

Hannah was in the kitchen with her mother, preparing breakfast when suddenly her mother threw a surprising question to her." Why are all your friends male Hannah?" Her mother asked.Ava left where she stood and walked to her. " Why did you ask such a question, mother?" Said Hannah." I have my reasons for saying that." Replied her mother. " It's not good." She added." Come on mother" Hannah rolled her eyes. " I like male friends because they're cool. It's normal." She added while her mother folded her arms and watched her." Female friends are just........" She drawled, looking for the right words. " They're jealous and troublesome. I can't have them as friends." But her mother wasn't satisfied." Then why didn't you become a man?" Her mother asked." Mother!" Hannah exclaimed." Men are dangerous Hannah, I don't want you around them. You're a girl for goodness sake, and you should be with girls." Said her mother." Ouch!!" Hannah said and rolled her eyes. Slapping her forehead. " Not my friends mother, they're cool and fine." She persisted. " Why can't you believe me for once, mother?" She said in disappointment." Come on Hannah, I don't like your lifestyle, you have to change." Her mother said." I don't like all this...." Said Hannah with a frown. " I'm tired of this whole thing. I'm tired." She murmured and walked out of the kitchen, leaving her mother there." Hannah! Hannah!" Her mother called, but she paid deaf ears." I have the right to choose my friends, I know what's right for me." She kept murmuring and entered her room." Hello Hannah!" Someone called from outside. It sounded like one of her friends, Alex.She quickly left her room and hurried outside. Just as she thought, there stood Alex on his usual dress." Hi!" Said Alex. " I thought you're not in." He said." Is that your good morning?" Hannah asked." Sorry." He apologized. " Good morning."" Morning." Replied Hannah. " How are you, little boy?" She asked." You're crazy." Said Alex with a little laughter. " You're not dressed, why?" He asked." I'm not done yet." She replied." Seriously?" Alex furrowed his brow. " What were you doing?" He asked." I was cooking." She replied. " Will you wait for me?" She asked." Not again Hannah. You did the same thing yesterday, and we went late. Remember what we faced." Alex said. " I don't want it to happen again please." He added." Why are you like this?" Said Hannah with a frown. " You're bad for my liking." She added." Yesterday......." He wanted to say something, but she cut him off." Let me get my bag." She said and rushed inside.She picked her bag and hurried to the kitchen to tell her Mom. " Mother! I'm off....." She announced happily and ran out." So soon?" Said her mother. " What about your breakfast?" She asked." Later!" Hannah responded. " Let's go." She said to Alex." You've not had breakfast?" Alex furrowed his brow, staring at her in surprise as they kept walking." Not your business." Replied Hannah rolling her eyes. " Keep moving or I will spank your head." She added jokingly." You can't do that, I'm not your mate." Replied Alex." Stop bragging. It doesn't suit you." Hannah said." I'm not bragging." Replied Alex. " Tony is older than all of us, but he doesn't brag about it." She said and there's silence. " Next year, I'll be 20 too." She added." And I'll be 21." Alex said. " It doesn't change anything." He added." Ouch!!" Hannah muttered and he chuckled.As they reached school, Alex and Hannah were about to enter class when suddenly, they heard a voice behind them." You again? What are you doing here?" It was a male voice.Hannah and Alex turned immediately. There stood the guy that splashed water on Hannah a few days ago, while he's driving.Hannah had given him the best insult of his life, that even when his father asked him to apologize to her, she wasn't ready to listen cause he's done it more than twice, and she'd recognized his car." What is he doing here?" Hannah asked Alex." What kind of question is that?" Alex said. " How am I supposed to answer that?""Before I count one to three, I want you to leave this place!" He said angrily." You don't know what to say." Hannah said, but Alex pinched her, and drew closer to her." His father owns this place, and I'm sure he's the one that gave you the scholarship. I don't think he will be happy if he finds out that you insulted his son." Alex whispered." We will talk about that later." Said Hannah. " Are you done with your counting?" She asked the guy." I can see that you lack manners." The guy responded." Who is talking? Look at this idiot. Do you know who you're talking to? I've heard a lot about you and I don't give a sh*t about that.If you want it hot! I'll give it to you! I'm not the type of person you usually mess up with. Don't try me!Talking about manners, your father was the one that begged you to apologize to me a few days ago. He begged!" She glanced at Alex. " This idiot refused to comply. Just an apology, it took him more than 30 minutes! The next time you try that sh*t again, I won't fail to break that stupid car of yours.Look at his face! I wonder what girls see in you." She concluded and was about to enter the class, when the lady with him spoke." Be careful girl......." The girl drawled the last word. " We look cool but we are very dangerous." She concluded."Go to hell b*tch!!" Hannah said and walked into the class." Did you just hear that Maxwell?" The girl said, staring at his face directly with a frown on her face." Don't worry Diana. It's not yet our time." Maxwell replied.Alex wanted to follow Hannah, but Maxwell called him back. " Hey!" Alex turned to him immediately." Bro! I mean sir." Alex said." Who is she?" He asked." She's my friend." Alex replied. Her name is Hannah." He added." Is she schooling here?" He asked in surprise." Yes sir." Alex replied. " She's new here." He added"Hmmm." Maxwell grunts and chuckle. " You can go." He said to Alex. " Thank you sir." Alex said and walked into the class." It is good that you're schooling here with me." Said Maxwell. " I have my reasons for not touching you today, but if you cross my part next time. I won't fail to show you what I'm made of." He muttered and walked into the class as well, followed by Diana.

Chapter 2

Hannah was heading back from school with her friends, when suddenly a woman began to scream. " Thief! Thief! Thief! My purse!" The woman began to cry as she kept screaming.Hannah was surprised, but suddenly, a man passed them quickly with a purse in his hand. And Hannah knew that it was the thief the woman was talking about. She quickly left her friends and ran after him. Hoping to get the purse from him, and return it to the owner.People began to pursue her, thinking that she's the thief. " Catch the girl! Stop right now! Hold her!" They kept screaming, but Hannah didn't care about them. Her focus was on the thief.Suddenly, the man threw the purse away and ran off quickly. Hannah picked the purse from the floor and turned back. Heading to the woman.The crowd began to drag her, but she told them that she's not the thief. She also made it known to them that the thief had run away, but they seemed not


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