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Billionaire Exchange wife
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She was sent to another man’s bed by her childhood sweetheart and in order to save the only family she had left she didn’t hesitate to agree to marry the young master of the Anderson family who was rumoured to be crippled and disfigured. She had thought since the man was crippled she would live the life of a widow.. but who would have thought the man would be in her bed. “Rex Anderson, I thought you were crippled” “In your dream” .......... There was a resounding slap after slap. Ariel was slapped hard by her father. “You unfilial child, where have you been all night, knee” thud! She knelt on the cold tile. “To atone for your sin, you will have to marry Rex Anderson.” Ariel's body shook violently when she heard her father saying she would have to marry Rex Anderson. “What? You mean I am going to marry that crippled and disfigured shit of a man? Dad, you must be kidding me, right? I won’t marry that thing ever, not in this life.” Pa! She got slapped again by the person she called her father.


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