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Leaving the orphanage, she just wants to be free; have an education and to live a better life. Milena Palau's dreams were cut short by some men kidnapping her into an unknown kingdom as she discovered her real self; her powers as the light one. Prince Flynn Rejou German, a known Mafia Lord but accompanied with supernatural powers, collides with her. Trapped in between the three princes of the red palace, he alone wants her but she is naive to know it accompanied with the fact that she has to be able to weird her powers to destroy darkness from the world.

Wrong decision

"Milena! really don't have to leave. Not now, not soon." Madam Rio begged with tears in her eyes and Milena sobbed.

"I have no choice mama. I want to be free." She hiccupped.

"But... aren't you still free here? I mean, we allow you to go out, to see the outside a little." The middle aged woman argued.

"Freedom. Not only to go out, hang out or see the outside. I want to go to school. I will be clocking nineteen soon and I don't have any certificate at all. I still want to work, do so many things." Milena explained and Madam Rio shook her head, not wanting to let go.

"Please, let me... Please!" She begged and she reluctantly released her, bade her goodbye.

It's not easy living in an orphanage at all, right from birth.

What's worse is no one wants to adopt me. They just suddenly scream by seeing the dragon - dark shaped necklace on my neck.

I removed it a time like that but I went through hell with this very severe headache and bleeding from the forehead, nose, ears and mouth.

Madam Rio has been a very nice woman. According to her, I was placed in a baby crib and placed carefully under a tree beside one ice cream shop - How ironical!

They should have just placed me in the thrash bin or immediately they gave birth to me and I wasn't what they expected, I should have been killed.

If they didn't want have their hands dirty, they should have poisoned my food instead. What a lame story I have!

The orphanage is actually good and okay but no friends. I have such a bad fate that I am weird to everybody. No one wants to associate with me.

She dragged her two big bags that contained all of her clothes, shoes, slippers, foodstuffs, body cream, chewing gums, mirror and many other lady's things.

Looking back at the orphanage one more time, she suddenly misses her only friend that she made just a year ago.

That girl is really something!

"I love you Lena" - Maany would always block her way while working or walking, always stalking her every single time.

She suddenly felt bad for not informing her only friend about her departure. Aiya! - she breathe out in relief.

'At least, she won't be living the life I lived' She thought.

'Wow!!' She mouthed, looking at the neat tarred road of the street.

Big and gigantic buildings, arranged and spaced shops, show centres....

"I love people minding their businesses" She smiled watching as people did their thing, not even minding her walking presence at all.

She suddenly collided with someone. So tall with her high heels, obviously. "Are you f*ck*ng blind?" The lady yelled at her.

Milena gasped. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were coming. Please, don't be crossed." She pleaded and the lady huffed.

"And you must be dumb to even plead." Milena's eyes widened.


"But I've already apologized. You don't need to insult me." Milena rolled her eyes.

"I'm Diana. You can't cross with me and go scot free. Now, clean my shoes!" She ordered.

Right there, Milena slapped her!

"Miss, you should know how to talk and when to. You don't just run your blabbermouth just because you are rich." She made to walk away, dragging her bags with her but Diana pulled her back by her hair.

Milena almost screamed. "What the f*ck! You dare talk to me that way? huh?" She pulled Milena's hair the more.

Milena smirked. She turned around, making her come directly to her face, smacked her butts with her own sandals and pushed her.

People watched from their shops but still didn't interfere. Interesting! No one would get to save her.

Diana angrily marched to her car with her red face. "You would regret this. I promise you!" And the driver rode away.

She walked to the one of the locked store and sat on the available chair in front of it, dragging her bags to her side. Who knows if there are thieves around.

Her eyes roamed around the street as she knocked into the door of her dreams.

She imagined going to high school, making many friends and coming to work in one of companies in the street - she smiled.

'I will try to make it come to pass' She nodded satisfactoryly.

"Someone should help me open my sweet." A little girl cried as she tried tearing the paper of her chocolate bar.

Milena sighted the girl and signalled for her to come closer. " What's wrong, Barbie?" She asked, scanning the girl from head to toe.

The little girl looked up. "How do you know my name?" She eyed Milena, finding it weird.

Milena arched her brows. "I don't know? Maybe you look like one." She chuckled.

"I can't seem to get the bar out of the paper." Barbie bursted into tears again, remembering why she was with the weird aunty.

Milena took the bar, tore the paper and handed the full bar of chocolate to her. "Here you go." She handed it over to her, smiling.

She hurriedly collected and chewed hungrily. "You really like chocolate huh?" Milena asked and she nodded.

Barbie's left ear suddenly pecked up like when a cat or dog hears some invisible noises. Milena looked at her, strangely.

She could swear she saw the girl's ear peck up. 'What was that? How can a human's ear peck up like that?'

Two black tinted cars parked at their front almost immediately.

"Wow.... f*ck*ng fine cars!" She exclaimed.

Entering the car halfway, she looked at Milena sharply, looking directly into her blue eyes. "See you soon Enamel." She mouthed.

Milena could swear she saw her mouth move but didn't hear what she said. She was about asking when the car zoomed off.


Three Princes...

Three supernatural....

Three kingdoms....

Prince Flynn,

Prince Jean,

And Prince Carmen.

Prince Jean is the second prince. Cold hearted, womanizer and a killing soul. Adopted by the first queen into the kingdom.

Prince Carmen is the last prince. Often called a baby. Behaves babyish, never joke with love, a flirt. Second son of the first queen of the kingdom.

Prince Flynn, the first prince born of the first queen of the kingdom. Dark hearted, a flirt and womanizer, a Mafia and a warm soul.

He holds his head as images kept on forming. He bit his lips to avoid screaming in pain as the trauma becomes worse with unseen images that keeps on destroying his head and his eyes from sleep.




Suddenly, people began to run Helter skelter. They ran to lock their shops, some locked down their companies, many rushed out like mad dogs, some shooed their selling animals into their compound, some began to lock their gates and Milena just stood watching dumbly in suprise.

'Does it want to rain? Rain can't make people behave this way or is earthquake coming? But I never heard of it in the news this morning' So many thoughts ran through in her head as people continued to dispatch.

"Won't you run idiot? They are coming" An old man half yelled at her and she immediately regained her senses but it seemed too late.

She tied the hem of her gown and running to one of the shops, she banged repeatedly but there was no answer. The second, the third...still no answer.

She was almost crying until an idea hit her mind. A cab will do!

The once packed street that was full of people was now void of even the tiniest insect.

Going to the main road, she waved her palms up and down, looking for a cab but the road looks like it has been deserted for long.

'Ughh...this is totally the work of the devil.' She concluded, going back to pick her bags when a car suddenly screeched to an halt.

Thinking it was a cab, she hurried there and suddenly, she collided with two men.

"Take her!" The one that seems to be their leader ordered.

She took some steps backwards as her mind screamed just one thing. 'Run'

She took to her heels, looking left and right but no where to go to. She doesn't even know anyone.

Running to one of the shops again, she banged more fiercely on the door but still, no one answered.

The men strode In short steps to her as she kept thinking of what to do, where to run to.

She, however regretted immediately. 'I shouldn't have left the orphanage, maybe not today.'

' Am I going to die this way? ' She asked herself as tears dropped from her eyes.

"No.. please! Where are you taking me?... don't come all" She hiccupped as all around her screamed danger.

One of the men grabbed her and she tried her best to break free by punching his chest repeatedly but it didn't even have any impact on his rigid body.

Suddenly, she felt her urge to look at him as her neck starts to itch slowly.

Her eyes locking with his, his eyes turned blue as his movement were being controlled.

Her body began to shake uncontrollably but she still broke free and ran.

Chapter 2: Her half escape

The Sorceress stared into the black pot she is cooking. "Enamel..." She mouthed, her mouth dropping in shock.

"What's wrong Naphtha?" Prince Flynn asked, sounding weak from last night.

She shook her head. " There is still no cure your Majesty." She declared.

His eyes flew open. "What do you mean no cure?" He roared in anger.

"You fucking told me five years ago that there'd be a cure and I endured the pains till now only for you to say thrash?" He half yelled.

"I'm sorry my prince. With my findings fuve years ago, I was so certain that there'd be a cure but..."

"But what?" He asked, cutting her short and grunting from the pain.

"It's a different thing I saw in the vision pot." She said.

"Fucking tell me what you saw okay? I need a cure for this bullshit. It's making me run mad." He hissed in pain.

"I saw....


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