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Having to live with an abusive father and living with a notorious Mafia leader wasn't something Emilie expected when she first Escaped the hellhole. She thought she'd outlived her past with her father who always blamed Emilie for her mother's death, which, Emilie herself did too. But was it true? Or was it just another game Emilie's Dad was playing on her? Luckily, there was someone who showed Emilie her worth. Someone who was willing to sacrifice his own world, so that she could live in his peacefully. But, what happens when it's all a lie? What happens when she gets rescued by someone she thought was just an ordinary person, but finds out that he's leading a whole different and dangerous life instead of the one he showed to the world? Would she run back? Or would Emilie 'stay back...with him'. The one and only, Lucifer Villin.

My Area.

“Oof,” Tarek falls to the ground just as Matt throws a punch in his face.

Tarek cursed under his breath. He curled up on the floor and protected his stomach. His hands were trying to shield his torso, but nothing could stop the Mafia brothers from forcing out the information they needed.

“You...boys never give up...Do you?” Tarek groaned, right before spitting blood on the floor.

“Shut your mouth, Tarek. You’ve no permission to speak here,” Matt sneered at him. His veins were popping out of his skin, muscles all tensed. All he wanted was to hit Tarek again, and again, and again.

Why? For valid reasons. This was something they’d waited for a long time. And now that the time was here, there was no stopping them.

“Now, why would I take orders from you?” Tarek mocked. “Why..would...I?” He whimpered. And before he could speak again.

Another voice cut in between.

“Because you’re in my area. And he’ll probably beat the shit out of you.” He spoke. His voice was firm, deep. He walked into the room while removing his t-shirt.

He wasn’t trying to flex his body, his perfect abs or those tattoos and scars he’s received whenever he dealt with people like Tarek, no. He was removing it because he didn’t want any blood ruining his outfit.

Tarek, who was still lying on the ground, showed fear as soon as he walked in. But he tried to suppress his true attitude and changed his facial expressions instantly.

“Ah, Lucifer Villin.” he mocked. “What a fucking surprise.” he smiled at him. He wanted Lucifer to know that he was not afraid of him. Even though he was screwing his pants right now, but no. No showing fear to the devil.

Because he feeds on it.

“Before we get into beating the shit out of you. It would be really nice of you to tell me where the hell Salim is,” Lucifer questioned, to which Tarek laughed.

He tried to get up when the others behind Lucifer drew their guns targeted at him. Tarek hesitated for a moment before Lucifer ordered them to lower their guns, and he finally got up and faced him with anger and frustration.

“I won’t tell you shit,” Tarek Spat, “Do what you can. Bringing me here was a waste of your time.”

Lucifer Villin was a patient billionaire. He was a genuine and sophisticated leader. Not to mention feared by many.

Everyone knew who he was. Because all those chains of businesses were just a shield to cover up his actual job.

He was a gangster, a fearful mafia leader. He sure had an immense amount of patience in him, but right now? He broke all his laws.

Lucifer had no patience left to tolerate his bullshit. He knew he needed answers, and he needed them soon. Time was never the issue for him, but this scenario was different.

He already waited for years to live this moment and gain even the slightest bit of lead he could get. And now was his only chance.

Not giving Tarek any amusement, he walked right in front of him, unarmed and trying not to punch the life out of him just yet.

He could clearly see how badly Tarek was already trembling. Because he knew how and why exactly he was here.

He knew what he did. He knew what he could have done. And he knew how to make things right. The only thing despite all of this he did was change his life by his own hands.

Making it worse by choosing a side that was already losing.

Lucifer leaned in on him. He slid his hands in his pockets and whispered right before his left ear.

“I wish I could agree with you, but that’s where you’re wrong. You see, the other guy who came with you is on the run and he will lead us to him.”

Tarek stares at him in shock. This was bad news to him. Not bad, terrible news. If Lucifer knew about the guy, he’d definitely lead him to Salim. And if he figures where Salim’s all..gone.

“Do you still have something to say to me?” Lucifer questioned again, this time leaning backwards and glaring right into his eyes.

But all Tarek showed was fear. Fear of being tortured just like he tortured “Her”.

“I-I don’t..I..”

“What?” Lucifer mocked again. Leaning his ear right towards where his mouth was, Tarek failed to speak again. He was already lost.

Lucifer smacked his lips and turned his back on Tarek. “Fine, whenever you’re ready. It’s not like you’re going anywhere else from here,”

He stopped, turned to face him again, and smirked. “And it’s not like anyone’s gonna try, come, and save you.” He winked, and that was when things for Tarek shifted badly.

“Don’t worry, my men will take care of him. Till then. Matt will be here to give you great company.” Lucifer spoke before walking out of the cellar beneath his penthouse.

“No-NO! Lucifer! I swear I don’t know anything, man! I...No no no! Matt, please, no!”

And there goes everything silent.


Life for Lucifer, Lucifer Villin, was easy. He was a young 23-year-old billionaire. He had chains of businesses. Brothers that he could trust. Security, Money.


He never had to ask for anything from anyone. In fact, people would come to him. Sure, Lucifer was a mafia leader, there was no denying that.

And he did have to do bad things. No, not only bad, terrible things to make the world a better place. And it all started when he witnessed her suffrage.

He needed to wipe out those who did the worst things possible. And he was halfway there. When his life changes its pace and track.

He never knew that the word “Love” actually existed in his world. He didn’t. For him, women would come to him, either for his money, or for sex, or some would work for other enemies to spy on him.

But..she was not one of them, was she?

As she was exactly the one who pulled him out of his dark world.   


--Emilie Miller--

“How dare you, you b*tch!”

“Ah, please, Dad! No! It..I didn’t mean to-“

Robert, aka, My Father, aka, Robert Miller, chief of the police. He stared down at me, passing me those burning flares I had been fighting off for the last 4 years. He gazed at me with his brows raised and he launched a slap down my cheek one more time.

“Did I give you the permission to talk, Emilie Miller?” He took a few steps towards me, staring down at my weak body.

“I..uh..” I groaned in pain, unable to let out a single word.

“DID I?” he screamed.

I was already on the ground with my hands placed on the floor supporting my upper body from falling down, but he managed to do what he wanted, launched another punch and left me there helpless, and weak. As soon as his hard skin touched my soft right cheek, I felt a sharp pitch in my ear


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