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Framing the Story Andrian Directorial Journey

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"Framing the Story Andrian Directorial Journey" is a gripping novel that follows the life of a renowned director named Andrian, who is not only a public favorite but also a highly respected film critic. The story delves into his journey as he navigates the demanding world of filmmaking and the intricacies of film critique. The novel explores the challenges he faces, the relationships he builds, and the impact his work has on both audiences and the industry. As Andrian career soars, he grapples with personal dilemmas, artistic choices, and the evolving landscape of cinema, creating a captivating narrative that offers insight into the art of filmmaking and the enigmatic persona of a director who occupies both sides of the cinematic spectrum.

Chapter 1

The city of Angels under the night is brilliantly lit. Although it doesn't have the sense of cascades of high-rise buildings in New York, the lights on Beverly Hill still proclaim the city's prosperity.Here is the world's largest film industry, which produces dazzling stars every year. This is Hollywood. Every year, countless handsome men and women flock to seek their own opportunities. American and global, they are eager to become a hit and become big stars who are admired or reserved or noble or individual.As long as they can become famous, as long as they can establish themselves and develop in a place that is fascinated by Hollywood, they don't mind paying everything? Wait, do you say they are acting for the film industry? Of course, everyone would say that, wouldn't it?A large-scale reception is being held in the Hilton's golden lobby. Universal is celebrating its new movie sale, so despite the medium-size, there are still many big and small stars. Just as in the past, people from time to time left in pairs and reappeared, and the hustle and bustle outside just covered the movement of some rooms inside.As the wheezing of excitement gradually became lower, the room finally completely quieted down, and after a few minutes, the sound of Sassoo's dressing sounded again. Perhaps it was because the previous Armani suit was too crumpled, and the latest Chanel evening dress was in danger of fragmentation, which is a pity."You are so charming, Miss Barrymore." The man looked at the charming body of the woman's half-covered body with contented eyes while finishing his clothes,"You can call me Drew, Adrian." The woman's voice was hoarse after the climax, and had a sense of seductiveness beyond words. After wiping off what had to be left on her face because she had forgotten to do something, she put down her vanity mirror and casually re-posted the evening sling.Although all the previous makeup has been wiped off, the face of Su Yan's baby looks different. There is also the enchanting figure with a youthful atmosphere, which is described by **** stunners.Drew Barrymore, a great example of Hollywood becoming famous and then falling. She started appearing on television at the age of 11 months. She became the star of the star for the cute little girl in Spielberg's ET, and then won gold for her appearance in several blockbuster movies. The best supporting actress of the ball award, became a high-profile star.However, the pressure of fame caused her to start drinking at the age of 11, smoking and marijuana at the age of 12, starting to try cocaine at the age of 13, and finally having to be sent to a detox center by her mother. Fortunately, she has a great director as her godfather. Now she is regaining her acting career and appeared in several precocious, s*xy, and coquettish roles, but she is very similar to her."You can also call me Ed, Drew." Adrian, who had been dressed, went to Barrymore and stretched out his hand."Frankly, this is my best time, Ed." Drew, who had stood up with his hand, gave a charming smile, which looked particularly attractive on the face of the still pure doll, "I'm almost hooked on you . ""Me too." Adrian said with a smile, his hand slid down and pinched her hips.Of course he wouldn't believe it. Everyone would say that it sounds good. Everyone knows that this is just a play on the scene. However, this coquettish woman is still very flavorful. Skillful technology and beautiful body only 17 years old are quite memorable.Cocktail parties and parties are really a good place, this feels very good, and you can come back a few times in the future. Adrian, who always kept smiling and helped Drew sort his clothes, occasionally thought of his brotherhood.When I go back to 90 years, everything is different, and Hollywood will be in my hands!The story should start from a year and a half ago.*I groaned, Zhang Haoxuan got up from the bed, covered his mouth and patted his chest for a while before returning to his senses.I **** it, as if I drink too much. Holding his sore head, he wiped his face to soothe himself, and then went out of the bed into the bathroom with the dim light.Crackling, just after turning on the light, Zhang Haoxuan froze, because an unfamiliar face was printed in the mirror above the wash basin. Brown curly hair, black eyes hesitant to the bottom of the lake, tough lines as if carved with a knife, and at the same time have a special softness from the East, tall, thick chest, just extra young, with a small Western face the taste of.He looked straight at the mirror for five minutes like this, Zhang Haoxuan turned out of the bathroom and returned to the bed, and muttered, "Wipe, it's **** dreaming."However, after lying on the bed for less than two seconds, he suddenly bounced and rushed into the bathroom, turned on the light, and looked at the mirror in horror."This, this, this **** ... why ... what happened ?!" Zhang Haoxuan continued to touch his face in horror. The feeling from his hands and the movement of the man in the mirror were telling him this western man. Just yourself!"Wipe ... I ... passed through?" As a guy who would occasionally read books on the Internet to pass the time, he quickly realized what was happening, and a weird indescribable emotion came to mind. Excitement, panic, or excitement.At this moment, there was a sudden pain in his head, as if a burning iron was inserted into it, which caused his brain to boil. Zhang Haoxuan shouted, slamming his head and falling to the ground, constantly tumbling, and did not know how long it took before he paused slowly, crawling on the floor of the bathroom and panting."What happened just now?" Zhang Haoxuan, who had adjusted his breath, sat up inexplicably, just now that the pain was so bad now, how could all of a sudden be gone, and there was nothing in the head that was clear after being hit? Feeling. It's a little sticky under the nose, and it turned out to be nosebleed at the touch!He quickly stood up and looked into the mirror, and sure enough, there was a trace of blood under his nose, and one of them almost reached the corner of his mouth. Just now ... isn't it memory reorganization? Zhang Haoxuan suddenly remembered a movie called "Butterfly Effect" I had seen before.After thinking for a few seconds, he closed his eyes and remembered, then opened his mouth after swallowing, and his forehead sweated slightly. The original owner of this body is Adrian Cowell, 23 years old. He is a sister-in-law who relies on his parents' heritage to eat, drink, and, most importantly, the time is now-1990!Mrs. Galen felt that Adrian was very abnormal today. She wandered around in the villa in pajamas all day, and from time to time there were a few words that she didn't understand. It took me a long time to meet her. My name is always drawn on the plate when I eat, and I never send it to my mouth. This is very rude.But the most abnormal thing is that he stayed at home and never went anywhere! You know, if he didn't go out to drink a drunken ghost until dawn, he would never return."I'm really okay, Mrs. Galen, really." Adrian said this when sending her out, and used two "really" to add weight to his tone."Well, Mr. Adrian, then I'll go back first," said Mrs. Galen. "I sincerely suggest you, it's best to go to the hospital to see if you get an electric shock sequelae.""I will." The other side smiled and nodded, only to be relieved after watching her leave the villa."It's ... like a dream." Adrian or Zhang Haoxuan grabbed his head. It took him a day to sort out the situation and adapt to the environment, and now he's finally fine.As said before, this guy named Adrian Cowell is a sister-in-law who lives on the heritage of his parents. About two years ago, his parents were killed in an air crash, leaving a total of more than 10 million legacy, including About 6 million are various stocks and funds, and then several expensive villas-such as the one he currently lives in, which is worth at least 4 million.According to Adrian's memory, his family should be considered very wealthy, and his parents did not take him to a high-level reception when he was there. It ’s a pity that because he always spends time and troubles outside, what he has learned from childhood to piano — guitar, and all kinds of books he read are almost for the sake of women. Other achievements are horrible. After Stanford went to college, he spent money in and out. So his parents made another will, donated most of their property to the charity fund, and changed the will to encounter an air crash less than half a year later. As a result, it was impossible for Adrian to try to change himself.Although being a millionaire is not bad, as long as you can spend a little money on your life, it is not difficult. It's just in a place like Los Angeles that throws a bomb into the rich area, where 80% of the dead are millionaires. This is not enough money, let alone Adrian was used to it.So in addition to buying drunk in the past two years-finally he is not as arrogant and careless as before-unfortunately, after drunk home yesterday, I suddenly wanted to repair the broken bedside lamp, and as a result ..."It's a pitiful and unfortunate guy." Zhang Haoxuan, who was watching TV on the sofa, sighed while tasting French Bordeaux wine. Although this seemed a bit excessive, it could not be changed, was it?No matter what, I inherited everything from him--identity, life. I will be Adrian Cowell. Zhang Haoxuan shrugged, then stood up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, stretching out a lazy waist. So what can you do now?Although this villa is not on Beverly Hills, it is close at hand, watching the brightly lit Los Angeles down the mountain. The sound of giggles came from the TV behind him. It was the Disney home channel, which was playing a full-age TV movie.Zhang Haoxuan, who was still thinking, could not help but lick the corners of his mouth. A sense of excitement that had never been felt suddenly covered the whole body. The surge of adrenaline made him tremble slightly.Hollywood! He narrowed his eyes and read the word.

Chapter 2

Zhang Haoxuan, male, 32 years old-just happened to be the other way round-graduated from the Film Academy, a small director who is not in the station somewhere, gloomy, except for mixed days or mixed days, this is the information before his crossing, but now he has useless.If it weren't for the exclusion, would I become the kind of waste? Has long been a great director, every day Qianqian rules others. Zhang Haoxuan scolded and said something in his heart. It is undeniable that when he was admitted to the film school to study the director's department, he had some embarrassing goals, but he was very serious when he was studying. The most proud thing is to record ten movies every day for several consecutive days!It is not common to watch ten movies. You need to analyze the lens analysis method to ponder the director's intentions, put forward the advantages and disadvantages based on your own observations, and so on. In addition, he also read a lot o


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