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Forbidden Love: Touch Me Honey.

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This novel has mature content +16 "Brother, I'm pregnant with our child" "Get rid of it it would be too shameful for people to hear, how could you not know contraceptive? what a shame " The man said coldly as he stormed out of the room leaving behind the stunned Clarissa. In the blink of an eye its five days has passed. As Drew cruised through the gate of their villa, the meeting with his father was not the thing that occupied his thought but seeing that woman occupied his thought. He was still fuming over her, the therapist said there is nothing she can do to help, and that vexed him even more. And to make the matter worse she is now pregnant. He stopped his car outside the massive iron gate in front of the Walter villa, he angrily rolled down his window and jabbed at the intercom when the security did not open the gate on time, he was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently waiting, he has been jabbing on the intercom for over ten minutes before the gate was opened. He drove in angry into the villa; he clenched his hand into a tight fist in his pocket. However he did not forget the reason why his father forced him back, if he has not threatened to transfer all his properties to their unborn child he would not have come to take her out as his father said but he also has another purpose of coming here today which is to get their marriage certificate and starts torturing that woman that turned her into a complete mess. Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath. When he opened his eyes he was back to the young master of the Walter. The four people in the huge sitting room didn’t utter a word to each other just staring at each other, Clarissa’s mind was conflicted she has never expected her rash decision of keeping the pregnancy will break the family apart, her mom is asking for divorce while Drew was just coming back home since his father asked them to get married five days ago, she honestly didn’t expect things to turn out like this. While leaning on the sofa lazily Drew decided to break the silence “I’m here to take Clarissa out”. Drew elegantly expressed his intentions as he crossed his long legs together. Everyone listened to him without uttering a word, but turned their head to glance at Clarissa to see her reaction but she lowered her head without saying a word. Clarissa who was already dressed did not know if she should be happy or sad, with the way things were playing out. The moment she got into the car, she heard him asking, “Did you bring your ID” “Yes” she replied

Got Caught

Drew Point of View

I had just stepped out of my bathroom when I heard a knock on my door. It was my stepsister. Clarissa, just when I turned to look at her, my towel slipped, revealing my naked body. I felt her eyes baring into my skin. My dad married her mother six years ago when she was seventeen, but I pretended not to notice her weird behavior. I know I have such a good body that many girls throw themselves at me, and I like it. Who wouldn’t like it’? I can’t deny the fact that my sister is gorgeous, exquisite, bewitching, and graceful; she’s such a beauty.

‘’Like what you see?" "Have you seen enough?’’ I asked, and my sudden question brought her back from her imaginations; she coughs softly in embarrassment.

"I’m so sorry, I’m here because I couldn't get to mom," she said, blushing her cheeks red as berries, and I could see right through her lies.

She’s already twenty-three, but she can't stay without talking to her mom. I mean, our mom.

I don’t care whatever her fantasy about me might be. Well, I lie, but I need to tell her my mind; she needs to stop giving me that look because each and every time she stares at me, I bite her lip, which is now her habit whenever we are alone. I lose control of my mind. I don't know if it's love or lust. She has an exquisite and curvy figure. She looks stunning and bewitching. Inhaling the fragrance from her body through the thin nightgown she had on, my throat inevitably went parched.

‘’Look, Clarissa, you need to stop biting your lip and stealing glances at me. Any idea you have on your mind, I think you better block it out, sis. Don't forget, we are brothers and sisters. ’’ I said I was trying to look serious so she wouldn't see right through my lies.

Clarissa Point of View

"Since the first day my mom introduced Drew to me as my brother, I have fallen in love with him. Each time I see him, the only thought on my mind is to be in his arm. Who wouldn't want to be in his arm? He has a great body; he's alluring and cute; he’s a hot guy; he has defined cheekbones; there's not a single fat on his body; he's just too fit. Each time I see him, I get butterflies in my belly. My friends and mom have tried so many times to introduce me to guys, but I can't get over Drew. I'm always infatuated by him; each time I see Drew bring in a woman, I get jealous, and to make it worse, the b**ches would keep screaming. It hurts me a lot that I always wish I was the one screaming out his name. I’m sure he’s not aware of what happened yesterday because he came home drunk.


''Drew, watch your step. You know no one is at home yet you come home drunk. What is wrong with you?'' I yelled at him. I was really p*ss*d and happy at the same time because he came back home alone.

I managed to take him to his room. He was telling me how hot I was. I helped him change into his pajamas. While I was helping him change his pants, I mistakenly touched his d*ck! It felt so good. Well,  don’t look at me like that; it wasn’t intentional, so I took a few pictures of his d*ck with my smartphone before going to my room to sleep. Before I forget, I also checked the pictures before going to bed.

End of flashback.

I got caught!

Drew's word caught me off guard, and I stormed to my room, remembering Drew saying we are siblings, my foot. Today is Saturday, so I stayed in my room without eating lunch, like I was so p*ss*d. It was around eight thirty PM when I heard a knock on my door, and I heard Drew's voice say, ‘’ Rissa, come outside and have dinner. I’m sorry. I know I should not have shouted at you. Okay, I don’t want mom to get mad at me for not taking good care of you.’’ I heard him coaxing me like a child.

"I’m coming," I said, trying to still sound angry when an idea popped into my head. You will find out later. I went downstairs to have dinner, and boom, guess what he was putting on, and he was d*rm s*xy in those without a shirt. I gulped down a mouth full of saliva and sat down to eat my food quietly.

Drew Pov

I decided to watch some videos before going to bed, the AC on, and I was enjoying my movies. Here comes Clarissa in shorts and a bra, and the shorts barely covered her a*s.

‘’Hi Drew,’’ she said, ‘’can I watch the video with you? I’m so bored since my friends are offline’’

‘’You sure you want to watch, I asked, unconvinced.

‘’Yeah,’’ she said, blinking her eyes innocently, just like a baby.

‘’Sure, go ahead and watch’’. I said

Clarissa sure has something under her sleeve this night, and I can’t wait to find out. That was the thought on my mind.

She sat down next to me and was watching the film with me. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it was a horror movie. In the corner of my eye, I could see a water droplet on her breast.

I kept watching the film, trying to fix my eyes and mind back on the screen. At a jump scare point in the horror movie, she suddenly jumped and placed her hand on my leg, just near my crotch. I felt an electric shock. I got hard just from the fact that her hand was there.

Instead of removing it when things calmed down, she kept it there. I managed to glance at her from the corner of my eye a few times to see if she even noticed where her hand was and my boner, but there was no sign that she did, or was she doing it intentionally? I gently removed her hand from my crotch as I asked if she'd be okay.

‘’Not really’’, she said as she got up and moved closer to me.

Chapter 2

‘’Clarissa, you are making me a little uncomfortable,’’ I told her, but she moved closer and was caressing my face.

‘’Clarissa, we shouldn’t be doing this,’’ I said as I looked down on her, staring into her eyes, that the only thing I saw was desire.

“I know Drew; we are not related by blood," she said with an evil smile as she inched her face towards me. ‘’Will you kiss me, or just take a look at my pussy? Do you want to see?’’

"No, I don’t want to’’ I lied because I already have a problem with what she’s doing to me. She began to run her hand down my back and came closer to me. ‘’Don’t restrain yourself, Drew. You know you want to fuck me. You know you want to talk to me about your sexual desires. You can share everything with me,’’ She said she began rubbing one of her hands on my dick and the other hand on my chest. “I know how you feel,” she said.

‘’I don’t want to tell her how I felt; my dick was completely hard and throbbing, and with all the bad ideas


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