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Desired by the Don

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In one night, her life was ruined and never remained the same as she gets disowned by her father, tried to take her own life, but survived and eventually ended up in the hands of human traffickers. Onehhhh fateful night, she got drugged by her so called friends and loses her virginity to a complete stranger. The next morning, she accused for murder but couldn't remember anything that must have transpired last night. It was also said that, she had supposedly had s*x with the deceased. There are lot of secrets to uncover. Secrets pertaining; who the real murder was, the person that took her virginity and the father of her unborn child as she discovers she was pregnant a few weeks later.

Chapter 1

"Come over to the bed" The inebriated stranger ordered Jessica in a gruff voice.

She was completely drunk and began to stagger towards the bed, still holding a glass of whiskey.

The young girl was unaware of what she was doing, neither was she conscious of her environment.

She had been drugged by her so called friends out of envy.

Jessica finally got to the bed and stood in front of the man, mumbling incoherently. The stranger grabbed the cup, placing it haphazardly on a squared table beside the bed. It was odd that she could only see his chest and the remaining part of his body; his face was obscured.

He didn't waste much time getting Jessica undressed, and she didn't appear to object. His hands stretched out to her panties as he effortlessly took off her skippy gown, revealing her naked breast.

She was entirely exposed in front of him as she basked in the pleasure of his touch. She felt chills go down her spine as he toyed with her breast and left his fingers do some magic over her vagina. She had never experienced this feeling as a virgin; it was thrilling, and she wanted him he to continue.

He hastily unbuttoned his shirt and pushed her firmly on the bed. She could not see his face because of the alcohol influence on her vision, but she did notice a large birthmark near his left arm. Jessica could already feel the stranger's hardness as he pressed his mouth into hers after frantically pulling out his pants.

"Miss, miss can you hear me?" She heard a masculine voice asking her.

Jessica opened her eyes a little, but the brightness of the room compelled her to quickly close it. She was partially awake and could hear noises, but was too exhausted to check. She flipped to the other side of the bed, making the blanket covering her remove.

She felt naked, but because she was in her room, she didn't bother to pull up the blanket. She suddenly realized someone was lying beside her, when her hands unexpectedly brushed a thick wet substance on the bed.

Immediately, she sprang up from the bed and the blanket fell off, revealing her nakedness to police officers, detectives, medical practitioners including journalists already taking pictures and trying to force their way into the room. Fortunately, the security guards at the entrance were violently shoving them outside.

"What's happening? This is definitely not my room" She whispered in uncertainty, still in disbelief and oblivious to her nakedness.

Jessica's gown was thrown on the bed by a female police officer, giving her an instruction to put it on. She realized she was nude at that point and quickly pulled the blanket over her chest. Her eyes were already starting to become moist, as fear gripped her.

She looked at her hands and screamed loudly on seeing that, it was covered with blood. She slowly moved her head in fright, gasping for breath as she took a glance by the side of the bed.

The sight of a lifeless man covered in his own blood, laying next to her, left her frightened. She screamed nonstop as she leaped out of the bed, with her body, partially covered by the blanket.

However, she was ultimately unable to flee because of the thick blanket and fell to the ground. Her face was suddenly dripping with uncontrollable tears, with her body shaking involuntarily while on the floor.

She curled into a foetal position and wrapped her arms around legs, with her nose also crinkled.

The poor thing was in shock; her lips trembled, and she was unable to communicate with the policeman who was already began his interrogation.

Jessica needed to talk to Molly, Evelyn, and Courtney because she was perplexed and had many questions. Last night, they persuaded her to go with them to this dreadful club.

She was utterly unable to recall anything from yesterday night because of her total mental blankness. The last thing she could recall was dancing with her buddies on the dance floor. She was unable to recall having s*x with a male or entering this room with him.

At this point, It would be better if she just died. She inwardly prayed for the ground to swallow her.

"Can you tell us what happened last night?" Mr. Harrison; one of the police officer, who seemed to be the head, questioned Jessica after tapping her shoulder thrice.

Jessica immediately yelled at the top of her lungs, "I really don't know officer, I don't remember coming here, I don't even know this man," and it was clear that she was genuinely terrified.

"I'm Sorry, but you are being held on suspicion of murder and will be coming with us."

If only she had continued to follow her parents' instructions, if only she hadn't let her friends' convictions influence her, if only she hadn't been curious about what it's like to be a bad girl, if only she hadn't been desperate to know what it felt like to get wasted in a club.

Her life would not have been in such a complete mess. She had just turned eighteen a few days ago and this was her first visit to a club. Her parent will definitely be disappointed with her.

She could already imagine them comparing her with her elder sister Jane, who was in her final year in college. Jane was still a virgin and had never stayed outside late, not to mention going to a club.

Without giving Jessica a break, the female police officer handcuffed her after she had worn her clothes in the restroom. Jessica feet were wobble, but the officer's stern prodding forced her forward.

She was accompanied by some police officers as they went outside the room. Her face was being exposed to flashlight from several photographers, taking pictures continuously.

She could hear journalists asking her questions, but how was she supposed to explain herself.

Her mind was made up not to respond to their questions. At the same time, it felt like if she did talk, the world will see that she was innocent.

"What did the young man do to you? Why did you kill him? Where you r*p*? Was it self defense?"

Jessica was being questioned by a lady with average height. She had short black hair and seemed to be the same age with her sister Jane. The woman kept trying to go closer to Jessica, but the police kept pushing her away.

"I didn't kill him, and I'm innocent. I don't even know who he is."

While some of the hot tears dripped down to her neck and soaked some of her clothing, others cascaded down her cheeks and into her lips. Because her hands were handcuffed behind her back, she was unable to wipe them off.

Just as they came out from the hotel, she was frightened by the number of crowd already gathered outside. Majority of them were with their phones and were recording as they kept on calling her a murderer and a prostitute.

She was about to go into the police van, when she spotted her mum amid the crowd. Jane and her father were standing next to her.

They all looked disappointed; it was clearly written on their faces. She attempted to dash to them, but was immediately held back by some police officers.

"Mum, I didn't kill anyone. Please" Jessica pleaded, struggling to run towards her mum.

People around turned to look harshly at her mum. They also started to take pictures as well. Her mother had no option than to leave the vicinity.

"I disown you Jessica, die for all I care."

Her father shouted in pain and anger. His fist was clenched as he glared at her with his already narrowed eyes. He left immediately without taking one last look at his daughter.

She was hurt and all alone, nobody was going to come to her rescue. Her best friend Mike was on a business trip in China and would return in six months or even longer.

She couldn't imagine herself rot in jail for a crime she knew nothing about.

Because Jessica's body was already frail and making her feel rather dizzy, she gave up on struggling with the cops. She was shoved roughly into the van. The other officers got into the car and they took off.

Just as they were about to approach the gate, about ten posh black cars swarmed in at full speed, bringing the police van to an abrupt halt.

The enraged crowd dashed hastily to the car, full of excitement. They were interested to find out what was about to happen.

A young man with dark hair who was tall and energetic descended from one of the automobiles.

From the cashmere suit he was donning to the rolex watch on his wrist and his sparkling shoes, it was obvious that he was well off.

However, a black face mask made it impossible for anyone to recognize him.

As he moved toward the police van, the scene was filled with loud murmurs from the crowd. The instant he showed the Mr Harrison something no one else could see, he became terrified.

Unexpectedly, he ordered that Jessica be released. While he continued speaking with the other police officers, his voice was trembling.

He was seized by fear, which was visibly written all over his face. Some even saw how his body shook, while standing before the stranger.

Chapter 2

Jayden had just gotten a glass of milk and was seated on a wooden chair, beside his bed. His eyes were firmly fixated on the television as he watched a live broadcast, from his preferred news channel.

A girl he met at the club last night was being arrested for murder, which made slight smirk appear by the side of his lips. Seeing how bewildered and frightened she looked, pleasured him.

He knew she was innocent; she didn't kill anyone.

People called her a prostitute, which she clearly was actually, but he couldn't deny the fact that, she didn't look like one.

However, when he asked for a girl to spend the night with at the club yesterday, some girls informed him that she was a sex worker. They even volunteered to take her to his room because she was totally wasted.

Jayden was quite tipsy and horny; it was urgent that he satisfy his sexual urge, before heading home, else he wouldn't be able to resist himself from having sex with his so


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