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After experiencing love for the first time with Theodore MJ Jones who never believed in happy ending but unexpectedly fell in love but fate striked taking the one thing he loved which left him disoriented. James Martinez was heartbroken and gave up on love and his career. Until Elizabeth Salvador a writer and college student chanced upon him and fell in love at first sight, breaking the walls he created slowly. But will fate play another cruel trick on him again or is there truly a happy ending?. "What are you doing?" he asked the shy girl "Umm I think you have something on your dress" Liza stretched her hands and touched his chest. "Your heart is beating fast" she said mischievously. He looked into her eyes feeling helpless. What should he do with this hardheaded mischievous girl?.

Chapter 1 How It All Started

Author's Note:

Give Love A Try is my first book everyone so please be nice and give less critique comments, if there's something you don't understand please comment so I can quickly make adjustments and also English is not my first language so feel free to comment on that as well.


The sky was crying for no specific reason. The sound was loud enough to feel it's emotions. The emotions were filled with pain, grief, sorrow, confusion and anger.

Gentle sobs could be heard from

A distance down an alley but when a shadow of a small figure appeared, it became even clearer that the sobs were coming from there.

The figure turned out to be a lady whose shoulders were shaking. while she cried the rain poured heavily washing away her tears, leaving nothing behind.

Theodore MJ Jones. The only survival due to a brutal robbery. She was just thirteen when it all happened. Her family died before her eyes while she lay down and begged, pleaded, implored and did whatever she could do to save her family.

She passed out afterwards, as the police said but she wished she didn't wake up or at least she could've lost her memories because it was just too painful to forget. She had the good parts but what was the use if she'd just end up with the bad heartbreaking part.

That was why she hated endings because she believed there was no such thing like happy ever after.

While reminiscing what conspired that eventful day that triggered the past. And how it all started, she couldn't help but blame life, people and anyone involved in her life.


Going to work early was a habit, especially when all she could do was remember the past, then cry and sulk all day.

Theodore was an event planner who worked for a famous company called LTX, the biggest company for event planning and more. To work there was a privilege to everyone but not to her, she was just doing it to spare herself the headache of thinking.

"Theodore honey, is that you?" Mrs Tina's voice called the minute she stepped inside the office.

"Oh, yes ma'am. It's me" she replied nonchalantly to her boss, whose eyes were scanning her

She said looking intensely "you're always early and dressed up differently" she looked at her as if she was looking for a life inside an empty bottle.

She guessed she always dressed differently. Today she was putting on white flowy beach dress, painted with red roses on it, paired with white loafers and a handbag. Her hair was tied in a half ponytail, with light make-up.

"Excuse me ma'am. Is Lucas coming back today?" There was a big Gala that day and she couldn't do it on her own without her assistant.

Of course they have employees but Lucas Edwin was her assistant, plus they were kind of close, professionally and formally.

"Uhm. He'll be coming back today but not as early as planned, though before the event I believe." she explained.

She nodded and walked to her table to start her long day.

(Theo's POV.)

Sweating hard to fix everything before the Gala. I heard a faint sound before someone called out to me.

"Miss theo! How are you doing?" Turning around to see who it was, I found Lucas approaching me with a tired smile. He must be so stressed after the flight and everything he went to do.

"Hey Lucas. I'm good but I can't say the same for you, you look like you experienced life" I said emotionlessly.

He smiled "I'm glad you care about my well being and of course my handsome face" he said playfully. I rolled my eyes which made him chuckle.

"But I experienced New york. Both the good and bad, you know there's no sweet without bitter" he said with a wink.

But his words got me thinking. No sweet without bitter, now I see why my life ended like this but why am I still alive or is there more bitterness waiting for me?.

I dropped the thought when I saw him coming closer to take a look at what I was doing earlier. "Nice work girl" he cheered.

I just smiled. He asked to assist me, which I couldn't refuse.


When we arrived at the Gala. I saw handsome and beautiful people but I wasn't fazed, I went to meet my boss, who thanked me non-stop for the well organized event. Thinking the day wasn't young anymore but perfect for a Gala. I decided to head to the restroom and retouch my light make-up and fix myself.

On my way I bumped into someone who held a drink. The person coursed loud enough for a few people to hear.

Looking at the dress in front of me, i was sure it was a lady.

"Sorry miss. I didn't mean.." Before I could complete my words, I received a neat slap across my left cheek.

Confusion could be clearly seen on my face, as I held my left cheek.

"How dare you? You ugly dressed b*tch" she said with disgust.

I was now wearing a purple mermaid dress with spaghetti strap hands. So I was confused, how did I look ugly to her.

"Do you know how much this dress is worth? You lowlife" she kept asking with insults afterwards.

I could see the few people pointing at us, while murmuring in each other's ears.

"uhm..Miss you don't know me, so you shouldn't dare judge me" I said with pain.

"Excuse you? And who are you? You little rat" she said, looking at me from head to toe.

"You bumped into me too, so stop acting up, if truly that dress you claimed is expensive, then you should've walked carefully, not carelessly" I said with the pain that turned into anger.

Not a second pass before I received another on my right cheek. I could hear a few gasps. This time the hand was different but it was more painful and huge.

"You little thing. You dare insult and belittle my sister?" Said a manly voice, which I guessed was her brother.

I looked up to find a handsome man dressed in grey suit, looking at me with the same disgust. Now something wasn't right.

Did he just say I insulted his sister? Then what were they doing now? They were insulting and belittling me for accidentally bumping into someone holding a Champagne.

I Held both cheeks 'Your sister bumped into me and stained my dress as well' I wanted to scream but I couldn't find my voice

The sister ran to her brother with fake tears in her eyes.

"What's going on here?!" a man's voice resounded with authority. I looked where it came from to see a man walking towards us in black suits and a woman trailing behind him.

"I believe I asked a question!" The man demanded a response.

The man's features were the same with the handsome man from earlier. While the woman's were like the girl.

I didn't have to put two and two together to know they were a family.

"Son? What's happening here? And why is my baby crying?" The man in his late forties inquired, looking at his son holding his daughter.

The girl who looked my age responded instead "Dad she slapped me, after bumping into me" she lied effortlessly, like she was used to it.

Her brother who looked in his twenties turned to me, ready to hit my left cheek.

Instead I felt a hot slap on my right cheek. "How dare you slap my daughter?!" I heard the woman's voice, it echoed in my ears.

My right cheek was burning from her son's impact. Now it felt like a volcano.

My right hand held the cheek, while my left hand held the right hand because the pain was too much.

Chapter 2 A Stranger?

My right hand held the cheek, while my left hand held the right hand because the pain was too much.

"I said how dare you?!" She asked with visible anger but my tears flowed, instead of an answer.

I felt another slap on my right cheek and the word spun around me

"I asked a question, you useless thing" but I could barely hear a word. I felt like vomiting and collapsing afterwards. I didn't even noticed the on-lookers watching the show.

"Jennifer! That's enough. Let me take care of this" I shivered to the core with fear when I heard the man's cold voice. But he's daughter was not satisfied. She held the helm of my dress and ripped it. The front skirt was tore, exposing my mid thighs and downwards.

Her family seemed pleased before her father motioned for someone. Next thing I saw was security holding my arms and dragging me out.

I was dragged so hard, and my bag fell on the floor in the process.


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