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Forced marriage

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A tradition, a curse, a wedding. Amy Thompson, 28 years old, rich, has her dream job, faithful and true friends. She is motherless, but her father never failed her. She has known since she was a little girl that her family has the tradition of making marriage contracts for their children, they are promised from an early age and they have to fulfill it otherwise there is a terrible curse that will fall on their lives. Her father only told her not to get a boyfriend to marry because she was promised to a good guy, but everything was always said in a joking way, so she never paid much attention to that subject, she didn't intend to get married, at least not so soon, she wanted to live for your work. Alexander Harrison, 29 years old, rich, single, handsome to envy, has the women he wants, but he's always known that he can't marry any, unlike Amy, his parents always kept him up to date on what was going on , this being a serious matter when it was talked about. When they finally meet, it's terrible, they hate each other, they spend their lives calling each other names and can't understand each other. But over time, they will start to feel sensations they weren't expecting. They have to get married before Alexander turns 30, if they don't, the curse causes him to die and soon after Amy turns 30 later. A race against time and against the will to marry will follow them.

Chapter 1 Kensington, London, Winter 1997


The Love appears without warning

This work is original and only of my own


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Chapter 1

20 years ago

Kensington, London, Winter 1997

It was a storm outside, the rain hit the ground so hard that it seemed that smoke was coming out, the wind was freezing the bones in seconds, they were in the middle of January and the cold was too intense.

Dr. Stuart had been rushed to the Thompsons' house. As soon as he had entered the huge house, a maid immediately took him to the room of the lords of the house.

Dr. Stuart knew why he was called and how it would end.

She entered the room in hurried steps and saw Olivia, worse than she had left her in the morning, breathing heavily.

She had caught pneumonia and was almost at the end, no longer had salvation.

It was a shame, a lady as distinguished as she was and so young.

Inside, there was her husband, Mr. George Thompson, a couple friend, the Harrison family lawyer, who looked like a few friends.

When he came in, he immediately went to listen to Mrs Thompson, was ill, was very ill.

The lawyer handed him a document, he didn’t seem at all happy with what he had just handed to Mrs Olivia.

Charles - I still say this is silly - he said grumpy crossing his arms

Mrs. Thompson signed at great expense, then signed her husband and finally the Harrison couple.

Grace - It’s tradition Charles - Mrs. Harrison said as she signed - don’t be moody!

Charles - Tradition, tradition - snitched the lawyer - that was good with our ancestors, we’re almost in the 20th century, please.

George - The tradition of our families will be like this until there are no more Thompson’s and Harrison’s, you know that. - said Mr. George Thompson is bored. - And besides, you know what happened to my cousin Isabella and James' uncle, Richard, didn’t keep up with tradition and the curse fell on their heads. Poor, stubborn little devils.

Charles - Ahh please, that was an unfortunate coincidence - the lawyer replied.

James - Coincidences or not, let’s not risk it. The contract is signed and stamped, they can no longer escape their fate. - finished James Harrison.

Mrs. Thompson died that night.

20 years later

Kensington, London, Autumn 2017

The party is...

Narrated by Amy

Despite being cold, inside the library is very warm, the fireplace crackles happily.

The noises of the people arriving for the party begin to be heard in the great hall.

The library door opens wide.

Nani - Amy!!! - cries my nanny - what are you doing here yet? Oh beloved god, and not even dressed? - censors with his hands on his hips.

Amy - I was hoping you’d forget about me - I say without taking my eyes off the book I’m reading.

Nani - What nonsense is the girl saying - she scolds - and someone will someday forget her little flower - comes up to me and strokes my hair.

Nani has always been my nanny, helped me to be born, raised me and gave me all her love.

Nani - Go, let’s hurry - Nani tells me to hurry up - You know your father doesn’t like you being late for the holidays.

"Dad and his parties" - I think when I make a face.

Amy - I don’t even know why he insists on having these parties! - I say bored, putting the book back on the shelf.

Nani -You know that it was your mother’s wish. May God have her under her golden cloak - blessed.

My mother died 20 years ago next winter, I was 4 years old, I had caught a cold that quickly turned into pneumonia.

I suffered a lot with the abrupt departure of my mother, but Nani and my father never let anything missing, much less love.

Amy -What would my mother be thinking, to leave such a desire? - I ask, stretching my hands to the fireplace to warm them.

Nani -Your mother loved parties, balls, everyone well dressed, crystal glasses clinking - Nani was lost in the past - your mother was an excellent hostess and a great dancer - laughed loudly - but come on, I don’t feel like listening to your father’s usual sermon - she says pushing me out of the library.

I leave the library unwillingly, climb the grand staircase and through the huge glass that accompanies the staircase, I see the huge cars that are already parked in the huge park.

I mumble something and keep climbing.

I go into the room, and there’s my Nani.

Amy - But you came flying? - I say admired.

Nani - If I were a witch could have come - she jokes laughing - look at what a beautiful dress she has here - smiled when she lifted the black dress with beje straps lining, with beak neckline with flowers of various colors on the bust, the ends of the dress were all beaked and all covered with beautiful lace. It is truly magnificent.

Nani helped me to dress and made me a ponytail half dismantled in my blonde hair, then I made up, nothing fancy, little blush, a discreet shadow on my green eyes and a burgundy lipstick that highlights my white skin, I put on long earrings and wear black strappy sandals to finish.

Nani puts both hands on her own cheeks and opens her mouth.

Nani - Girl, how beautiful you look - she says.

I laugh, Nani is always so exaggerated and funny.

Amy - My father said that today I had to be especially impeccable - I say boring - I hope he’s not plotting anything.

Nani lowers her head and clumsily wiggles her apron always impeccably white.

Amy - Nani - I call - what is my father up to?

Nani - Oh girl, I don’t know anything - fixed the hook on her black hair, her olive-colored eyes shone brighter than usual.

Nani - Go - start again to push me, now, out of the room - is already late.

How rude of you

Narrated by Amy

When I got near the great hall, the noise bothered me and I decided then not to enter already, instead I went to the garden. I take a deep breath, I love this smell that exudes from the flowers, the countryside as far as we can see, the beautiful fruit trees that we have all over the property. At the bottom you can see the stable and still a little further away you can see the stream that passes fast and always full of haste. I walk away a little and look at the huge mansion in front of me, this is where I was born, this is where I was raised, this is where my dear mother died.

Below the eyes and a tear falls. I look up again and carefully clean my face. I decide to walk a bit, but my thin heel sandals bury themselves in the ground, I take them off and take them in my hand, Ahh, that’s better.

When I get close to an apple tree, I see that the apples are already good to pick, I smile and stretch, but I can’t get there.

I look at the apple and I say:

Amy - Don’t think I won’t get you - laugh at me for talking to the apple, crazy kkk.

I climb a little tree but the dress takes away my usual movements, I usually do this, but with normal clothes.

As I stretch a little more, I hear a voice that scares me and makes me fall.

-What are you doing hanging there like a monkey? - says the voice like a thunderstorm.

As I fall, I slam my *ss on the floor and my dress rises high above my knees. Lying on the floor with bare legs and bare feet, I’m in a beautiful figure.

The man in front of me takes the apple that had fallen too.

He’s really tall, he’s a good 1.90 cm, he’s got light brown hair and he’s got green eyes, he’s beautiful, very beautiful, oh sh*t, too pretty.

I quickly get up and straighten my dress and hair.

Amy - You had to scare me like that? - I say as I rip the apple out of her hands.

-I knew there was going to be scared - says the man - was hanging there.

Amy - And called me monkey - I say indignantly - what a lack of education.

He looks at me like he’s failing.

-Lack of education has the girl - says angry - where he has seen himself walking around hanging in trees!

That man is pissing me off.

Amy - You’re very rude, that’s right - I’m starting to get away from that jerk. Who does he think he is, to talk to me like that? Petulant is what he is.

In the garden, I shake the dust off my feet and put on my high-heeled sandals again and finally head to the party.

Chapter 2 The presentation does not go well

Chapter 2

The presentation does not go well

Narrated by Amy

George - But where have you been Amy? - asks my angry father.

Amy - Oh dad, you know how much these parties annoy me" I say taking a canapé - the later I get, the less time I stay.

George - Amy, I’ve told you a thousand times that these parties are necessary, both for business, weddings, acquaintances, and your mother always wished that these parties would continue, even after she left, it was one of her wishes that I want to fulfill in her memory, You know that and you also know that in the absence of your dear mother you have to be the one to accompany me. And where are you? Everywhere but here "he says boring" I have to have a good conversation with Nani.

Amy - Nani is not to blame, she sent me on time, I still passed by the garden, and I tell you more, you have very rude guests... - I do not finish the sentence because I am interrupted.

-Friend George - a very


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